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God washes my eyes, 
Making me cry sometimes. 
 I do not accuse Him, 
'Cause the pain cleanses my wounds...
Making me wonder:

What to choose for my life, 
What I have to keep beyond, 
What I am looking for, 
What I will have in the end of my heartbeat,
 Of the last cigarette that will kill my lungs - 
Dancing the last dance alone,
 Singing old love songs 
Even if I won't love anyone anymore.

  I would talk without stopping,
 I would cry with the last tear and laughter.
 Maybe I could straighten up.
I have waves in my thoughts
 But I keep my mind calm with my breathe cold.

Faith wipes out my scars, 
Making me happy and strong.
God wipes away my tears,
 Tells me to resist,
And not to insist on things
 That do not belong to me.  

I see my life as a comedy.
  I'm tired of these dramas.
God washes my eyes, 
Faith wipes out my scars
Making me a strong mountain
That rises from the sea
Getting between the gray clouds.


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    Sep 09, 2021

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