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We live in different ways 
there is something about us 
that you don’t know, 
even though my symptoms
are like other people 
we both have different mental illness, but 
we do have a lot in common, 
we have same health problem 
we do have challenging behavior 
we do have restricted interest 
We do have slow development 
at things we need to improve 
we both prefer exactitude and routine 
we’re good at planning and time management, 
we can get along pretty well, 
you have been with two of your best friends 
many years before I came along
there something about us, they didn’t know 
they’ll never know we have lot in common 
we’re best friend 
do what best friend usually do 
why you don’t want a sleepover at my house? 
why you don’t trust me? 
why you don’t give me where you live now? 
why you don’t consider me as a best friend? 
why you prefer them and not me? 
you knew them before meeting me 
I can tell we do have a lot in common 
we can be best friend 
we can have fun and hangout with each other 
let’s see where our chapter in life going to be in the future 
I do wish our chapter in life is being with you, 
we can be best friend while level up with you, 
we have to act like mature adult 
to have our happily ever after with each other. 


  • Sep 13, 2021

  • Sep 13, 2021

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