Understand You From Distance Read Count : 35

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I was born with a mental illness 
the life I had experience 
wasn’t expecting it to happen,

since I came to this world 
walk through the same experience 
when you first met me,

we both were busy at that time 
both of us didn’t tell each other 
knew everything going on with you 
because I have been walked in the same pain 
you went through 
when you were with me, 

I understand you 
I can feel your pain from distance 
whatever you took your best friends advice, 

it won’t work because I still can understand you from distance 
we both know what we feel, know what we think, know how we behaved 
we understand each other from distance 
we do have a lot in common due to our different mental illness, 

we experienced many coincidences in life 
from our life to where we are now, 
we do have coincidences in life 
from our life experiences to where we are now. 


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