When The Bough Breaks🥀 Read Count : 29

Category : Poems

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The hands that held me
Are no longer there
Carrying this pain and misery
But no one seems to care

When the bough breaks
It's always a shaken
God You don't  make mistakes
But this is a breaking 

The tears that I shed
Both night and day
I watched my mom on her death bed
As she slipped away

So many thoughts of suicide
A constant battle everyday
My pain I can no longer hide
Everyone's saying just pray 

Unanswered prayers
With so many questions 
God are you still there
It's not just a notion

Waiting in God with vengeance 
All of my battle he'll fight
Every day I'm in repentence 
Just to make things right

There's no more strength to fight 
So I passed the cup 
Prayers up every night
I watched God double it up 


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