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You told me to wear a dress with no shorts my excitement was over the roof, you called and said you'd be late if it was OK for one moment I thought to myself I wasn't gonna get to see you, But I said to you its OK I'll wait, boy I didn't even realize that this is how wearing no shorts could turn out, got me wondering can you pick me up tomorrow as well 😁😁 with your fine ass.
While you drove I wanted to touch you but I didn't.
We talked and talked until we got to the beach where we looked at the ocean, we sat in the van and talked some more I didn't even know what to talk about at one point, you put your hand out and touched my chin, your fingers where so cold you put your other hand on my right leg and I couldn't help it we started to kiss your hand went up and in between my legs just slightly rubbing in and out of my Virginia our kisses multiplying by the seconds you started counting the amount of times you made me feel that sweet release with your fingers you said to me that's the fourth time, I pretended not to notice I love receiving but I'm also a big giver when it comes to these situations I wanted to suck your dick so badly I wanted to touch it, stroke it when I did get into your pants it was so slimy, so delicious looking I wanted to fuck you so badly, I put It in my mouth got all that slime off of him while in the process of coming again dam! I just wanted you to put him inside of me so I finally blurred out I want to have sex! you looked at me and said you didn't have a condom and asked me what I wanted to do it was entirely up to me I couldn't think straight, I wanted to fuck you since the night before or if I'm being honest with myself I wanted to fuck you since the pool party when I saw you  bare back dancing with your friends, when I saw the tattoos on your body.

Now every light skin guy with glasses is fucking delicious looking 😂😂 but really you left me with a feeling that is so much deeper than you know.


  • Oct 13, 2021

  • Oct 23, 2021

  • Jan 23, 2022

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