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Love isn't fair nor does it make sense
Love is always great at the start
Love will tell you you're beautiful, take you on dates, let you pick the movie and will call you to say I love you goodnight
Love will also have addiction issues
Love will have a hard time communicating
Love will seem selfish and disrespectful
Love will eventually "need space"
Love doesn't always do the things Love used to do
Love will play games with your heart but not on purpose
Love will say things like
"Don't blame your mental health" as if mental illness doesn't exist
You can say things like "I'm going to detail clean your car while you relax"
Love will respond will a virtual smack in the face when Love will not say thankyou
Love will forget his manners
Love will forget a relationship is about two
But you love Love
And will always forgive Love
Love still makes you smile when he's around
Because Love is still a great person who knows how to make you smile
And for that, work it out with Love
Things can get better
I will always love Love to the moon and back


  • Oct 12, 2021

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