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Born with a mental illness 
when I was a little girl 
always very cheerful 
being kind to others, 
I was the person 
bright people’s day, 
even though I didn’t 
have many friends 
because my relationship 
With peoples wasn’t that great 
I can’t speak at an early age 
I was still liked by every people
they thought I was a very adorable 
I was middle of attention, 
the pressure of being a teenager 
I was on top of my job responsibilities 
I was rejected 
I was humiliated 
I tried to fit in 
people started to 
social bullying me 
behind my back, 
one of my teachers single me out 
thought I was a problematic person 
took my cell phone away 
I eat my lunch in her office or her 
reached to the point 
I went home after school 
I had enough 
 my behavior 
was acting up, 
I ran into my bedroom 
I was crying and screaming loudly 
my mother didn't know what wrong 
with me, 
tried to comfort me and calm me down 
I can’t sleep at night 
had anxious thought 
I lose all of my self-esteem and confidence 
everything started all over again 
got to the point 
I said something in their horror 
guard me like a bodyguard 
follow me everywhere I go 
that I won’t do anything to harm myself 
the pressure of being a teenager 
I was struggling mentally 
I was having trouble concentrating 
in class 
I felt jagged and weak 
my teenage trauma 
affect my adult life 
I had to lose someone 
who used to be in my love life 
if you know this about me 
why you have to let me go? 
I feel the same way as you do 
you’re not the only one 
who is suffering 


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