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 I was a good student 
followed the rules 
really well, 
I’m was like among 
other teenagers 
many peoples wanted to 
hung out with me, 
didn’t know I was 
a very popular 
without knowing it 
When I got responsibilities 
of having a job 
around high school, 
I was good at be on top of my jobs 
routine and plan to prioritize my jobs 
my popularity become better 
I was still smiling and brighten 
people’s day
 I met a teenage boy 
who was popular as me 
he treated me nicely and 
kind to me
however I had a massive crush 
on him, 
I still manage and control myself 
until he rejected me 
nobody knew I was overstimulated 
all rumors were everywhere 
every people thought 
I was going insane 
they didn’t know how his rejection 
did hurt me to cause me to feel hurt 
it’s affected my performance in class 
I was still good at manage my job routine schedule very well,
my over stimulation got worse 
didn’t know I got bullied by 
peoples who point out 
my mistakes and flaws 
gossiping rumors 
peoples mistreated me 
they thought I was a problematic student 
nobody knew I was overstimulated 
I was tired and overworked 
my choir teacher 
talked to me out 
of my bad behavior 
nobody knew I was sensitive 
to everything around me, 
they didn’t know I feel 
every people’s emotions 
that also make me felt 
overstimulated as well, 
including they just want me 
to be a perfect student 
wanted me to be optimistic, 
 they wanted me 
to be precise 
like when I was in freshman year 
I felt tired and weak 
because of what happen 
to me, 
I went to my language class 
in Newport high school 
went to this special program 
going to Bellevue College 
even though I get out from high school 
I was still busy 
nobody at college didn’t know 
I was overstimulated 
I wasn’t ready to be in a romantic relationship. However, I feel what you’re feeling 
hard for me to told you 
I’m not ready to be in a relationship 
with you 
now, I’m still not comfortable enough 
to be friend with you, 
I just need a moment 
to think if I wanted to 
be friend with you, 
restart your friendship 
let’s see what happen to us. 


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