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This time I,
Gotta get this story right.
A new chapter
Placing in some peace of mind.

I'm not boring
This time they won't be snoring.
I'm changing
I'm claiming
What I thought was nothing more.
My patience
My kindness
I gotta stop
Letting the anger win.
I was blinded
This red eye
Wouldn't let me go.
I'm not perfect
I'm just a bit distorted.
My mindset
My soul
My heart is
Lit like a smelters flames.
I'm trying
I'm climbing
My way to higher grounds.

It's all silence
They don't think I'll win.
I been saying
That I want nothing
But this right here
But I couldn't help but drown
Plunging straight down
Into my own fear.
I see it
It's getting
So crystal clear.
No pretending
I'm too tired
From my descending.
Right here now
This timing
This feeling
Has got to be
The way I
Can finally breath
Like I don't feel
I'm just a disease. 

© TheGhostlyPoet


  • Mangaii Nimng

    Mangaii Nimng

    𝓷𝓲 𝓳𝓲𝓪𝓰𝓪

    Sep 12, 2021

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