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The outside is all we get to see, even when we’re let in. I see moms, drug addicts, liars, and the down on luck or stuck people, everyday. In about 10 seconds you judge them. You know exactly what they need to do to improve their lives and yet you still cannot figure out what it is that you yourself needs to be doing. The smile is fake, laughter is fake, and the need to be quit and unnoticed is imperative. You think about it often. No one would notice or care.  You wonder who would find you, when or if. You somehow manage to convince yourself that one day things might change. Everyone calls that a mental health crisis, but in reality it is just life. How many others feel this way on the inside? Everyone. Maybe not everyday but at some point. So, we all walk around fronting that everything is ok because change is hard and sharing is weak. 





    Oct 09, 2021

  • Oct 12, 2021

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