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Mom got pregnancy in hard,
Wait for me in proud,
She said I am child of Mohamed.

When heard that I cry,
I said I am child of Johari,
Name of mommy not daddy.

All  shock and suprise,
Came to me and advice,
But end by being worse.

Now daddy speak in force,
Sees mom like a source,
But mom stays with no choice.

I speak without filling shy,
Mom has support like sky,
Although daddy has big try.

When I said, he became hungry,
Leave the familly in hurry,
Without giving us salary.



  • Roweena  Black

    Roweena Black

    I love this.

    Sep 25, 2021

  • Husna Chikwela

    Husna Chikwela

    waoh most welcome

    Oct 23, 2021

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