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Perhaps it's me,
And I'm just naive,
To put my faith 
In humanity. 
Perhaps I cannot understand, 
The hatred of one's skin,
When the reality is
We all bleed red.
Perhaps I am blind,
Because I see a child's innocence,
And the relevance 
Of being kind.
Perhaps I'm deaf,
For I don't trust their words.
Divisive speak
Before the muted herd.
Perhaps I am strange,
For I do not change.
I do not yield 
To corrupt or biased ways.
Perhaps I am weak,
I am lost in my mind.
Contemplating endings
As I struggle to provide.
Perhaps to some
I'm part of the problem.
I embrace our differences,
Which makes me an amalgam. 
Perhaps I will be
A part of the solution.
Listening to different thoughts
Constructing useful resolutions. 
Perhaps we have begun
A silent revolution. 
A wake up call,
An end to delusion. 
Perhaps we all
Have a role to play.
Come together, united,
Never again to be led astray.

-J.Simpson 18OCT21


  • Oct 19, 2021

  • Nov 30, 2021

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