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At the age of seventeen 
that when I was left out 
of eating my lunch in the cafeteria, 
I was alone and eat my lunch in silence 
in her office or in her classroom 
my high school crush 
told her about everything 
I did to him, 
she snatched my phone away from 
my hands 
gossiping rumors were everywhere 
my reputation of being popular 
people see me as unpopular 
and unkind 
after trip to Disneyland 
almost get out from the bus 
I got humiliated by many peoples 
he told her what had happened 
on the next day, 
nobody knew I had a lot in my plate 
anxious thought running in my mind 
I can’t sleep at night with circle 
under my eyes, 
I had lost all of my self-esteem 
I felt trapped 
I was struggling mentally 
spiraling out of control 
I told one of my parents 
what happened, 
got to school on the next time 
with her by my side 
conference meeting 
about my behavior 
Nobody knew what causes my behavior 
didn’t know I was having health problem 
due to stress, 
I was feeling tired, and weak 
nobody was there with me 
help me out 
I felt unsafe 
nobody was there for me. 
when I needed the most 
nobody knew what I was feeling, 
that causes me behave that way 
nobody knew social bullying did to me 
damage me lose someone in my love life 
in my college years due to my teenage trauma. 


  • Oct 07, 2021

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