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As I reside in the dark place of my soul
      I sit and wonder why I exist
As my mind races with thoughts that
     try to overtake me
I battle a fight I will never win
     My destiny has been laid before me
As I continuously battle this demon
      I will never know the true me
This innocent girl who use to laugh
      and play no longer does
Now all she does to is weep and cry
      life is not what it should be
The battle has just begun for this
       innocent girl
No longer does she see the true self
       who use to laugh and play
The torment swallows her like a raging
         fire waiting to overtake her
As the turmoil of this demon continues
          to control her soul
This little girl fades to a mere
          shadow of her imagination
No longer does she battle this demon
       who once controlled her soul
She is no longer tormented by her own
        reality of life


  • Oct 07, 2021

  • Oct 12, 2021

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