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"Is It Too Late To Be Daddys Little Girl?"

Is it too late to be my Daddys Little Princess as I had watched not just the years or days fly right off the calendar but I had watched other Little Girls playing at the same time they were laughing as they were playing with their Daddys for they were their Daddys Little Girl.
I remember just like it was yesterday man those girls are the lucky ones for I really wished I knew what that all felt like just to be my Daddys Girl, as I had gotten a little bit older as the years did past on I didn't really think about that as much until it came to be my Highschool graduation or when I had gotten married as well as became a mother for the first time I still wonder how does it feel to have daddy walk his little princess down that isles just to give her away to another man who can take care of his little princess just the way he wants him to take care of Daddys Little Princess.
Well it's been thirty eight long years and I have finally been able to meet my daddy for the first time in my life since I was real little still in diapers the last time my dad had seen his little princess all grown up for I am not that cute as hell little princess anymore who is still running around in diapers
Which I would say that just in the very short time that we've been able to share with one another I would have to say that we already have a pretty strong bond that a daddy and his little princess could ever possibly have established in the time that we have had that I would have to difently have to say I probably I'm my Daddys little princess so I have to ask you again...
Is It Too Late To Be My Daddys Little Princess After 38 Years???
I Love You Dad More Than You Will Ever Know!!

Written By: Donna Ruttenbur 
September 3,2021


  • Oct 06, 2021

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