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Is it time for change or is my life restricted bars cuffed in Chainz my minds stuck in that old way of thinking my hatred isn't completely from drinking anger in my head is as natural as a person blinking I try hard to concentrate when I pray but my mind's in a dais in my eyes you can see hate and revenge can I really change I don't write for the fame I write because I've witnessed a lot of pain the chains of pain from the hurt i cant forget in my brain I want so bad to change but these cowards drive me to the point I swear im insane all I want is a heartfelt apology it's so hard for the devil and hatred follow me can I really change can I break the chains how can anyone forget the pain I want to run what have I done to deserve this get away from me satan you and you're evil tricks I thought they were friends they turned into dirty fowl pricks maybe they always were and I couldn't see it but this is there end in my mind you better believe it I'm tired of doing time I'm tired of this hatred I can't decline either I will change or a disturbed failure of a soldier is all that you will find


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