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Its all started off on a long school night me and my boyfriend was just finishing argument over the stupidest thing ever we were cussing about he getting jealous of me being with a guy i tried to talk to him to tell him that not everything you saw in your head doesnt mean its happening in reality he get so angry at me he push me a side and told the guy to never to come near me again. I was so angry at him for what he did. He started to shouted about what  the guy was doing here with me alone without him being in my present. I started to ask him whats wrong with that if he wasnt here. Little did i know it only makes things worst. He get so mad when i try to walk away he pull me back saying am not done talking to you. So i shake him off and went away as i enter the car waiting on him to come take me home. He takes so long to till i started to get upset . I was about to open the door to go call him i saw him coming still looking piss off and upset. As he enter in the car he looked at me and said you know you mess up right. I look at him and said nothing so he started to drive the car for the whole ride we didnt say anything to each other. As we reach home i get inside so straight in the shower he follow me as well so we had a shower together he started kissing me so i kiss back. We have sex and all he been saying is say am sorry so the more i say no the more he do it harder.The next morning we talk about it and i told him i love you, we share a kiss and i told him he dont have to worry about anything because am all his and he is all mines. We spend the day in talking and watching movies together playing games he promise it will never happen again and promise him the same. Two days after all that staying side we went out to the beach i was so happy that day he said i can invite my friends so i did and he did the same thing as well. We put everything together and pack up everything we needed and get into the car. We meet our friends at the beach we all sit and talk and have fun in the water we play games. The day was so perfect until he showed up my boyfriend get angry and asked what is he doing here i told him i dont know and he get upset and said he ready to go home. I try cheer him up along the way home but he was happy for few minutes till he get a call saying we should meet his parents at the hospital. He drive there as fast as he can we burst in the hospital asking where are his parents the nurses was telling us to calm down and give them the names of his parents. We told them and they told us nothing wrong with his parents his dad just hurts his back thats all he asked if he going to be alright and the nurse said yes. She takes us to his mothere and father we talks and cry. He didnt want to come home with me to get something to eat i beg him please and he shouted and said no and if i am hungry so bad i should go by myself i stood there crying drop on my knees only thing i remember from that day is darkness. I wake up found myself on the hospital bed with him holding my hands saying that he sorry for shouting at me and he will never do it again so he kiss my hands when he was about to kiss me on my lips i open my eyes and kiss him back. I asked him what happen he told me everrything and said he didnt mean to shout at me and if he did know that i was going to past out he would even did what he did i told him thats its ok and gave him a kiss. In the afternoon the doctor said i can leave when am ready so he said he is going to take me home and i gave him a smile and we went home. After we reach home we had a shower together and cuddle and watch movies. My phone started to ring so i answer we get a call to star a show of our everyday life we both agree and takes it. We have to start first thing in the morning its all happen so fast we move into a better place keep on giving money to the homeless and the childrens homes. It was the best everyone started to know our names we travel the world now we are living in London we have two beautiful kids a boy and a girl living happly ever after.


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