We Both Were Feeling Discomfort Read Count : 45

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I always unusual distress about being separated 
 excessive worry you’ll be harmed 
when you left me alone, 
knew when you were going to be separated from me 
without you telling me 
being away from you 
had been worried about losing you
due to my mental illness 
I’ll be lost without you 
being by my side 
used to have nightmare about being separated 
still can’t deal with new changes in your new 
I have been withdrawn from the world 
when you away from me 
felt like I’m a hot stove that
can’t turn it off, 
its make can’t sleep at night 
with circle under my eyes
I want to avoid being a burden to you 
can’t stop myself feeling this way 
when you’re away from me 
who going to know 
I’m having panic attack 
when you’re not around, 
my anxiety affect my quality of life
you didn’t know I have been feeling like this 
while you’re still mentally ill due to
your mental illness. 
We both want to be comfortable 
want to being secure and being loved. 


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