You'll Never Be Enough🥀 Read Count : 92

Category : Poems

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When I've done the best I can 
AFTER 15yrs of wiping the tears
Carrying a GROWN ass man
You can't restore the years

Now my backs broke 
Who the fucks CARRYING ME
Niggas thinking I'm a joke
Full of misery

You're holding on to memories 
Learn to let me be
Stop pushing up on me
Open your eyes BITCH and see

Stop trying to be me
Trying to live my life
My names written in history
You're just playing a house wife

Keep believing lies carried by haters
You're still no competition 
Just a fucking spectator
Only reminiscing 

Soft as hell trying to be vicious 
Fake ass thugh
Continously on repetitious 
With that fake ass love

Around and around they go
While trying to keep up
My moves you'll never know
Bitch you'll stay stuck 

Steady giving upper cuts
Knockn'em down
You ain't never had no guts
You just wanted me around

Just know you'll never be enough
No matter how hard you try
Steady calling your bluff
You ain't about that life✌🏾💯


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