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I know
My story
Is yet to be finished.

I've made 
So many
Mistakes at the plenty.

I'm trying
I'm screaming
Those black outs surely kept taking.

Thoughts unraveling
Feeling unstable
Were they trauma induced comas?

Wasn't honest
I admit
Never told a soul the truth about me.

I'm here
I'm saying
I'm sorry for always disappearing.

I'm here
I'm saying
I'm sorry I couldn't seem to trust.

Those blackouts
I think
Turned me into what I witnessed. 

This mindset
Is new
I'm no longer making excuses.

Got raped
Then beaten
But first was the choking, I couldn't breath.

Eyes bulged
Couldn't scream
A haluscination due to oxygen deprivation.

I'm imperfect
I'm seclusive
I feel everything around me. 

I'm sorry for never facing my real truth through all these years. 


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