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Both of my parents 
were young when 
they had me, 
after I was born, 
they were busy 
with many things, 
to do including
take care of me 
while she was busy 
hired a babysitter 
to take care of me
she was only person 
busy with everything 
even though she was busy 
with everything 
she still managed to take care
of me, 
she was a medical doctor 
many years ago 
she knew my birth condition 
She put time and effort to 
help me to learn more about life and 
subject that I’m struggling with 
she just felt tired and give up 
of taught me things I’m not good at 
You’ll won’t know about my life 
I had a happy childhood 
as I grew up as a teenager 
started to take responsibility of 
being busy with many jobs at once 
I had a massive crush 
on a teenage boy 
he just rejected me, 
dealing with people who 
bullying behind my back 
gossip rumors were everywhere 
I felt trapped, 
I can’t get out 
this tolling me over many years 
thought I could get out of 
You won’t know about my life 
both of my parents 
are together,
 they argue and talk loudly with each other, 
it’s affected me because 
told me how she love me 
and my disability 
behind my back 
she disliked my father’s weakness, 
 I first met you 
we laid eyes with each other
you had massive crush on me
know what it feels like 
struggling with your academic studies 
deal with many things in your life 
take many responsibilities 
everywhere you go, 
care about having a perfect records 
and grades 
get out from this college 
get away from me 
thought I can just set you free, 
from our personal life 
the life we experienced 
know your mental and emotional state 
know what you’re going through 
we’re meant to be 
this will come as shock to you 
stress you out 
there nothing we can’t do, 
our destiny awakened
we’re the truth 
it’s can’t be undone 
can’t cut the line with pair of scissors
truth behind our personal experiences 
we’re meant to be with each other 
this is how life goes. 
We both can’t shut the door on each other 
We’ve to tell each other the truth 


  • Oct 04, 2021

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