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You went through 
the same as I do 
I can feel your pain, 
I won’t blame you 
if you did the same 
to me, 
you went through 
so much pain 
more than I do, 
no matter what I did to you or hurt you 
I’m still the one 
understand you 
I see through you, 
we both share the same pain 
know why we both behave 
way we behaved 
we feel each other’s pain 
I want you not to blame me 
what I did to you because 
we’re equal with each other 
can we both have empathy toward each other? 
can we treat one another nicely? 
can we be best friends? 
can we go back we use to be? 
Know I can be a lot to handle 
 I can be like a child 
due to my mental illness, 
you see I’m just like you, can you treat me equal as yourself? 
we won’t blame each other 
if we both listen to one another 
treat each other equally, can we do that? 
we both reflection of each other 
we both know what we feel 
know why we both behave, 
we both have same health problem due to stress
can we make one another feel comfortable? 


  • Jesse Mitchell

    Jesse Mitchell

    that is interesting- looking forward to reading more

    Oct 06, 2021

  • Oct 06, 2021

  • Oct 07, 2021

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