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Is there an answer In those blank pages? 

One I haven’t found yet

Is it hidden in between the lines 

In tiny lettering 

Is it written In special ink so that only I see it

Is there an answer 

That maybe you just haven’t written yet?

Is it that I just haven’t looked hard enough? 

Even though I’ve scanned every inch of these blank pages

Could it be I’m just missing something 

Is there an answer in those blank pages that you gave me? 

A reason 

An answer 

An explanation

For all the actions you did 

And the hurt you caused

If there is

I don’t see it 

It’s not written 

But maybe that’s just it 

You don’t have a reason 

An answer 

Or an explanation 

For everything you did 

You just did it because you could 

Because you couldn’t help it right? 

I mean 

There isn’t even a sorry written on these pages 

There just blank 

Because what would an “ I’m sorry” even do 

It wouldn’t fix things 

Because I don’t believe you’re sorry 

I don’t believe you regret it 

And I don’t believe you wouldn’t do it again 

So with these blank pages 

With your obvious silence 

Maybe it gives me my answer after all

Could it be the answer I’m looking for 

Is those blank pages 

Your lack of response 

Your lack of ability to even try 

Maybe that’s my answer 

That I should take this as a hint 

To just move on

To just forget about this all

To finally realize you aren’t worth my time 

Because if you can’t even take the time 

To give me a simple response

Then maybe I don’t need your answers 

Maybe by not answering you’ve given me everything I need to know


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  • Sep 16, 2021

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    Sep 17, 2021

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