From Dirt To Shine🥀 Read Count : 63

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You wondering why
I do the shit I do
I can't even lie
Spitting nothing but the truth

I was in love
Overlooking your envy
But I've had enough
You moved to an enemy

Watching my moves
Trying to live MY life
That shit wasn't cool
Hell I was trying to be your wife

I'm done playing wifey
To a fake ass lover
You steady cutting to dice ME
You and your brother

Nothing but takers 
Never wishing me well
Thinking I'll  break her
But you niggas fell

It was a set up
From the beginning 
Thinking you'd keep me stuck
So now I'm just winning

Back to back
I'm taking WHAT'S MINE
Endured the attacks
It's my season; my time

God held me up
When you tried to bring me down
I was empty but he filled my cup
Placed my feet on solid ground


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