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In my corset I 
Feel thin and lean
My waist is constricted
Without any pain

Down to a 22 from 
A  26 inch waist
Inch by inch as I
 am tightly laced

Around my body it
Is snug and warm
Squeezing firmly like
A silk stalking glove

It Defines the curves,
 smoothes out lumps,
Especially if you have
Junk in your trunk

Reshaping my form
And reducing my waist
Creating an illusion of 
the perfect barbie frame

I Walk proud and I
Stand tall this corset
 I wear Is the cause
 of it all

I glow with radiance 
And sex appeal
causing not just men
but the girls to stare

So next time you see
A perfect ten stroll bye
 you might find yourself
Staring because you are

 if this happens  don’t
 hesitate to tell her she
 looks good with a 
Corseted waist


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