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When you didn’t tell me 
you wanted to break up 
with me,
you knew how I would react, however, you didn't know 
saying breaking up with me 
cause me to have anxiety 
and fear given me negative thoughts 
my heart is pounding so fast
make me can’t sleep at night 
changes in my life and moving away 
affect how I behaved 
I felt very overwhelmed 
hard for me to think properly 
I was in a stressful situation 
you didn’t know I was losing my mind, 
when you and your best friends 
convince me to move on with my life 
without you, 
the truth is there’s nobody who will want me 
if I have this happen to me 
when I come to new changes and breaking up 
I want to avoid feeling this way, 
it’s just hard for me 
to move on with my life 
while having this panic attack 
without you by my side
I don’t want you to feel scared 
freaking out or feeling overwhelmed 
about this. However, this is true 
presently subside of this panic attack 
I still can’t sleep well and 
still feeling tired, 
I can’t decide 
which I should do 
don’t want to have another panic attack 
and losing my mind 
all this time I was having a panic attack 
you didn’t notice 
when you broke up with me 
made it the worst on me, 
I understand what you're going through 
know what it feels like for you.


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