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I'll find those,
Who truly,
Accept me,
For me.

I talk a lot when I'm excited.
I'm silent when I'm depressed.
My minds a bit distressed.
I'm losing more pieces, I can't get any rest.

I used to be an ass.
Always trying to fit in,
Because I didn't know who 
Or even what I was.

They'd walk all over me.
I kept letting them do it,
Because being there
Was better than absolutely nowhere.

After 21,
I flew further downhill.
I felt useful, so I let everyone use me. 
I didn't think it would destroy me.

I became this person,
I did not recognize.
Then somehow I couldn't let go and,
Ended up falling into a black hole.

The black hole,
Took hold of everything.
I started blacking out way more often and, 
I've got so many days without memories.

I remember one night though,
Arms wrapped around me,
I remember feeling like they'd never let go,
It felt like it was home. 

This healing is hard,
Harder than anything.
Do I deserve anything?
I'm so tired of asking this question.


  • Sep 11, 2021

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