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My extremely high standard is not on academic 
studies or grades however 
my high standard is on 
people who tried to 
be kind and polite to me, 
all I do was make people feel upset 
and discomfort 
they tried to help me 
all I did was making mistakes 
feel bad what I did 
nobody knew my insecurities 
lead to what I’m feeling 
it make me behave in a certain way
scare what people might think of me
if I don’t act my adult age 
I’m hard on myself, 
whatever I made a mistake
I would be emotional 
feel what other peoples are 
feeling without them telling me 
from my personal experiences 
know what they need, and they want, 
I tried to make them like me 
if I don’t act childlike behavior 
try my best as I can not to 
can you see I feel what you're being feeling 
when you were with me? 
mine is the opposite of yours 
however I feel your pain 
through myself 
I share the same pain as you, 
you just didn’t notice that 
about me, 
I know how hard life it is for you 
when I’m with you, 
you didn’t know 
I feel the same pain as you, 
I feel what you’re feeling 
I’m not saying this 
to get back to you, 
I’m saying that 
this painful truth 
between us, 
we have within each other 
only we both know about, 
I see the pain and the truth 
inside you 
because it happens to me 
later in my life 
when I was a teenager 
in my two final years 
in my high school days, 
you’re not the only 
person who feel this way 
I feel the same way as you do 
you’re not alone 
even I know your insecurities' 
nobody knew about 
my insecurities 
make me understand you
told me about your insecurities 
as a child and your youth 
including what you’re feeling
when you’re with me, 
it’s make me understand myself 
you’re not the only one 
who feel this way 
I know what it feels like for you. 


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