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My first day at high school 
I was a delighted person 
smiling at every people, 
brighten their day 
thought is going to be alright 
ever since I had a massive crush 
and being rejected, 
I was more out of my mind 
didn't even know it 
I get in trouble for things 
I didn't even think I did 
But I didn’t know why
nor why bad things always 
seemed to be happening to me, 
I do felt discriminated of things 
had said about me or how they seem 
to treat me 
after school, I went home 
throw my backpack onto the lawn 
ran into my bedroom 
I was overwhelmed by many emotions 
I felt worthless, 
I had low self-esteem 
I felt tired and weak 
I screamed and cried 
one of my female parent 
go check on me, 
I can’t go to sleep 
circle under my eyes,
on the next day 
my mind full of misery 
gray cloud over my head 
still can manage to be responsible 
being on top of my jobs and volunteer
around high school 
nobody knew the truth 
no one care about what I felt 
all they care about was how I was behaving 
had many things going inside my mind 
I felt exhausted and weary 
I’m scared to stand up for myself 
let it bothered me many years 
high school rumors were spreading 
around special education 
one student’s mother heard the rumors 
about me tried to defend his son 
when I left this past behind me 
start my new life as a new student 
at Bellevue College, 
The first time I met a new friend 
and didn’t know about my past 
he was the person who used to be 
in my love life 
finally broke up with me last summer 
don’t know I can keep on living my life 
without you, 
I understand your childhood pain and 
what you feel now 
I know what it feels like 
I can feel you, 
my heartache for you, 
I see through your pain 
without you telling me, 
God said to me, “look within yourself 
to reveal the pain of another person” 
I know the truth about your pain 
within myself. 


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