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Honestly, I'm nothing.
I lied about my past;
I preferred that over telling the truth.
That's the truth.

Are you okay?
I'm fine, that's what I say now.
Cut off ties;
With pretty much everyone.

What is bliss;
Because to me it ends up nothingness?
Believe in yourself...
It's so fucking hard though.

I don't feel right.
They tell me I'm not allowed to be myself.
Then I listen most the time.
I truly am to blame.

My whole life's got shame;
It's written in blood on my bones.
I'm a lost cause;
Who will never have purpose.

Unlovable, that's what I believe.
I try too hard;
Then I come apart at the seems.
Here's to the curtain, that cuts my head off at end scene.

I'm unlovable and now;
I don't think I'll  ever feel anything different. 
I give up on love.
I'm closing it off for good. 


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