Wonder Woman And Beast Boy And Headmaster Read Count : 53

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Wonder woman save the town then she went to her parents her parents was dead I could not see why her prince died in a car accident and Wonder woman have to move to the school so she didn't want the school couldn't fit in they didn't like her then she make friends with a villain almost get killed Wonder woman so she felt her then then died everyone cheerful Wonder woman Wonder woman became the real champion then she went and said he owe me apologize and better be friends with me or I will crush you with her shield they were all scared so they said yes oh my God please don't scared I'm scared you can't even oh my goodness so they went to the headmark the headmaster she gets revenge she breaks down it she break it you break it you break it down to head mother color a pen but she said my friend said Yes Man I'm in charge or else crush you with my sword hahaha I'm a bade mwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
From stay away from me or I'll turn you into my breakfast get that straight bow down now headmaster said no I'll crush you with my sword say yes and do it they're all about black and idiot so this is so dramatic they went to Carla Starfire's mother they destroyed Wonder woman then Wonder woman was strong she get up beast boy and Wonder woman get married and live happily ever after.


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