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- what's going on with me these days is- noticing large groups of depressed emotional types of people- ( you already no- I got one for you) - Now- when dealing with those types- remember- for some reason- they love to ruin your happiness with- personal problems- that you have nothing to do with- just for there satisfaction- / exhibit #1: have you ever been on your cell- about to collect the points- that "YOU" need- for advancement- then you here- / Hey Guys- Do You Want To Be An Investor Like Me-/ #2: Have you ever been watching YOUR favorite funny show on tv- then cut to commercial- and you hear- Have You Been Diagnosed with some kind of 2021 desease/ and you be like- WTF/ - but n e wayz- at my blog spot- I keep you entertained and laughing- topics that you're not going to hear anywhere else- so come through/ 


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