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I never felt like I'd do anything right
Until I realized all I do is I sit and I write. 
I have to work through the next plight,
Then pick up the pieces right after the fight.
Again, I can't see my own light,
It's dim, but for once I wish it was bright.
All this time I kept losing my sight,
I kept saying it's going to be alright
But I couldn't regain my sight. 
God, can you feel it, this internal fight?
It's taking it's tole, it feels like a blight.
I'm getting so sick of the rewrite
There's never a highlight
Not even a limelight.
It all seems so very slight.
The chances of reaching somewhere right
But, I'll never give up this fight
Because yet again, I'll see my own light. 


  • I love it!

    Sep 10, 2021

  • great rhyming flow, sir...

    Sep 11, 2021

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