Childhood Soulmate ||Part 1|| Read Count : 39

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My memory flashed back to when we were
Children when his eyes met mine, Memories of when we would switch our food when his mother wasn’t looking,
Memories of our nerf gun wars, memories of how much fun we had in the pool, I shook my head bringing myself back to reality, ^Are you okay^ he asked, -I’m fine- I replied, -I’ll see you tomorrow- I said while giving him a short hug, As I was walking home I thought to myself, {I shouldn’t feel this way About him, after all he’s my god brother, sure we grew up together, but should I really tell him I like him?} A ding from my phone broke my thoughts, |Kit: Hey girl you up for a game night at my place?| As I thought before answering {a game night with my best friend would be good to talk about how I feel about Brandon} I then Replied |Of course! Major need for some time away from my place| [I arrive at kits house with a knock on the door] -Kit im here!- I called out with a shiver from the fall breeze swooshing past me, <come on in!> she replied opening the door, as I walked in she asked <so what’s the rush for time away from your place eh?> Grabbing her arm and walking up the stairs I replied -I’ll tell you once we’re in your room- She looked at me with a confused expression Suttering and Saying <o-Okay> [in her room] <So whats the big deal girl?!> She asked trying not to laugh, I answered with a soft whisper -I think I like Brandon- She looked shocked but replied <No way! Your god brother?! Oh my god I don’t see what you like about him! He’s younger than you by two years!> I answered with a shivering voice -I cant stop Thinking of him! In class he’s the only thing on my mind all day, It’s hard for me to explain my feelings about him, such a man does not Deserve a pig like me- she frowned and replied <You are NOT a Pig, your far from it, I think you just need a little glow up!> I replied with a half smile - I’ll see you tomorrow - with a shivering voice I added -I want to tell him but I don’t know how, meet me at our spot behind the waterfall after Lunch- she replied <o-okay but I’m going shopping at 6 AM and buying you a beautiful dress to wear incase we think of asking him on a date!!> I chuckled and went downstairs, another flash of memories seemed to happen but it wasn’t memories… I-it was a 
Imagination, {Sitting on my bed, and I hear a knock on the door}….


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