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Throughout my life 
both of my parents
argue with each other 
I’m eating, 
my breakfast in front of me 
when I’m in my bedroom, 
I can hear them talk loudly 
with each other 
always have different opinions 
when she felt tired, 
whatever he asked her to do 
things around the house 
she talked loudly with him 
“ I’m a person not a machine”
I’m willing to listen to her childhood pain 
know why she felt tired, 
know why she was behaving this way 
my family problem was 
when I was born in Washington 
with a mental illness
that when she was willing to 
let go of her painful childhood days 
think of a way to help me 
to live a better life 
she was the only person 
take care of entire life 
even thought nobody helped her, 
she is a male woman in the family 
she work hard to provide 
a living for all of us 
when she was young 
she wanted a male 
who someone help her with housework 
treat her right, 
she was now overage, and she 
had found my dad many years ago 
got married before I was born 
he can be helpful at times 
cook foods for us, 
he is a kind person 
with many weaknesses and flaws 
within him, 
normally he won’t help her 
always care about his body 
and his health 
asked her which medicine 
he should take 
he can talk about a topic 
repeatedly that annoyed 
put a candy in front of me 
try to help me with good decision
she gets fed up with his candy trick 
on me 
my family problem 
make me feel like 
I want to talk to someone 
someone who had 
same family issue like me 
want to talk to someone 
I can talk to about everything in 
my personal life with 
this have to do with my dad 
and my mental illness 
that cause me feel 
like I’m not enough, 
don’t want to be a burden 
in everyone’s life 
all I want to be helpful 
not the person 
who weight people down, 
my family problem 
was the cause me to 
lost my self-esteem 
I do want to improve myself want to avoid being like my dad 
all the time, 
How can I improve myself? 
if I don’t have someone 
help me to get better at things 
I’m not good at 
I can’t do it on my own 
I’m not strong enough 
to pick myself up 
when I’m down, 
my mother see my father 
affect how I see myself 
my family problem 
affect me strongly, 
nobody would never be going 
to help me and I feel 
I’m nobody. 


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