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Let's go!
To a place only we both know, 
There's rice throwing  at 1:30,
 And those bells are ringing again. 

A dress trimmed  in royal blue,just for me, 
How  could  this be?
You could  imagine how  many  decisions 
Excuse me while  i marry Dennis  the menus ,

Fate  has chosen  for us 
Even through  things so perilous 
We  are  demanding  our peace 
With  a patriotic wedding to say the least 

I can't lose you!
Not when the cards said it was you,
No matter the  second you're always in my head
How can a shooting star be very much alive yet still dead

We were  meant to be,
Even  when our grandkids tell our  story,
The time capsules of destiny awaken
As we begin to say  I do

Mr and Mrs Carter  As it should have  always been 
Even friends don't understand the  love she's always had for her husband 
Never left behind  or forgotten 
Welcome to the world of the spoiled rotten. 


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