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I’m like an ordinary person 
live in an ordinary life 
like other people would do, 
I experienced what other 
people have been through 
since I started my teenage years 
I was popular among other teenagers, 
take my job responsibilities seriously 
amazed my peers 
I was liked by many of my 
classmates and friends 
they wanted to hung out with me, 
didn’t know I was ghosted by 
one female with same disability 
as me, 
I can meet my teacher’s high standard 
live in an ordinary life as an ordinary teenager 
when I was in my junior year
I wasn’t like other teenagers 
I was different, 
didn’t realize how my puberty hormones 
cause me to started feel 
comfortable with boys and relationship, 
at that time I was young 
can’t control what I was feeling 
people wanted me to be more 
like other people
try to control everything within me 
as I feel everything around me 
my senses started to hurt me, 
had a massive crush on a teenage boy 
hard for me to express to him 
how I was feeling, so I behaved in a certain way 
that cause him to rejected me 
that when I was out of control 
I was sensitive to my high school environment
got to the point, 
affect who I am as a person 
cause me can’t meet my teacher’s high standard 
I was in so much pain 
that I didn’t tell anybody about 
I keep it to myself, 
got to the point 
I got so overstimulated 
I can’t focus on anything 
didn’t know people bullied me 
behind my back 
didn’t realize I was humiliated 
by peoples, 
didn’t know they criticized me without me knowing 
didn’t know how much they hated me 
and the way I behaved 
never knew I was in so much pain 
they didn’t help me, 
gossiping rumors were everywhere 
peoples thought of me as not being kind 
look back I feel discriminated by 
what have said about me 
try my best be like other teenagers 
is just hard for me 
to be a perfectionist 
it can hurt my mental health
I’m an ordinary teenager live in an ordinary life 
as a teenager.


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