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Do you think I found peace, comfort

After your departure that made my prose weep

But none of this, dark is my safe. 

A too shy sun shows a glommy air

As soon as a black cloud, heavy with all regrets

Prevents it from smiling at a rose's radiance.

When I close my eyes on my secret dreams

To catch up with the past as it flies away,

Like a dove between mountains and forests.

Oh, how I'd like to find the antidote

To discover the antidote to this heavy sorrow,

And bring back to the nest the benevolent muse!

Now every day a crushing silence

Adds to the sadness, and with a dragging step

Heaves a dying sky with blow. 

Winter is in my heart, and yet sovereign, 

The season still offers pearls and diamonds 

When a flowering Bush lets its trail slip

Coloring my thoughts with the gold of the firmament. 


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