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Nobody knew about 
me and my life 
didn’t know 
I have family issues, 
even though 
both of my parents 
didn’t experience divorce, 
she told me“ I love you and your mental illness” 
they do things differently 
have different opinions 
they did experience argue 
and talk loudly with each other, 
I’m part of my father, and I’m part of 
my mother 
he is just like me, 
I have lot in common with him 
my weakness and flaws 
come from him, 
I have things in common with her, 
I don’t know why 
she dislikes the way he does things 
I do have family issues 
nobody knew my life 
is just like their lives
even though both of my parents 
didn’t experience divorce 
however their arguing 
and talk loudly in front of me 
or behind my back, 
it still affects me strongly 
scare of them 
having a real divorce 
what would happen to me? 
am I going to deal with 
move every time? 
am I going to lose my comfortable 
loving family about of their issues? 
don’t know if I want to deal with 
my parent’s relationship 
can’t stop myself feel scare 
of my future life 
is they going to stay or be separated 
with each other, 
can they just get along with each other? 
listen to compromise with one another 
instead of arguing and talk loudly with each other, 
it affects me feel unstable 
when they argue in front of me 
or behind my back, 
I dislike when she talked 
to my uncle and her best friend 
about my father
It makes me feel 
discomfort by the way she 
says things about my dad, 
it makes me feel like 
she dislikes part of me 
without telling me, 
my family issues 
make me feel like 
I want to scream and cry 
top of the mountain top
Can my first ex-boyfriend see? 
I’m just like him. 


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