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Label me a whiner coz all I do is whine and complain,
Maybe a pessimist coz I only see the negative,
No,maybe judgemental suits me better,
But I want to build a case today,
Forgive me of I will step on some of your toes,
But I ain't really sorry coz that's what I intend to do.

A girl somewhere is out of school today because she had her period,
And it is not that she could not get a sanitary towel,
Were you to choose between food and pads,what would be your choice?
My guess is as good as yours,
Is it not a joke that we as youths get free condoms yet free sanitary towels is where they draw the line?
I dont know,maybe may angle of view is distorted.

A preacher just bought a new car and built a lavish house,
The congregants are always told,"The Lord loves a cheerful giver."
And even when they have nothing to give,they will always give,
Malachi 3:10 seems to be the motto nowadays,
While the sheep languish in poverty,the shepherd lives lavishly,
What did that preacher say,
Happy are the poor,for the Kingdom of God is theirs,
I am a Christian by the way.

We were always told that we are all equal,
But in the animal farm,some animals are more equal than others,
A rich man will be applauded for merely coughing,
Let a poor man try that stunt in this corona era,
No one loves a poor man even he himself,
Dont judge me when you see me do anything to be rich,
A rich thief will always be respected and honoured compared to a honest poor man,
Besides we are at that age where being honest is actually dangerous.

Being a male youth is a crime nowadays,
It is said that the life expectancy of a male youth decreases by 70% after 7pm in my country,
A police will likely kill you if you have an iphone and you are from ghetto,
Woe unto you if you have dreadlocks coz that turns you automatically into a criminal,
I don't blame the officers for their actions,
I blame the system that decided that the dental formula,height and speed are a criteria for job selection.

I dont know what you think of me,
But when I look around all I see is unfairness,
I am not negative but I am only surrounded by negativity,
The hospital now seems to be the only place you can find something positive,
All I can do is just hope for a better tomorrow.


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