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Oh yes, I'm quite dreadful.
Life's been getting a little better though.
I used to dip before anyone could hinder.
I deserve to be miserable;
I agreed with them.
Problem is, I had always hated me.
The pain never numbs.
Shoulders weighted;
By invisible forces.
I'm a better person as of late
Smarter choices, being kinder.
Questions here after don't cease though.
What's the matter..?
Why's you're soul so scattered..?
Why's your heart wired to a gutter..?
How come either way you try things tend to always shatter..?
Why try harder..?
Does this really matter..?
Why do you care so much..?
Why don't you dream anymore..?
Why are you so unlovable..?
Where'd all your time go..?
Do you really know your friends besides their likes and dislikes..?
Does anyone actually want you around..?
Why can't you smile without pretending..?
Can they tell you're pretending..?

It's a struggle, these moments.
I'll be alright though.
I'll keep going;
Because honestly, there's no other choice in the matter. 


  • Oct 02, 2021

  • Oct 02, 2021

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