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I’m interested in people 
show things to other people
acknowledge others by eyes 
is easiest for me to respond
back to them, 
I can repeat what people are saying 
to remember that they were said to me 
joint attention is my strength 
I can look at people’s eyes 
without feeling discomfort 
back when I was a baby 
I used to a symbolic gesture 
express how I was feeling, 
I always attempt to imitate other people 
can’t stop myself imitating other people 
I just can’t control it. 
I used to listen to my teacher 
do what they want me to do 
I prefer sameness and insist on a routine 
does not hear very well when come to following 
direction due to teenage hormone 
hard for me to control what, 
my teenage emotion is feeling 
now is hard for me to express 
how I was feeling 
I’m the opposite of who I was 
from when I was a child 
I do have restricted interests 
I can easily be overwhelmed 
by feeling everything around me 
including other people’s emotions 
I do have sensory issues since 
my final year of teenage years, 
that’s why didn't know 
I was socially bullied 
without realizing it 
is hard for me to social 
communicate what I was feeling 
that’s why I behave the way I behaved 
I do have a slower than normal development 
like people with mental illness 
hard for me to do things very slow. 
Learning a subject takes a very long 
for me, 
I used to not be good at telling time 
now, I’m getting better at it 
nobody knew I will have 
pounding heart rate 
feel that I’m not who I am 
I can’t sleep with anxious thought 
in my mind, 
it causes me to feel hot at night 
I can feel cold in the morning 
I can’t sleep at night 
come to new changes in my environment, 
I’m a balance of harmony 
I understand what is like 
I’m the bridge between other people and 
people with mental illness, 
I live in both life 
it makes me know how hard it is for different people in society and for people who have disabilities
I’m the peace of people with society and 
people with disabilities 
I’m a balance of harmony 
you should give me another chance 
let me be inside your life 
be your best friend and your true love 
once more, 
even though you move far away 
I can give you a balance of harmony 
into your busy life 
I can make you feel relaxed and comfortable 
without any discomfort feeling from you, 
I’m good at taking care of you and giving you a sense of comfort, 
make you feel secure and loved 
rest of my life 
wish our future we can be with each other 
and have our happily ever after. 


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