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When I was a Freshman 
I’m a person who listened 
to my teacher do she 
told me what to do, 
at that time I knew 
how to control myself
I was blended in with 
other teenagers, 
I’m easily to get along 
with many peoples 
and classmates 
even with friends 
I was popular among 
other teenagers 
My teacher amazed 
how good student I was 
I do things without 
they told me what to do 
I was a responsible and independent
knew how put smile on their faces including 
my teachers 
I bring so much positivity 
I was liked by many peoples 
I also can meet my teacher’s high standard 
in the two final years 
I wasn’t person 
they thought I was 
I become unpopular, 
it hard for me to become 
the person I once were, 
when I was a Freshman 
feel everything around me 
all this time I was blended in with 
other teenagers 
when I fell out 
all of my senses were hurting me 
didn’t know I was bullied 
can’t listen to my teacher 
can’t meet her high standard 
didn’t know people were talking 
behind my back, 
didn’t know I was humiliated 
I can’t concentrate well enough 
nobody helped me, 
I felt tired and overstimulated 
by everything around me 
didn’t know what happen to me 
used to listen to my teacher 
before in two final years 
I can’t, 
is my teacher wanted me to be perfect? 
why she wanted me to control myself? 
am I perfect a student? 
am I like other teenagers be perfect every time? 
why she wanted me to control my teenage hormones? 
am I a perfectionist like other teenagers? 
I don’t think so, 
my academic studies wasn’t that great 
my grades weren’t going so well 
I didn’t pressure myself to be perfect 
am I control by my teacher to be perfect?
Now, whatever both of my parents 
argue with each other in front of me or 
behind my back 
affected how I think of myself. 


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