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There’s something exhilarating about downing an IPA at 3:30PM in the middle of the week. I unexpectedly ended my work day early and thought I deserved a mini celebration. So I found myself sitting in my sunny backyard in 80+ degrees struggling with a word puzzle meant to improve my memory, but mostly so I could focus on something other than what had been blowing up my mind lately. 

That brew flowed so sweetly that I contemplated a second. When the heat became unbearable, I headed inside for cooler temperatures, both the fridge and the air conditioning. Discovering senior citizen dog poo on the living room carpet sealed the deal. I untapped another can and selfishly decided to finish the remaining Georgia peach salsa that begged me to sweeten that deal. 

As I savored both pale and peach, I picked up my IPhone to check for text messages. I had been out of touch with someone dearly beloved for three days because his six year old phone finally died. “Hallelujah!” I exclaimed when I finally heard his voice. “Long time no hear!”

It took us over an hour to catch up, which was enough time to cool off, fill up, and determine that the 6% alcohol by volume made no dent in my sobriety. I was steady and ready for my every-other-day neighborhood bike ride. 

I ride “off the grid”, rarely taking my phone with me. This encourages me to allow my mind to scatter wherever it pleases. Sometimes I pray. Sometimes I vent silently to myself. Sometimes I try to think about how to work out certain issues. Or sometimes I just absorb my surroundings, appreciating nature and human activity. 

But most of the time, I compose. I think my most profound thoughts while pedaling my cruiser. In my head, I write letters, poems, short inspirational essays, and on one occasion, a song. Then at the end of my forty minute ride, I hydrate (with H2O!) and reclaim electronics.

Recalling as much as I can, I type away, like a sandpiper scurrying the beach. Needing to exercise my mind as well as my body, I indulge my creative side with words. They may not be words that change the world, nor narrative that invokes wisdom. But hopefully, someday, somewhere, someone like you might read them and feel grateful to have done so. If my ramblings have in any way cheered you, then I’m humbly grateful that you have joined me in this jaunt. 


  • Keep on jaunting!!

    Sep 11, 2021

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