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There was a girl 
who is 15 
when she started 
her high school days 
always brighten people’s day, 
she was popular among 
other teenagers and can 
meet her teacher’s high standard
she had amazed her teachers
she was a student, 
everyone wanted to be her friend 
eat lunch with her, 
She was surrounded by her classmates 
they wanted to be friend with her, 
she planned to hung out with 
one of her friend, 
when she got to her house 
she got ghosted by that person 
when she was sixteen, 
she thought of take 
responsibilities of having a job
around high school
volunteer of stocking foods and drinks 
in the cafeteria 
grade other student’s homework 
other student’s absent form 
in alphabetical order 
used stamping machine 
find their last name 
had found the match 
put form into the same file 
sorting mail into teacher’s slot
in alphabetical order by their 
last name, 
her life as a teenager 
started out as easy 
everything was going well
she had a massive crush on 
a teenage boy 
he rejected her 
felt everything around her 
everything was going around 
felt everything around her, 
she was sensitive to her senses' 
nobody knew she was in pain, 
she loses control
her teachers thought 
she was misbehaving 
got single out from the cafeteria 
eat her lunch, 
in silent in her teacher’s office 
or in her teacher’s classroom 
people talking about her, 
behind her back 
spreading rumors were everywhere 
her reputation of being popular 
begun to fade 
Nobody won’t spend time 
with her outside of school 
she felt trapped 
the peoples mistreated her 
nobody knew, 
she had teenage hormones 
within her, 
it’s hard for her to control, 
she can’t meet her 
teacher’s high standard 
due to her mental health 
They saw her as unpopular 
not being kind 
the gossiping rumors 
followed her 
she thought can get out of 
when she was 21 
she left her past behind 
started her life as an adult 
as a college student 
her life as a teenager 
wasn’t going so well 
she never finds someone 
who had personal experience 
as her and had things in common 
as her, 
she finally finds her match 
that person should stay
in her life, 
he should know 
what happen to her. 


  • Oct 11, 2021

  • Aditi Raj Singh

    Aditi Raj Singh

    Your writings are amazing..👍✨..wanna get a title of a published co-author, if yes then dm me on insta @shivanshi_singh1212. And rewrite your own stars.✨

    Oct 11, 2021

  • Oct 12, 2021

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