I Asked...She Answered(The Beginning) Read Count : 45

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I asked, she answered.
I thought to myself about
What I kind of Woman
I really wanted. Then I
Didn't think about it, I 
Didn't worry myself.
I wouldn't let my mind think
About it because of the
Pain it brought, the hurt
That came with the thought.
Now when my mind bought 
The thought back again
I searched for only seconds.
I saw a tall, darkskin, gorgeous,
Goddess. I told me no, she
Wouldn't, naah she will not.
My mind disagreed with me,
And replied, as if a real person
Was talking to me out loud.
The loud words I heard were these,
Just ask. The feeling it gave me
Was like I won the lottery, no better than that, it felt like I could not
Go wrong.I Asked....
She Answered.


  • Oct 06, 2021

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