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My mind is so fucked up over time it's had more if it's share of pain and if madness, instead of those unreachable happy days. It's like a non-stop collision of so many feelings colliding together worse than a tsunamis crashing waves. There's no way to tame them and keep their distance with cival ways. They torture one another and cause me more unwanted pain; but within all of this chaos and rage lies a silence of black but blank beauty like what's captured inside the biggest tornado funnels heart that's caged. There's not much more in life that could cause me any fear because after what I've been thru it's made a path of numbness to mend the damage done from a oh so rather fucked up past that was chosen for my life. The men of my past are like voltures that have picked and scavenged most of my body like it was their to shred apart but one thing that has never changed was the love that's in my heart. I keep it buried deep within trying to protect it from any more pain cause it is true that one day a honest creature will see past of the scars n bruises n dirt n tears n pounds of anger n hurt , and want nothing but to prove it's love and wanna fix all your parts that I allowed other to tare the fuck apart. He shall take his time and think about part knowing that this journey maybe a rough one from the very start. He sticks his hands straight out and waits never rushing you till your ready for his heart. It's as tho he took out his needle with a glistening thread and started right to work hoping that he can help mend and strengthen you back to your normal self, but he never left your side and stayed right by your side cause now you both are ready to take this leap of faith and start their own story hopefully shaking off most of the past pain and learning to use each other's bodies hearts and minds to make not two but one combining love story with each other's bodies twined together til the last breath is taken and both shall disappear into each others mind life can be super hard and fucked up but also be so kind always remember that one day a stranger will come and blow your mind and bring you back to living and show you live is blind.    I love you David forever in my heart you did more to me than anyone before showing and proving to me how much you love me no matter how bad my past was and taught me it's ok to leave those things behind and that life can change it's just gotta be your time. 2018 / 2021


  • Oct 06, 2021

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