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It was twelve o'clock in the night when Tanveer (Tannu) reached Kanpur from Allahabad by roadways bus. Its just descending from a middle-aged man took the bag from Tannu's hand to carry it on his shoulder and politely asked "where will you run, because I own a rickshaw " with his second-hand he was pointing at rickshaw . His voice seemed as if the cold and hunger of December had sat his throat, that's why he arrived running near his passenger. Looking at him , Tannu said, " I had to go to Big Mansion , chamanganj , how much do I need ", in that cold winter of 1978, only four rickshaws and two horse carts could be seen, as everywhere the fog had covered their sheets...Rickshaw owner said "Give me 10 rupees, after all it is cold midnight, Sir". 
Tannu walked towards Rickshaw and said "Okay let's go", on boarding the rickshaw, Tannu took out a cigarette packet from his jacket and placed the packet back in the jacket pocket, took out the lighter from the same pocket and lit the cigarette. Stretched in a long puff and smoked cigarettes with relief breaths smoke of left out. His face looked stressless. He asked the rickshaw "Do you run rickshaws overnight?, Don't have a family in the city "? 
Rickshaw replied "No kind Sir, I will run till two o'clock and then rest in my room, I work in Elgin mill from 9 am, right here in the nearby city, so the family is not kept in the village ". "Oh wow! You seemed to be very hardworking, are you educated, do you know how to read and write ", Tannu asked looking at him.
" Completed my high school, kind Sir" Rickshaw replied. They had reached Chaman Ganj, as soon as the last puff of cigarette was over. Rickshaw said as soon as he stopped the rickshaw near the mansion "Aah, here we are, look we have arrived at the big mansion, babuji ." Tannu took out his wallet from the pocket and ten rupees of the note was given to the rickshaw, and after placing it in the pocket, the bag was hung on the shoulder and started moving towards the mansion. 
The watchman was sitting at the gate of the mansion, he was probably already aware of the arrival of Tannu, so he opened the gate as soon as he heard his name. Tannu moved towards the main door of the mansion. The watchman had taken a bag from his hand and hung it on his shoulder and another lantern was held in his hand. Reaching the door he knocked the swivel. After sometime, the door was opened by an 18-year-old beautiful girl. She smiled a silly smile on his face as soon as she looked at Tannu. Tannu also looked at her and said, "You are not Shehnaz, Doctor Uncle's daughter, How big have you grown"...Shehnaz pointed to him walking towards his Ammi's room, saying" How beautiful you have become too ," she continued.. " Now there was no one to see the aunt so I was asked by my father to stay here, But now you have also come, so two are better than one "...  She opened the door of Tannu's Ammi's room, his Ammi was wrapped inside blanket . She had a brain disease named Alzheimer. Her condition was more delicate, so Tannu was called instantly. 
Tanveer belonged to the royal Nawabs family and was admitted to Allahabad University for his further education . He had already done everything before his father passed away, because he knew about his health. So Tanveer's mother lived in Lucknow's mansion but after passing through her husband's death, she started living in the big mansion of Kanpur. Tannu took all the information of his mother from Shehnaz while she was sleeping so he thought it was not right to wake her up. 
Shehnaz led Tannu to his room and said "You have come to this mansion for the first time, have you not... So I am telling you never to go down in the basement. Everyone says that there is an evil spirit in it. Your mother should not have come here too, her health deteriorated as soon as she came here." 
"Now you are talking like a child, Shahnaz, who will believe in all these things, in today's era. Well tell me how many times that spirit caught you "Tannu asked smiling. 
"Aah, that spirit can't come before me,  after all blessed holy medallion is around my neck, I will bring another one for you too," Shahnaz said in the proud of blessed medallion, she was wearing. 
She stopped in front of the door of a room and said "Let  yourself come to your room, Nawab Sahab ". 
Tannu opened the door and moved towards the bed inside. He was so tired that he immediately threw himself into the bed. Shahnaz saw this action of his and put the lantern on the table, which was near the bed, looking towards Tannu, she said "Okay now I am going, you too sleep comfortably, good  things will happen in the morning ". 
Tannu, looking at her , said "Good Night" Shehnaz also answered it by saying "Good Night". 
Suddenly Tannu was thirsty at night, so he woke up, he looked at the clock, it was at three in the morning, he got up from the bed and moved towards the kitchen. Suddenly a voice  attracted his attention. That voice was probably coming from the basement itself. The sound slowly itself started pounding as if someone was beating the door hardly with his hand. Tanveer's steps did not stop, he jumped towards the straight basement and stood in front of the door and asked in a voice of surprise "Who is it... Who's inside"? Tannu placed his ears at the door to hear if a sound came from the inside but from nowhere two terrible hand broke out and grab Tannu with the neck. Tannu shouted while his eyes were closed "help, help," when he opened his eyes, it was morning , sun had come to the head and atmosphere was getting excited by the sounds of the birds. 

At the morning, Tanveer (Tannu) got out of his bed and, after getting fresh, went straight to the dining table. Shahnaz was already there and was drinking orange juice. 
Tannu sat beside her and asked,"Okay... tomorrow, who you were talking about that basement soul, Shahnaz is there any another eyewitness or this is your brainchild?" 
"What do you think I am... a madwoman who will shout ghost is there from herself , there is a ghost not only for me but also for the witnesses who had claimed that they had seen the spirit," Shahnaz replied quite self-sufficiency. 
"Well, today you will have a chance to get to know this mystery more closely, first have breakfast and meet Ammi, then we will discuss this issue together," she continued Tannu was very excited about hearing this, "Niharika O Niharika , bring breakfast for, Nawab Sahab" Shahnaz cried out, looking at Tannu. Tannu also couldn't stop his smile, he was excited to see the girl whom Shahnaz called by name. As soon as you hear the name Niharika wah, it seems that there must be some nymph's will Tannu thought in his mind and started smiling.
In just a while, a sweet young girl came from inside with breakfast, seeing him, Tannu's senses were torn. She was beautiful , no one could see her and say that she was the maid of the House. By her killer looks , blond complexion, tall structure and assy body, any boy would become crazy about her, after looking at her. Niharika put the breakfast plate in front of the Tannu and at the same time there were parathas like cabbage, potato, radish, fenugreek etc. on the table. Tannu took some butter by the butter knife, he removed it in a plate and started to think which paratha has to go on the plate first . So in Shahnaz's quote" Eat this cabbage one first ", he put a cabbage one in his plate and Tannu began to eat " Wow! What's the matter, never ate such a cabbage paratha till today," Tannu said, putting the paratha in his mouth. 
"Well you know , the cooks who work in this mansion, cooks very well" said Shahnaz immediately. 
"And is there something else Nawab Saheb needs ," Niharika asked, smiling at Tannu. Tannu also shook his neck in a gesture of not smiling, she understood the situation and started going back to do her job. 
Tannu finished his breakfast and got up straight from the table and started moving towards mother's room with Shahnaz. As soon as he reached the room, he saw his Ammi looking at the gazing ceiling. He looked at his mother and asked "Ammi now, what kind of health is your's". But no answer was found. He asked three more four times but still there was silence. 
In such a way, Shahnaz said,"I have given a morning dose, as dad said, after a while she will get sleepy, it is very important for her to rest". 
As Shahnaz had said, it happened after a while Tannu saw that his mother's eyelids started to get heavy which was no longer in Tanveer's mother's hands to keep them open and she fell asleep in a deep sleep.
Tannu and Shahnaz took on their assigned task, calling all the servants of the mansion and interrogating them. Most of them said that there was sometimes a sound of someone walking through the basement. They also mentioned that some of them had seen a bright red light burning there.
After questioning everyone, Tannu looked at Shahnaz and said, "this means that there is a real soul in this mansion, but what does the bright red light means , God knows ... Shahnaz do you know when this mansion was bought or who lived in it before, it is very important to know all these things" . 
Shahnaz got up from the chair and walked around Tannu, connecting the fingers of his two hands and saying," As far as I know, your father had taken this mansion five years before he passed out, he had bought this mansion from his friend and co-employee of the archaeological department, Dr. Zakir, he had been invited from the University of London and so he sold this mansion to your father before leaving", Shahnaz continued "after your father passed away, it became difficult to run expenditure well for home and in the costs of the mansion maintenance difficulty was coming therefore our accountant and the rest of the responsible members of the same Lucknow's mansion decided to sell it but there was still spender running by cultivating a good deal of income which is . Your father and Dr Zakir used to keep some objects of their use in this mansion, I have heard that". 
Tannu was seriously lost in the ruins of this large mansion. 

Scrutinized Basement... 

Tannu kept thinking in his trenches that what could be there basement, due to which all the mansion's servants were afraid, why not open the basement once. "I will open that basement tomorrow", Tannu thought in his mind.
It was evening so Tannu gave his mother medicine and recently came to sit near the chimney. Niharika immediately gives him a cup of tea. Tannu looks at Niharika with great love and asks "Who is at home?"
Niharika replied, "There is no one Nawab, Sir"
 Tannu was taking a sip of tea as well as looking at Niharika's waist. The waist of that beautiful angel was looking very smooth. He was watching her with a lustful eyes and the idea of touching her came to his mind . But in a short while Shahnaz comes into the room and looks at Tannu and says "What happened to Nawab sir, Is there slang in the mind ", Tannu smiled, he looked at her and said "Nothing is there, just sipping tea", "You should drink too, then get it" Tannu said stealing his gaze.
"Leave it, I will make myself" Shehnaz said looking at Tannu. In this, Tannu asked her "Good Shehnaz, will you walk with me in the basement tomorrow". 
" Neither Baba nor, have I been bitten by a mad dog " Shahnaz answered Tanveer .
" What you do is a childish act, in today's era, you do things like ghost phantom, "Tannu said fearlessly, 
"I'm ready to go inside with you" said Niharika. 
" Very good, the three of us will walk in the basement tomorrow, after finding out what is hidden in the basement due to which the rest of the house's servants are so scared ", Tannu told both young girls whose faces were seriously showing fear.The night was over, after saying each other a good night at the dinner table, Shehnaz and Tannu went to sleep in their own rooms. Tannu changed his clothes and went to sleep in bed in a night suit. After a while Tannu's eyes were opened, he looked at the clock. It was three o'clock in the morning . He was very thirsty but the water in the jug next to him was finished . He thought in his mind "It's very strange, It was still kept full of water, not even once before sleeping I drank , then how did this water end up ", Tannu thought so much, then got up and started moving towards the kitchen, suddenly he heard the sound of someone's footsteps, he ignored it at first, but then when the voice started coming out loud, he followed that voice. The sound of steps took him to the basement. The sound of the steps was heard so clearly that no one would listen from far and a red light was seen flashing from the gap under the door. When Tannu came near the basement door, the sound of the steps slowed down a bit, As he rests his ears on the door, suddenly a creepy hand comes out, breaking the door and holding the Tannu. Tannu shouts loudly, closing his eyes in panic. "Save, Help", When his eyes open, the nebula sees the curtain of the window and the morning sun has came out. Looking at Tannu, she said "Who caught you Nawab sir, Whom do you have to save ", Tannu changed the topic saying "He who has to hold never catches what he doesn't have to hold also catches in dreams". Tannu's mischievous answer probably meant Niharika, so smiling towards him said "Now quickly get ready too and come to the breakfast table, remember, the basement has to be scrutinized today ".Tannu gets ready and reaches the table where Shehnaz was already present.
Shahnaz also replied in return, after calling Shahnaz good morning. At the end of breakfast, three went to see Tannu's mother first, her condition was improved but she did not cheat anyone. Niharika and Shehnaz gave her medicines and were comfortable layed on the bed, because her medicines were so strong that any person would be put to sleep in a while after they fell asleep, the three walked towards the basement. There may be some secret hidden in this basement which no one has found till date. Maybe a treasure or hidden secret that makes all three rich, Maybe people are right and there is a ghost here. Or it may be that there is only one gossip, that people have kept in mind. All these things were going on in Tannu's mind as soon as he was moving towards the three cellars. A large lock hung outside the basement room was found. Tannu glanced around, so no more useful thing was found, just an iron rod was kept. He picked up that iron rod and broke that lock in the basement room. 
Tannu opened the basement door by breaking the basement lock. The condition of Niharika and Shehnaz was spoiled by fear, they held the grip tightly with their pantheon. Tannu was also perceived as his fear. Dust covered the entire Basement, it seemed as if no one had planted a hand for centuries. Spider nets were seen all around the wall. When Tannu looked at the table in front of the basement, some old documents were kept, There were some maps and a paper weight as well. Niharika and Shehnaz were opening the front cupboard and looking. There were a total of five cupboards in that basement. Tannu traced the document's filtration bean, his father might work on top of a cave in the Himalayas were doing. Some documents showed that he had received an invaluable item from that cave. He had references in those documents but had not written what it was. Tannu kept those documents in his over coat pocket and in front moved towards the cupboard. After looking at all the shelves, he gathered all the documents in one place, there was a large box in a short distance. Those three opened that old receptacle, there was a skeleton in it, it seemed to be quite old but the skeleton head of that box was missing. 
"Who would have taken its head after all and what is this skeleton doing here", Shahnaz asked in astonished vocals. 
Tannu answered her "I think my father and his friends went to the caves of the Himalaya's mountain on a project from there they might have found this skeleton, it is a minor skeleton and it seems to be seen, it is that it must have been stored in ice for a long time, only then there are marks of melting of water in its coat. ""But what could be the reason for the Nawab sir's failure,"Niharika asked looking at Tannu." I think this is an English skeleton because its clothes reveal the same, but I did not even understand who would have taken its head and why ". Tannu looked at the skeleton carefully, half of his coat was torn. His trousers were also funted from many places. In long there were boots that most people wear while climbing on the mountains . Tannu got into thinking for a while after seeing those boots. Then the three of them broke the necessary papers and closed the basement from there. Shahnaz brought a new lock and she gave it to Tannu. Tannu closed the swivel of the basement door and locked it. The three came to the hall with the paper found from the basement. 
 He placed all those documents on a large table in the hall. Then Tannu and Shahnaz started investigating those documents. Niharika went to check Tannu's mother, in Tannu's mother's room. 
Tannu and Shahnaz revealed from the documents that the skeleton was quite precious which father of Tannu had brought to this basement before his arrangement. 
 The head of that skeleton was quite precious and miraculous. Tannu looked at Shehnaz, saying "Perhaps the skeleton's head was lost because he was miraculous but what English miraculous skeleton was found?" 
On this, Shahnaz said "I think that the head of that skeleton was lost after coming to this mansion". "You said this very right but who would have lost the head is a puzzle in itself" Tannu in a surprising sense from said to Shehnaz. 
It was evening, seeing everything, Tannu said to Shahnaz "Now we should take bath and get fresh because we cleaned the basement is very well today ". Shehnaz also obeyed him and went to get fresh towards her room. After both got fresh. Then came downstairs to dining hall and sits beside the table, while sitting at the dining table soon Niharika brought coffee for both of them. 
Shahnaz while drinking coffee, asked Tannu "Do you think that this mansion revolves around the ghost of the severed English ruler"? Tannu looked at her and said "You also do strange things, What about the strong red light that was mentioned by all the mansion servants, after all, what could be the reason for seeing all those red lights burning with the basement skylight ". 
" If the head of that skeleton is miraculous, the torso will also be miraculous ", Niharika said . Tannu got into thinking for a while. He had thoughts that since he came to this mansion, he has heard the sound of someone's footsteps in that basement twice. Same dreams for two consecutive nights, Three o'clock hour is visible in the clock. All these things were pointing at someone but Tannu, changing the matter, asked Shehnaz "what will you do if you get the head of that skeleton"?
"If he is truly miraculous, I will ask for a lot of wealth and will rule this world as a princess" Shahnaz replied in a blink of an eye. The two started laughing together. The night was over, Niharika served meals to them on the dining table and Tannu himself went towards his mother's room with soup for Ammi. Later when his mother finished her soup, Tannu returned to the table, then Shehnaz and Tannu started eating their food.   

Miraculous Skull... 

After the meal was over at the dining table, Tannu wished Shahnaz "Good night" and ordered Niharika to keep water in his room. Niharika shook her neck smiling. 
Tannu went to his room and wore a night suit and lay on his bed.
 After some time Niharika brought water to the jug. Tannu asked her to sit for a while, Niharika first got a little nervous but then sat on the chair nearby. Tannu asked her lying on the bed, "Good Niharika, you are living in this mansion only or even go to your house ",Tanveer asked her. 
"I go, Nawab sir, I go every Saturday and come back on Sunday evening" Niharika answered Tannu's question. 
"Well is there any lover or fiance, of your's" Tannu hesitantly asked her . 
"No Nawab sir, where have you got so far" Niharika replied in a prank manner as if she knew why Tannu asked her these questions. A smile blossomed on Tannu's face as if he had got a key to a treasure. But keeping his gesture under control, he said to Niharika "Okay, now I have found it.", What is the feeling now ". Niharika's face was red with shame, she covered her face with pantheon and went away running from there. Tannu also understood the girl laughed, half of his work was done, just now, she had four more eyes Jia was left to desist. Tannu made a cold sigh and drank a glass of water, then slept in a while. The darkness of the night was capped outside and at the same time the fog kept a sheet on it, but perhaps no one could sleep in that mansion. Tannu's sleep opened after hearing the rapid sound of the steps. He was in his bed for a while. He lay down and started thinking about listening to the sound of those steps. Who is walking on such a night, there is no thief in the mansion. He got up from his bed and put on his night gown and slowly opened the door of his room. Tannu calls for those fast steps and started following. He reached the same place but it was probably impossible for every educated man to believe what he saw. Tannu saw the same skeleton moving around in the mansion, maybe he was looking for his head.Tannu was hiding all this with great care on one side. On the one hand, where his roosts stood, on the other, he also had a question in his mind that he had locked the basement, then how this skeletons came out of that basement. Tannu followed the skeleton very carefully as the clock rang three o'clock bell, the skeleton moved towards the basement. Tannu also followed him. He saw that the English skeleton went inside his ark and lay down again, then everything gets closed on its own and in the same way the door of the mansion's basement was closed . Seeing all this, Tannu was very surprised. Tannu climbed the stairs and returned to his room and lay on his bed. Tannu started thinking that everyone has proved right about the mansion's ghost . There is a ghost in the mansion who probably travels around this mansion every day, maybe he is looking for his skull. This beheaded skeleton will roam in this mansion until he finds his head but who would have stolen that head and why would have stolen it. Perhaps the skull of that skeleton is more precious to that skeleton and also to the one who finds it.Tannu could not sleep in this thinking and it was morning on seeing. He had breakfast as soon as he could finished it, then first reached the basement but once again he was surprised, he saw that the basement door was locked. He called the Niharika and asked her to bring the key.Niharika immediately arrived with the key and gave the key to Tannu. Tannu immediately opened the door to the lock shell cellar. Niharika also went to the basement with him, she was looking at Tannu from a big face as if Tannu had streaks of concern on his forehead. She asked Tannu "what are you looking for, Nawab sir"? 
Tannu tells her all the incident of the previous night and Niharika was scared to hear it. Tannu first opened the ark in which the skeleton was placed. He inspected the skeleton well, then he inspected the ark well. He thought this that there may be a clue hidden in the box that might help to tell the secret of that skeleton, but he was really very disappointed when he found nothing . Then the two closed the ark and started inspecting the basement well. Niharika asked Tannu once again "What are we looking for, Nawab sir"? 
Tannu replied "At this time we are looking for everything related to the skeleton that takes them to that miraculous skull".
Tannu and Niharika thoroughly searched everything in the basement so that they would get some important clues that would lead them to that miraculous skull. Finally they were joined by Tannu's father's friend Dr. Zakir, and picture of both was found written with Zakir's address and phone number behind it . Tannu thought in his mind that "this is an important clue that can give them more and more information about that miraculous skull". Niharika and Tannu put the basement well closed from and came up to the hall where shahnaz was already waiting for them. 
She asked Tannu and Niharika "What were you two doing in the basement below, Such a large mansion had become smaller for both of you, or had reached the basement to find the corner". 
Tannu and Niharika smiled, then Tannu said "There is no such thing just after an incident of last night we went to the basement to find something". 
" Which incident ", Shehnaz asked in astonished vocals. 
Tannu explained all the things that happened last night and after listening Shahnaz was shivering with fear but he asked everyone to hide their fear. 
"Well, what was found in the basement below", Shahnaz asked in excitement and fear, Tannu gave her Dr. Zakir' photograph, then he told Shahnaz about Zakir. Zakir's picture was found and on behind it his London's address and phone number were also written.
"Well, calling this number will reveal what is the secret of that half-basket and skull, now it is time to give medicine to your mother, later Dr. Zakir will be found out, let's help your mother to drink medicine ", Shehnaz told Tannu and Niharika. Then the three went to Tannu's mother's room to give her medicine. 
After giving medicine to Tannu's Ammi, Niharika went to keep an eye on the servants in kitchen . And sitting near by the chimney in hall Tannu and Shahnaz were talking to each other . It was evening and the sunlight was starting to fall outside due to cold. The fog also kept a light sheet. So suddenly the phone rings, Tannu picks up the phone's receiver and attaches it to his ear , then says "hello" in heavy vowels, There is also a sound from there "Hello, is it Tanveer... I am doctor uncle, father of Shahnaz , Now how is your mother's health, is there any improvement in her health ", father of Shehnaz asked Tannu. Tannu told him everything about his mother and then pointed the reciver to Shehnaz, Shahnaz came running towards him, after talking to Shehnaz's father for a while he gave the reciver to Shahnaz . Shehnaz who was also standing there, took the receiver from Tannu's hand and put it on his right side by ear and said "Hello, Abbu how are you". 
The voice came from other end "I'm fine my child , tell me how are you". 
"I'm good too and I'm happy here too, I am giving medicine to aunt from time to time, you must not worry about this ", Shehnaz said with disbelief. 
"I know you're very smart in this matter, Well listen, I am sending Haider tomorrow, he has had school holidays and he is insisting on going to you", father of Shehnaz told her . "Okay Abbu, we will take care of him well here", Shahnaz once again expressed her disbelief and said good bye and put the phone's receiver down. She told Tannu about Haider . She said he will reach here tomorrow. 
Tannu also said happily "Let's be good, we will also get entertained by little one ." 
Haider was 7 years old and Shehnaz's younger brother, four years after his birth his mother passed away , after which father of Shehnaz had taken responsibility of both children. He made his children feel as if they never lost their mother. While Shehnaz was a settled beautiful girl, Haider was very mischievous and a strong answer. Tales of his mischief were often heard from his school. Till now, hardly a day has passed that the complaint of Haider's mischief has not reached his house. But Haider was at the forefront of his class in terms of studies, which was probably the reason why the schoolmates never fired him despite his mischief. The night was long gone Niharika called Tannu and Shehnaz to eat. Both sat down to eat at the dining table in the front hall of the dinner. After eating the food, Tannu wished Shahnaz "Good Night" like everyday and in his room after a while, Niharika kept a jug and glass of water like daily. Tannu did not see Niharika coming and keeping the water while he was thinking about that skull and half-baked skeleton. He was thinking about Zakir and his relationship with the skeleton , he was wondering what would have happened that Dr. Zakir may have suddenly left for London while knowing about this alive corpse, why did he suddenly applied to teach at the University of London and his application was accepted. Quite a night passed as soon as Tannu thought that Then suddenly the sound of big loud " boom" was heard, like someone has kicked at the door very hardly and the door has opened.
Tannu gets up from his bed as soon as he heard the voice and rushed towards the place where this voice came from. His eyes were wide open when he again saw the British officer walking in the hall. Who was moving around from one corner to another . He was looking for his head without which he was probably incomplete. Tannu was hiding behind a cupboard and looking at the whole scene. This man was enough to shock anyone's heart, but Tannu has made his heart stone. He was hiding and watching that skeleton circling back and forth. Tannu thought in his mind "If so much power exists in this skeleton, So why does it not reach its head on its own? When it can move around alive even after dying, it must have so much power to locate its skull. " Tannu stood there for a long time thinking seriously about all these things then suddenly the clock hour is reported to be three o'clock and rings three times, as soon as it rings, the English skeleton goes into his coffin box and lies down
 "In terms of time, there is nothing more certain than the British. This dead skeleton also proved it. It reaches its coffin at exactly three o'clock. The door of the cellar also closed on its own", All these things were going on in Tannu's mind, Then he made up his mind to go to his room and relax, because there was a lot of rush throughout the night. 
Tannu woke up at around eight in the morning. He arrives at the dining table and started having his breakfast like every day, where he learns that she had been called from the village of Niharika this morning and had to go because her mother's health was very bad, perhaps taking her last breath. 
Tannu regretted this and looked at Shahnaz and said, "Now Ammi's responsibility came on both of us, Niharika's stay brought some relief". 
"Why do you worry, today Haider is coming and with him Savitri aunt is also coming, The arrival of one who had handled Haider so far will help a lot, she is well aware of medicines and take care of patients well, Your mother will have no problem ", Shehnaz said with assurance.Tannu was now a little bit free and had his breakfast, both of them went to his ammi's room, as it was time for her medicines. 
In the room Tannu opened Ammi's cupboard to remove a clean sheet for her where he found an old diary that belonged to his father. Keeping that diary in his coat pocket, he takes out a new sheet from the cupboard and lays it on the bed and both of them lay down his mother cleanly. After a while, she gets into sleep because the medicine was showing its effect .Tannu goes straight from there to his room and takes out that diary and reads it, in that diary it was written "May 18, 1972, me and my friend Dr. Zakir has made an incredible discovery. We have found a very old cave here in the Himalayas in which an English officer has found a skeleton deposited in the ice, Whose half-throat body was loaded with precious jewelery worth billions of rupees . Not only that, while digging in the place of that skeleton, enough precious jewelry, gold sculptures and diamond jewels have been received. We have carefully placed the skeleton in one place and have also ordered a coffin box from a nearby village. The most surprising thing in all these things is the half-throat of the skeleton was placed in his hand. Seems that someone might have cut off its head and separated it and its skull which has been halved has something like a red ruby precious stone instead of its eyes, Which makes it completely different from the common human skull. "
Then suddenly the fast horn of the car rings and Tannu hides that diary under his pillow, exited his room and reached the hall. 
Shahnaz had already reached the main gate and stood there to welcome Haider , Tannu also stood next to her . The car stops and a small boy from it comes out speaking "appa" and clings to Shahnaz's throat. An old woman from the car also walks out and stands in front. Tannu thought by looking at her that she must be Savitri Devi, mentioned by Shahnaz last night. After meeting each other, everyone comes inside the mansion and sits on the couch of the hall and started talking. 


Tannu was overjoyed to meet Haider and Savitri, he presents Haider a toy car. Haider gets very excited seeing this. Shehnaaz had given all the information about Tannu's mother to Savitri Devi, even she had already been told by Shehnaaz's father, but Shehnaaz and Savitri Devi were talking about Tannu's mother. After a while both of them went from there to Tannu's mother's room. Tannu and Haider were sitting next to each other and playing with the car.

Soon, a lot of time had passed, now it was evening and the light of the sun's rays had slowed down.

Due to the presence of spiritual power over the mansion, the dinner was completed by nine o'clock so that the servants could also take leisure and rest in the cottages built behind the mansion. 
All the servants did not come early even around the mansion during the night. 
However, that spiritual power had not harmed anyone till now.

Shehnaaz gives strict instructions to Savitri and Haider not to leave their room after 12 noon.Savitri and Haider's sleeping arrangements were made in the same room. 
At first that half-throated English skeleton was confined to the cellar only and the servants had seen it only from the ceiling light of the same cellar, but since Tannu and Shehnaaz broke the lock tied with the talismans, that spiritual force was enraged around the hall. He also roams around the corridor and sometimes around the stairs.
Savitri became very frightened on hearing this but Haider was making fun of Shehnaaz after hearing her words.

"Little one , you will know when you encounter him", said Shahnaz, looking at Haider.

"Oh this ghost, nothing happens, how many times I go out in the dark where everyone says there is a ghost but I don't see anyone, on the contrary, I have scared many people by becoming ghosts", Haider said in an innocent manner . Savitri and Shahnaz started laughing at this.

After having dinner in the night, everyone went to their respective rooms to rest. 
Tanveer also went to his room and, wearing his night suit, was lying on the bed reading the rest of the diary -
"A day after the half-throat skeleton and treasure were found, one of our teammates died strangely, with eyes bulging outwards as if they were swollen and thick. He died of a heart attack. It happened, but we all did not understand that what he had seen so that his eyes had burst out, there was a sense of unintentional fear on his face. It was a sad event for all of us and one big loss also because the same colleague who discovered the cave first, he was a very promising young man who discovered many mysterious places for Dr. Zakir. The excavation work was going on continuously as I didn't have that much time and no time. To Dr. Zakir, therefore, keeping aside the grief of his companion's passing, the whole team was busy in extracting the rest of the treasure, because by now the news about the treasure had spread around, such was the case with those nearby. This happened because of the workers of the area who were hired by Dr. Zakir and my team members to dig in. However, the cave was about 300 km away from the nearby village and was known to be a rocky road. And because of the rocky road, no means of transport was available except horses and mules. 
We had also hired a lot of horses and mules from the nearby village and the members of Dr. Zakir's team were waiting for us to return with carts in the village itself. Horses and mules are the best means of transport on hilly areas.
Another day passed which was very tiring, we have lost a lot but what we have gained is enough to heal the wounds of our life.
The next morning also began with a lot of noise, after coming out of his tent it was found that another mysterious death had occurred, Jacob had died just like his first mate Suresh, his eyes also bursting out and had a similar look of fear on her face. 
We all could not understand that what was the reason behind the mysterious death of these two, there were four other people along with Suresh and Jacob who had found this cave or else the lives of the remaining four people were also in danger. I thought of this and mentioned it to Dr. Zakir in private so that the rest of the team members do not create panic. Zakir also agreed with this, but there was more work to do for one day, so we both decided to keep quiet on this matter, although both of us decided that tonight we both will unveil the secret that after all, what is the secret behind these two deaths, after that both of us went to dig towards the cave.
The last gold idol found in the excavation of the cave was excavated six feet after it was excavated and when nothing was found, we were all convinced that nothing else is going to be found. Today was a little more tiring than yesterday. All of us team members celebrated near the fire tonight and also drank alcohol in the night because today all our work was over here. However, Dr. Zakir and I have kept ourselves conscious as we had made up our mind to deal with the untoward incident at night. At night, both of us from our tents were keeping an eye on the surrounding mountains and the tents. In between, by extinguishing the torches from the lattice windows of their tents, they used to signal to each other that both were awake. There was a very cold wave going on that night, the weather was very bad even on the mountains, due to which the fog had covered a deep sheet.
I looked at my watch and it was almost one o'clock in the morning. We both focused our attention mostly on Ramesh and Akram's tent as they were also the first members of Suresh's team to enter the cave.   Around two o'clock in the morning, there was some movement in the tent of Ramesh and Akram, the tent was lit up with a bright red light, Dr. Zakir and I ran to the tent but by then it was too late. 
Ramesh and Akram passed away just as their other two companions had passed away. Dr. Zakir and I both stood in amazement and wondered what that bright red light could mean. Suddenly two more deaths occurred as soon as it was burnt. As soon as the morning of the same day, we started preparing to travel through that mysterious cave. 
After collecting all the goods properly, preparations were made to go towards the nearby village. 
The nearby village was also about three hundred kilometers away, which would have taken several days to reach. Two more people died mysteriously on the way, now even the nearby villagers were very scared, they had no answer for this but me and Dr. Zakir continued our investigation.Wherever our team used to camp, we started doing night patrols for the last two nights, but tonight we both will keep our eyes open.
It is 7:00 pm and at this time all the people of the team are sitting on fire in four different directions, laughing, joking, dancing, singing is going on, but probably me and Doctor Zakir are worried about what will happen tonight. 
After finishing the dinner, Doctor Zakir called me pointing to his tent, I went after him, there was the coffin of the same dead Englishman. 
Doctor Zakir said that "Look, I have kept this coffin in my tent today, one of my village staff said that if I found it before the treasure, then maybe it has some amazing power that is why we found it frozen, I did not believe in his words earlier, but in the kind of situations in which we are trapped, I feel like believing in this too."
I nodded, agreeing with Dr. Zakir, and stuffed the gun and bullets from his tent into the pockets of my overcoat. 
Doctor Zakir also left with the necessary things. 
Before climbing to the nearby mound lit a fire outside the tent and told the people sitting that before sleeping inside, put more wood in the fire so that the fire keeps burning in the four corners for a long time, this will reduce the clouds of fog and keep an eye,It will be easy too.
Then Dr. Zakir and I climbed to a nearby mound from where everyone could keep an eye on the halt, but before sleeping that night, the workers did not keep the wood in the fire that much, due to which the fog covered its bed in no time. 
Due to which there was some difficulty in keeping sight after a few hours. 
I told Dr. Zakir, "You wait, I will go and see, the fire has started to subside, I will also set fire up". 
Doctor Zakir looked at me and said "Okay but take care of yourself, I will cover you from here if anything goes wrong."
I headed towards the camp. I had the Winchester 1886 in .50-110 Winchester Rifle and Dr. Zakir had the Sharps Model 1874 Creedmore, which was known for its precision shooting from far away but still we both had the same thing in mind. Unknown fear was starting to hit the house. So with great intelligence, I slowly started moving forward. 
I lit a fire at one corner of the camp, while I was moving towards the other corner, suddenly I felt that there was some movement. 
When I looked back, there was no one. 
Then I went to put wood in the other corner, I started the fire.
Now it was the turn of the third corner, the fog was enough. I was slowly moving towards the third corner when suddenly a bright red light flashed and a squeak was heard. 
The scream was so terrible that anyone's heart would stop beating. 
Dr. Zakir jumped from the mound and started running towards the camp. I was near. I ran towards where a bright red light flashed and a squeak was heard. 
I reached the tent but could not see anything, it was just dark I took out the torch from my pocket and looked everywhere, there was no one but one of our team members had died. 
In this, Doctor Zakir also arrived and after him the members of the team whose sleep was awakened after hearing that terrible scream.

Diary - 2

It was three o'clock in the morning, then none of us thought it appropriate to sleep.

Doctor Zakir came to me and said softly "I saw him when I was running towards the camp but I did not think it proper to tell this thing in front of everyone, as soon as you turned towards the tent he started going towards my tent. His feet were not on the ground but in the air and the speed was amazing. His right hand was holding his head. He is a living corpse who is probably guarding this treasure. Somehow we have to get him away from this treasure No. 
So our years of hard work will be washed away. I looked at Dr. Zakir and said, "It will not be so easy, first of all, we should know all the information about him, then you have brought him for your research, but now it has become a disaster for all of us, I think its body becomes lifeless in the morning."

Doctor Zakir said, "First of all, one night from behind my tent, I have to keep an eye on it by keeping a light on it."

I said in astonished voice "Now only one night is left and after that we both have the number on this team, keep in mind that." 

"Oh don't you worry, I'll use my comrades who have guns to patrol the night and we'll both keep an eye on it from behind my tent," said Dr. Zakir, reassuringly. 

I agreed too.

There was light now as the sun had shown its face after a long, tired and dreadful night.

We freshened up and started preparing to move on. 
The team members started taking out the tents and the horses were loaded equally as we all had to cover the mountains and river paths which were not deep but the water flow was high. 
This was because of the waterfall which was just a short distance away and on the other side of the river led to the village.
Somehow we crossed the river in which one horse kept getting damaged. 
I saved it from drifting with great skill. After all, for all these years, Arabian horses were traded in our family, they were sold from big races to every big person who used to be fond. 
Only I made my own identity by studying and writing and if tonight the secret of death like charisma of this jumper is not fully known and stopped, then that identity will also be erased.

It is night, we all had made a halt in the evening itself. 
Everyone has set up their tents in such a way that a circle has been formed and the tent in which the coffin of that English officer is placed at a distance so that it is protected from the light of the fire. 
The only way to do this is that if we look at that coffin from behind, our shadow will not be visible. The light of the lantern had already been dimmed. There were also bushes behind that tent, so it will be helpful for both of us to hide.

As soon as the dinner was over, everyone decided who would guard the night. 
Everyone decided that the one who has the killer and has good experience in driving them will guard us, we have four Colt M1911, 1911 guns and M1 Garand, 1936, Caliber .30, M1, had five rifles and five men to guard the front tonight. Me and Dr. Zakir had their rifles. Me and Dr. Zakir were hiding in our places before 12:00 and peeping through the hole made in the tent, because such a wonder of jumping is sometimes seen, as well as there was fear in our hearts that we should not be caught and die. 
The night was very dark, from above the fog had also kept a sheet. 
The animals of the forest were making terrifying sounds, the most intimidating sound of wolves crying as if they were crying at us. 
Most of the wild animals are scared in the forest, but we had a bigger problem than those animals and that problem was going to arise in just a few moments.
In no time the coffin opens and the Englishman's half-headed head comes out from inside it, which his hand comes out. His eyes were open and a light red light was coming out, as if all the blood of his body had come to his eyes. 
After a while his torso rises in the air and slowly comes down towards the ground but his boot does not touch the ground. 
He had a strange smile on his face.
He slowly moves forward in the air, we did not see him. 
Before leaving the tent, he stops first, his head rolling around in his hand and seeing that the guard was very tight. 
He thinks for a while, then immediately comes out and puts his head on his neck and a bright red light flashes. 
The front guard's eyes become blind and they lose sight, as does bright light falling on their eyes and they go straight into their prey's tents. 
From there a terrible squeak comes out and that member of our team dies seeing his terrible face. Me and Dr. Zakir had come out by now and were about to reach the tent when he went to his coffin at great speed and fell asleep. He did so at an astonishing speed.
All the people on whom that English ghost shone a bright light became blind, but he did not leave his prey even in the midst of so many people. 
Not one of them could fire a bullet or a cartridge.

I said privately to Dr. Zakir, "I have found a weakness for this and I have an idea for this, just let the sun shine."

Those five team members had to be given first aid as their eyes started dripping with blood. 
After tying his eyes well, Dr. Zakir took me to a secluded place and asked, "Look, the sun will be visible in a while, you were telling about some of your plans, what is that?"

I told him, "Not now, let the sun go out, then I'll tell you what to do."

Shortly after another dreadful night, after waiting impatiently, Suraj showed his face. 
Now everyone had a little life in their lives. 
When all the team members woke up, some of them were asked to bring out the coffin. 
The sunlight was bright enough to fit my plan. 
I asked the rest of my team to take the killer and stand ready to shoot him with bullets if the English soldier did anything.
The coffin was brought out and kept open in the bright light of the sun. 
His complexion faded a bit, I went near him and lifted his head, he did not move because he was lifeless in the sunlight. 
I put his head in a big bag like a cloth wallet. 
Now closed the trunk and asked to load it on the horse. 
I put the head in a small box and loaded it on a separate horse on which some sculptures were also loaded. 
Now everyone started wrapping up their tents and got ready to walk. 
The journey was long and tiring, yet we were not one to give up.

On the way, Doctor Zakir brought his horse closer to my horse and said, "Do you believe the danger is over now, what if he wakes up again tonight and hunts me", there was a look of concern on his face.

I reassured him "No need to worry, everything is under our control now. In fact his head was his most powerful part, from guiding him to the path, showing his terrifying face with a kind of magnetic red rays. He also used to do the work of killing and also used to blind his prey by removing laser rays from his eyes. Now his head was no longer as strong as he had to attach it to his neck to show his power, which revealed his terrifying form. 
Now the treasure has actually become ours. 

Doctor Zakir smiled and took out a cigar from his pocket, gave one to me and put the other in his mouth to burn himself, then both of us lit it with great gusto. 
After a few puffs of the cigar, he said to me, "I will keep its torso in my Kanpur's Big Mansion for my research, but what will happen to the head, I will also have to think about it."

"I will put the head in my farm house on Nainital Highway. The family of the caretaker of that farm house also lives there. So there is no question of it disappearing from there because its disappearance means death of both of us." I also said in a very confident voice while smoking a cigar.
Dr. Zakir said, "Let's get rid of this danger, listen well, I have thought that diamonds have come out after filling a big box in the treasury, out of which if both of them divide 100 - 100 diamonds, then our coming five generations will be comfortable, a diamond is worth Rs 5 crore as of today. Even after dividing amongst ourselves and giving each diamond to the team members, we still have enough for the government's coffers."

I agreed and nodded my head and said, "It is four o'clock, now we should find a quiet and nice place and make a halt there. By tomorrow evening we will reach the village. Now let's take some rest. For the last two days this English officer has taken rest. 

Dr. Zakir also said yes and instructed all the team members to halt.

I went to my tent and slept as soon as I made a halt, it was five o'clock in the evening, about ten o'clock the doctor Zakir himself came to wake me up and said, "Come on, it's time to eat, wash your hands quickly, our boys has hunted a deer today, its fresh meat is the menu for today's dinner."

I washed my hands in the small river nearby, all the team members were busy cooking deer together and laughing.

I sat near Dr. Zakir and asked him, "We have kept both the parts of that English officer's limbs in separate tents, otherwise, if his torso gets his head, then both of us are not well."

"His torso is in a separate tent and the head box has been kept aside as you said", said Dr. Zakir in reassuring words.

I looked at Dr. Zakir and said, "It's all fine, but tonight also we all need to be a little careful. Do this, put the box with the head in my tent, I have slept for a while, so that Englishman 
I can keep an eye on the severed head comfortably, maybe tonight his torso will find his head, in such a situation, with the help of the team members, he cannot leave it, suppose if someone gets an eye, then the torso of that Englishman 
His mighty head will be found again."

"I think you are absolutely right, we can't take the risk, now after talking to my men, I will put the head box in your tent", said Dr. Zakir, agreeing with me and calling two of his men to keep that box in my tent. 
It was time to eat, after keeping the boxes in our tents, we all went to eat. Deer meat was made delicious to eat.
As soon as the meal was over, I went straight to Dr. Zakir's tent. We talked for a long time. 
Sitting in his tent, we were looking both at the diamonds and keeping them separate. 
As said by Dr. Zakir, we both sorted out a hundred diamonds which were unique and more precious. 
He kept them in a small purse like a bag of cloth and after counting the members of his team took out a diamond for them too and kept it in a separate cloth wallet. 
It was enough night I said good night to Dr. Zakir and went to sleep in my tent with my share of diamonds.

The dangerous box with the head of that British officer was also kept there. 
I came to the tent and lay down for a while and started thinking that four people are guarding the camp tonight. 
Even distributing diamonds will be in vain because as soon as the head is touched, first of all they will fall prey to me and later. I did not even know when I started thinking about it and went into sleep. 

"Come here... where are you going... you stupid... come here in the name of the Queen", a strange voice was heard.

I opened my eyes because I had lost sleep, then lay there for a while to hear that voice again.

"I can hear the sound of your foot step", that unknown voice is heard once again.

When I saw that the head of that Englishman was giving voice from inside the box. 
There was a bright red light shining inside that box, which could be seen clearly from the keyhole. 
I thought in my mind that I had kept it in a big cloth wallet, then how can such a bright light shine from the box, it seems that someone has taken it out of the wallet and kept it like this in the chest, but its key was in my pocket. 
Well this was not the time to think about all these things. 
I picked up the rifle next to me and sat down, aiming at the entrance of the tent. If its torso had come from the front, it was ready to serve.

Diary - 3

"Where are you... I'm the name of the queen, come quick... today it's the doctor's one can take away the treasures of the East India Company ... in the name of the queen come fast...where have you died or what ", calls out a British officer from inside the trunk but there is no response. 
Perhaps its torso had gone astray because of not being able to see it and the head was calling from inside the chest. 
He called once... Then he was silent for a while and waited for the rest of his body to arrive. A wave of fear ran through me too. 
Still, I had gathered some courage in myself,as the rifle was in my hand.

That English officer shouted once more "Hey you where are you monkey tail... in the name of the queen, when the sun will rise then you are going to come or what ... come soon you fool". His voice was heavy and he was thundering above. 
I thought that if its torso comes here somehow by hearing its sound, then trouble could increase. 
A plan came to my mind, I called out to him "Who is there," then lowering my tone a little, said "Why are you making so much noise in the night, no one is going to help you."

"O! Doctor's companion Professor is will also die you bloody thief, just let my torso come ... In the name of the Queen, not a single man will stay alive", the English officer angrily said but now there was not so much emphasis on his coming out alphabets in his voice and words could not be easily heard outside. 
My plan started working, he was also answering my questions and got entangled in things.

I asked him "Who are you my lord", looking at the box.

"I am Commander Brad Shaw Rowdy", the British officer replied to my question.
I continued the conversation and said, "India is now independent, Commander Saheb and now this treasure is the legacy of the Government of India".

"India became free, has this treasure been given by the High Command of the British East India Company under the supervision of Commander Brad Shaw Rowdy and if it is Brad Shaw, then no one can take this treasure, in the name of the Queen", 
The commander replied that his voice was full of anger but at the same time he was very confident.

There was a great curiosity in my mind to know in detail about that treasure, so I asked him to tell all the things from the beginning because it was very important to know how he was connected to this treasure and the treasure was so far away from the city or village, away from the deserted mountains. What he was doing in the cave was a riddle that only the commander could answer.

The commander started telling all "There was a time when the East India Company had all the countries of Asia in the possession. This company had a big port like Singapore and Penang. It was the biggest source of employment in Britain.

In India, this company had an army of more than 2.5 lakh people. It was not only England, but people of all countries of Europe had interfered in their lives. People used to drink tea then of the East India Company, and wear clothes then of the East India Company, in the name of the Queen".
The commander continued the "Partegazi campaign in 1498 which Vasco da Gama found a way from the southern corner of Africa and connected India to Europe by sea route." During the ensuing decades, the Partghazi deaf using intimidation, intimidation and rioting all the trades of Bahar- e-Hind were captured and on seeing it, the sun of luck of Portugal started shining on half the sky.

Seeing them, the Dutch came to Bahr-e-Hind with their cannon-carrier naval ships and fighting started between the two countries.

When the Portuguese changed the history of India.England was watching this whole game very carefully, why would it have been left behind in this race? 
Therefore, following the footsteps of these two countries, Queen Elizabeth established the East India Company in December 1600 and allowed it to trade with the countries of Asia with full ownership.

But the British did a thing which the two European countries, who came before us could not do. 
British not only spent all the energy on the war trade, but also paid a lot of attention to the work of the embassy. This was the reason that the British sent an accomplished ambassador like Thomas Roe to India so that he would open the closed doors for the East India Company.

The British East India Company was established on 31 December 1600 by a Royal Charter as a joint stock company of London merchants that united to counter the competition of the Dutch in the trade of the East. 

This company was given the monopoly of all trade in England with the East and even in that period dominated by mercantile ideas, precious metals were allowed to be taken out of the country to meet the expenses of their business.

The Company formally began its trade in India in 1613, after it had settled with the Portuguese who had come before it. 

A decree of the Mughal emperor Jahangir allowed him to set up his own warehouses in India and the first factory was built at Surat on the west coast. 
In 1617, Jahangir welcomed Sir Thomas Roe as the British's resident envoy to his court.

It was this humble beginning after which the Company gradually expanded its trading activities to other parts of India, and Bombay, Calcutta and Madras had become the three major centers of its activities by the end of the seventeenth century, in the name of the Queen. 
He told further."Well, it was the emperor's anniversary and according to the Mughal tradition, he was to be weighed. The British Ambassador Sir Thomas Roe was also present in the court on this occasion.
The ceremony was being held on a square platform surrounded by water, a giant gilded scale was installed in the center of the platform. 
Many silk bags were kept in one pan, in the other the fourth Mughal emperor himself, Nuruddin Mohammad Jahangir, rode cautiously.
The weight of Emperor Jahangir, including the heavy cloaks, the crown, gold and jewellery, came out to be about two and a half hundred pounds. In one pan the district was seated, the silk bags kept in the other were changed one by one. 
First the Mughal emperor was weighed with silver coins, then immediately distributed among the poor. 
Then came the turn of gold, then jewellery, then silk, and finally other valuables, the king's salamat's weight was compared.

This was the scene which Sir Thomas Roe, the British ambassador to the Mughal emperor Nuruddin Mohammad Jahangir's court, saw and noted in the diary about three hundred years ago. 
But this astonishing display of wealth made Sir Thomas doubt whether the sealed bags were really filled with diamonds and jewels or gold, whether there were stones in them," the commander fell silent for a while as he spoke. 

"What happened next", I asked curiously.

"Although Sir Thomas Roe had a good friendship with the emperor, but the biggest reason he was reluctant to trade with the British was that England was a small, unpredictable island and the emperor considered trading with it against his pride. 
Sir Thomas Roe kept all these things in his diary, but Sir Thomas Roe did not give up, he used to make the emperor realize this. 
That he is right but for business and for growth factories (warehouses) are very important, in the name of the queen", the commander added.

The reason why the emperor did not trade with England was also that the Mughal emperor considered only the Safawi emperor of Iran and the Ottoman Caliph as his rival in the whole world. To make an equal level agreement with a minor emperor was against his pride. 
Sir Thomas Roe did three years of hard work, diplomatic gimmicks and gifts, not only with Jahangir, but from Wali Ahad Shah Jahan, exactly three hundred years before today, in August 1618, an agreement was signed, under which this company got permission to do business freely in Surat.But before that a lot of hard work had to be done, Sir Thomas Roe also wrote in his diary that on the one hand the people are poor and unemployed, on the other hand the emperor is leading a luxurious life. 
The Maharaja says that all the wealth was looted from them. The emperor and his ancestors have almost emptied the Hindu king Maharaja's ancestor's treasury. Takes tax on everything even his holy place is taxed.From The Diary of Thomas Roe.The subject matter on the subject is not understood.The condition of the people of India from the business world is in such a situation. Jobs and employees working in the job - entered. People of India were quite happy will start the way it started. The happiness of the people of India in the recent past of the East India Company. 
It was he who was later overturned. In 1623 Khurram revolted. Because Noor Jahan was trying to make her Son in law 'Nagar Yaar,' Wali Ahad.

Finally in 1627, the father and son reconciled.

Jahangir was married several times. 
His most famous wife was Nur Jahan. 
Who was the widow of a rebel officer Sher Afghan.

Jahangir died on 7 November 1627 due to illness. 
He was going from Kashmir to Lahore at the time of his death. 
The third son of Jahangir was the most successful whose name was Khurram. 
Shah Jahan's childhood name was Khurram.

After the death of Jahangir on 24 February 1928, Shah Jahan ascended the throne. 
The initial three years were spent in suppressing the rebellion of Jujhar Singh of Bundela and the Afghan chief Khan Jahan Lodi.

Shah Jahan also had a fight with the sixth Guru of the Sikhs, Har Gobind Singh, in which the Sikh army was defeated.

Shah Jahan was married to Arjuman Banu Begum, daughter of Asaf Khan. Which was later named Mumtaz Mahal.

In 1633, Shah Jahan conquered South India. Ahmednagar invaded the city and made it a part of the Mughal Empire. 
A few years later, in 1636, he attacked Golconda, where the then Sultan Abdullah Shah had to face defeat.

Abdullah Shah accepted the suzerainty of the Mughals. 
In the meantime, Mir Jumla, the vizier of Abdullah Shah, presented Shah Jahan the priceless diamond Kohinoor, "The commander was telling but I could not stop when I heard the name of Kohinoor.
I interrupted him in the middle of the story "What happened to the Kohinoor diamond, just tell me more", I asked with great curiosity.

"Why did your eyes go round on hearing the name of Kohinoor, Professor ", the commander sarcastically quipped, Shah Jahan built a special throne for himself. It took a craftsman named Syed Geelani and his team of artisans took some seven years to build this throne. Several kilos of gold was overlaid on this throne, it was decorated with many gems.

This throne was named Takht-e-Mursa. 
Later it came to be known as 'Peacock Throne'. 
Babar's diamond was also plated in it. 
Jewelers from all over the world used to come to see this throne.

One of these was the Hortenso Borgia of the city of Venice. 
Emperor Aurangzeb gave it to Borgia to enhance the luster of the diamond. 
Borgia acted so clumsily that he broke the diamond piece by piece. 
It was reduced to just 186 carats instead of 793 carats. 
Well this is a later thing, the most important thing is how Aurangzeb made Shah Jahan a prisoner and how this diamond and the treasure you got came to the British government, in the name of queen, now we will tell the rest of the story tomorrow, in the morning 
It's time for our rest, you guys have survived tonight... Bloody idiot, just don't know where that torso of mine is, you and Doctor got saved tonight, but won't be tomorrow ", Commander said along and fell silent. There was confidence in his voice. 

As soon as the commander fell silent, I understood that there was no danger to sleep. After listening to the story all night, I was also tired so I slept.

"Wake up brother, it's morning, it's morning, hey brother, it's morning", I opened my eyes and saw Dr. Zakir standing in front of him.

The doctor said again "hey this morning at 12:00 do you know what happened".

I asked "what happened", rubbing my eyes as most people do when they wake up.

"Yesterday the body of that British officer was patrolling out of the tent, because he could not see anything desperate little one was walking around outside the camp, last night a man on guard picked me up and then told all the things, came out of the tent and saw that the monsieur was sitting with the same guards. 
They were all talking comfortably but there was no accident due to lack of hearing. 
You were right that all the strength of that living corpse is in his head", said Dr. Zakir, holding me on my shoulders and looking at me.

I also started smiling for a few moments and then said "let's go, the danger is averted".

"What happened to you yesterday, after all you were with his most dangerous part", asked Dr Zakir, looking at me curiously.

"Nothing much happened, I just broke my sleep and saw that red light was coming out from the key place of that box, now there is no separate lock in the box. It was specially made for treasure or precious jewelry and 
The head of the British officer was making a sound of his body. He was very angry but was unable to hear the voices of us humans", I lied to Dr. Zakir because I had to find out the one who opened the commander's head to the chest. 
It was taken out of the cloth bag and kept in the box like this. 
That's when the light was shining so brightly and its voice could be heard without suppressing it, usually when someone is covered with a thick cloth bag or sheet, the sound is heard suppressed.

Although Dr. Zakir was beyond my doubt and I know him very well, he is also my good friend and if he had to cheat, he would not have given my share of diamonds in advance, it was useless to doubt him.

"Okay, now freshen up, eat and drink something, we will leave by 11:00, then cross the hill and reach the village by 6:00 pm today. Staying there tonight, tomorrow morning in the trains, coming down from the mountains, the way to the highway 
Will catch you, I had already arranged to stay in the village, will stay in the vacant bungalows of the same headman in which he had stayed before climbing", Dr. Zakir told me and left the tent.

When I opened that box as soon as he left, I saw that my suspicion was correct, the commander's head was kept like this without a cloth bag. 
Then I closed that box and looked at the diamond wallet and everything was fine. 
I kept those diamonds in my suitcase and locked them. 
Got out of the tent to freshen up. 
Team members were preparing breakfast. 
I washed my hands with the water kept in the bucket outside the tent and shouted to a member of the team to send breakfast inside. 
After breakfast all the goods were loaded on the horses. 

Diary - 4

After packing everything up we were ready to start the journey. 
Today was a high and dangerous hill to climb with the horses. 
Although the hills were not very high, but being rocky is a problem with the horses, especially when you have heavy luggage and we had many horses carrying treasure boxes and sacks.

Even before coming to the hill, Doctor Zakir came to me and said, "Professor, you are a learned horseman, then you will have to climb the hill with your horses first, then after stopping on the hill, the horses coming back will have to climb them with great care, 
Once climbed, there will be no problem in descending again.

I told the doctor "don't worry, I will climb them comfortably on the hill".

As soon as I came to the hill, I started with my horses to lead the team, I first mounted my horses with great care, then stopped and raised the horses of all the members of the team, I went on giving directions to the members of the team 
That was how to hold them in the right way, taking all the horses up the hill one by one and then taking them down very carefully. 
Horses are very smart animals, if the horseman is good then he can get them to do a lot. 
Horses can climb the mountains very well even after loading the weight, they just need a guide giving them the right direction.

As soon as we reached the village, we all went straight to the village leader bungalow, the leader had three houses in the village, in one he himself lived and in the other two bungalows he had arranged for the passengers to stay. 
Now travelers did not come often, but still they used to earn good money from these bungalows. 
There was also arrangement for the food and drink of the passengers, which the headman used to get made by the women of his family. 
The funny thing was that village leader had done four marriages but all the women lived together without fighting. 
As soon as we reached the bungalow, Dr. Zakir and I carefully kept our belongings in our rooms. 
We were quite tired, so it was necessary to rest for a while to straighten the waist,I lay down on the bed.

I had put the commander's head chest on the table, and the torso coffin was in a separate room, the room just opposite the doctor. 
The crew members also took some rest in their rooms.

At about nine o'clock the headman made arrangements for the food, after a long time the food of the house was found and it was very tasty. 
After dinner we all went to our respective rooms.

I ate my full stomach and lay on the bed as soon as I entered the room. 
I fell asleep due to fatigue.

"Where have you been…..tonight is the doctor's turn to die... In the name of the queen, now it will come or it will be morning", the commander raised his torso again.

I woke up hearing the commander's voice. 
After drinking a glass of water, I told him "Aa, at last you came, me lord... now tell the rest of the story, highness".

"O! The professor wants to hear the story... Stole the British government's treasure together with the doctor, now by hearing the story wants to clear his hands on Kohinoor, heard you have a cheater in this team but you don't care about him", said the commander. 

Oh, I'll find out if you just tell the story", I told the commander.

"Well, it tells, listen, Arjumand was born on April 27, 1593. He was very beautiful. Bala's beauty. It is said that Shah Jahan first saw Arjumand in a street of Meena Bazaar in Agra.
Seeing her immense beauty Shah Jahan fell in love with her at first sight.

There was no wall in the marriage of Shah Jahan and Arjumand, so 14-year-old Arjumand and 15-year-old Khurram (Shah Jahan's initial name) got engaged, this is in the year 1607.

Then on May 10, 1612, after about five years and three months of engagement, both of them were married. 
Shah Jahan was 20 years and three months old at the time of marriage. 
Arjumand was 19 years and one month old. 
Children's and people's of that time knew the story of both of them. 
Shah Jahan was also known as a lover and the Taj Mahal is proof of this.

When Arjumand and Khurram got engaged, Khurram did not have a single marriage. 
But between the engagement and marriage, Khurram got married to a Persian princess, Quandri Begum. 
It was a relationship made for political reasons. 
Even after marrying Arjumand, he did another marriage. 
Shah Jahan used to love Arjumand Bano Begum the most beautiful one among his three wives. 
Mehrunnisa was the aunt of Arjumand i.e. Mumtaz. 
Who was married to Shah Jahan's father Jahangir and later on his name 'Nur Jahan' became famous.

There was so much love between Mumtaz and Shah Jahan that people say " no one had seen such love between husband and wife." 
Both had 13 children. 
The number three child was Dara Shikoh. 
And Aurangzeb was born at number six. 
The year was 1631 and the month was June. 
Shah Jahan was in Burhanpur with his army. 
Jahan was climbing on Lodi. 
Mumtaz was also with Shah Jahan.

It was here that Mumtaz died while giving birth to her 14th child after nearly 30 hours of labor pain. 
Mumtaz's doctor Wazir Khan and her maid Sati-un-Nissa tried hard but could not save Mumtaz.

In the grief of Mumtaz's death, Shah Jahan declared mourning throughout his empire. 
Mumtaz's death was celebrated for two years throughout the Mughal Empire. 
It is said that when Mumtaz was in Agra, she often used to visit a garden on the banks of Yamuna. 
Perhaps for this reason, when Shah Jahan thought of building a masterpiece in the memory of Mumtaz, he decided to decide the bank of the Yamuna.

Mumtaz was pregnant almost every year till the age of 38-39. 
Mumtaz's children are mentioned in Shahjahanama.

1. March 1613: Princess Hurl-i-Nisa

2. April 1614: Princess Jahanara

3. March 1615: Dara Shikoh

4. July 1616: Shah Shuja

5. September 1617: Princess Roshanara

6. November 1618: Aurangzeb

7. December 1619: Bacha Umaid Baksh

8. June 1621: Suraiya Bano

9. 1622: Prince, who died soon after

10. September 1624: Murad Baksh

11. November 1626: Luftllah

12. May 1628: Daulat Afza

13. April 1630: Hussainara

14. June 1631: Gauharara

It is not that just Mumtaz has died. 
Many children also died from her . 
The first daughter passed away at the age of three. 
Umaid Bakhsh also died in three years. 
Suraiya Bano passed away in seven years. 
Luft Allah also passed away in two years. 
Daulat Afza was a year old and Husnara was not even a year old when he died. That is, six out of 14 did not.

In the part of history where Shah Jahan and Mumtaz happened, there was no word of family planning. Nor was there any such practice. 
Family planning is a very modern concept. 
Then people used to think that children are the gift of the above. 
Whatever happens, let it happen. 
Girls used to get married at an early age. 
It is not that in India only women used to die to have children, but it was the same in Europe.Until our Highness arranged a separate team in hospitals and other government offices, consisting of new doctors and nurses, to educate them all about this, their work would go from place to place to tell everyone "We two, our two or we two our one" meant to explain.

This plan of the British Government was very successful, especially in European countries, people quickly understood that if no one has come in front of anyone till date, then it is India, China, Pakistan and the countries of Asia, in which India was at the top. 
And it is still there, after all, it was the country that gave the knowledge of Kamasutra, and because of this knowledge, first the Mughal then followed him to the whole world, in the name of the Queen", the commander said his words and I started smiling after listening to him. 

I said to the commander "Stop pulling our legs, my lord, tell the story".

"The fun of storytelling is not when only certain parts of the story are told, the fun of storytelling is when everything is told in detail", said the commander.

"Now the construction work of the Taj Mahal started in 1630. The work of construction of the Taj Mahal lasted for about 22 years. About 20 thousand laborers contributed in its construction. Whose hand was cut off by Aurangzeb but history blames it on Shah Jahan. 
But it happened that after the construction of the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan wanted to build another Taj just in front of it, which he was going to name the Black Taj.

The work of building the Taj Mahal was going on that at the same time our posting took place in India, we took over the post of Agra with our senior officer, our senior officer and we started sitting in Shah Jahan's court.

Within a few days, I became one of Aurangzeb's special people, due to which he started telling me all about his heart, started believing in us. 
In those days, a lot of news of looting started coming from the areas around Agra. 
A robber who robbed not only the royal family but also the government goods of all the countries who came to trade.

That robber had chosen his prey and his target was a foreign country who had come to do all the business with the Mughal dynasty . 
Discussions of his intelligence and strength were happening from place to place. 
His target was especially the royal family of Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb's army had been defeated many times by him.

A war that is fought with armies can be won by skilful guidance, but a war that is fought in secret is difficult to win. 
Something similar was happening in many states of India and the person fighting it kept himself anonymous. 
Seeing this, many royal families of India started getting deceived, their treasury started emptying which he used to show with great pride.

In this connection, once our officer was called to the court of Emperor Shah Jahan. 
We reached there with our senior. 
There was a discussion about the same looter in the court. 
The emperor for the first time allowed the British to build the first police post in the cities of each state and its task was to make informers from the common people of the city and collect news in different states and punish the guilty in British East India. 
The company was to be helped, the emperor had put a condition that if the British East India Company was successful in this, then officially it would be given the right of these posts, or else they would have the right of the emperor's soldiers.

Aurangzeb was also troubled by the same thing, the Taj Mahal was the most expensive building in the world and the most grand of that time. 
Shah Jahan's passion for building buildings had almost halved the precious treasure.

Now two people had an eye on this treasure, on one side there was an anonymous robber, on the other side was Aurangzeb himself, who knew that he could not become the next emperor and the British East India Company's nose was kept in the middle To save the these treasure, The Name of the Queen.

A plan was born in Aurangzeb's mind, his father Shah Jahan, who was suffering from urinary disease, was starting to weaken, he should somehow realize that the treasure was looted because the emperor after the Taj Mahal wanted to build the Black Taj Mahal for himself. As for the Taj Mahal, it was almost done now, the Mughal dynasty was not ready to take the risk of building Black Taj mahal. 

Diary - 5

To carry out this plan, he chose the birthday of the emperor, to carry out this work because at that time the emperor was still so powerful that it was impossible to take him prisoner. 
By that time, some loyal special soldiers of the emperor had their own team, who did not hesitate to give their lives for him and there are such loyal ministers in the court who have political interference, then the emperor had good relations with many states, Aurangzeb needed them to to be on his side and so some were murdered for saying no. 
Every year the royal family from place to place would bring their precious gifts and on their birthdays they were weighed with gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, and many other valuables", the commander explains, as if he is thinking something.

The commander goes on to say "Aurangzeb sometimes used to tell about his royal family, I remember that once he had said" Brad Shaw, our father used to tell in childhood that our grandfather Jahangir used to tell him that "A diamond is worth the price of a stick, in whose hands the stick (strength) is, the diamond belongs to him, "Now look at the matter of luck, Kohinoor also went to the one who had the power, who could rule over the people, the story will become more interesting like it will go on and on, Professor, you will come to know the fact that how fate turns its turn. 
We think there is something else but something else happens or turns out.

On the other hand, that robber had also planned to rob this treasure with his gang on the birthday of the emperor, because on the same day the royal treasury was opened and the exhibition of the treasure was done for the guests from all over the world. 
This annual festival attracted many people from far and wide to its side every year. 
The emperor had many diamond jewels, the most precious Kohinoor, several tons of gold Ashrafi silver coins and much more in the treasury.This happens especially in the case of wealth, where there is a wealth of immense wealth, there is also the intention of the spoiler, sometimes a small plan becomes successful but sometimes it takes the form of a big accident.

Here I was thinking of making the Kohinoor disappear in front of whole gathering. 

There Aurangzeb wanted to capture the throne by taking his emperor captive, for this he had planned to rob his own royal treasury so that the black Taj Mahal could not be built, whose foundation had already been laid, later the treasure would have come back and kept in the royal treasury. 
Those posts would have been taken over by the Mughal Sultanate and the British company would keep watching.

On one side was sitting the robber who was planning to spoil the plans of both of us. 
First of all he had to catch him and make his plans successful. 
For this, the British East India Company kept a tight watch everywhere. 
No one was allowed to enter and leave the city without being searched. 
Such monitoring was being done at every intersection of the city. 
The forest was also guarded on some road from where there was a danger of danger, in the name of queen, yet showing courage, that sensational man reached inside and spread his team along with the men in every corner of the city.

After a few days, the Mughal Sultanate was going to face a setback, but before that, preparations for the emperor's anniversary were going on everywhere. 
The cities were being decorated like brides. 
The work of sending invitations to all the royal families was in full swing. 
Best artists of the country and abroad were called to enhance the glory of the gathering. 
This was the time when an artist could be hired to enhance the glory of the gathering and make the Kohinoor disappear by showing a clean hand.

We had already worked on this plan, a British dancer was placed in dance party , she was bold and beautiful, her job was to remove Kohinoor from the public eye very intelligently. 
Our plan was that, it would be returned later to the Emperor and the posts would be officially captured.

With the emperor and soldiers of the British East India Company on every road to the city. 
A person with such courage is born only one in a million. 
Our severed neck is also due to him, but this part comes at the end of the story, it is yet to be the anniversary of the emperor and also the mesmerizing dance of Amelia, where Shah Jahan himself took a diamond and some gold coins from his royal treasure. 

The Mughal sultanate was known for having its own heart, especially artists were encouraged to do so. 
One artist was present in the Mehfil of Emperor Shah Jahan himself. 
Shah Jahan was a fan of art and Mumtaz Mahal.

The gold and silver idol that you have found in that cave is mostly in the hands of a well-known craftsman of Shah Jahan and a famous craftsman of the state, who in that century used to melt gold and make it an idol. 
During that period it emerged as a successful business. 
Not only the royal family but foreign countries who came to do business took full advantage of it. 
At that time, some foreign countries used to steal gold from India in the same way by making idols and precious showpieces. 
They were said to be a gift from the royal family while being carried.

On one side we had too much confidence in the vigilance of our soldiers and we were all sure that he too could reach Mehfil.

It was as if the only doubt in my mind at that gathering was that he was somewhere here in this gathering, so my eyes were wandering only around Kohinoor".

The commander continues his story "Shalimar and Kohinoor were two such precious gems in India whose colour, size, weight could be known to every royal family in the world, British East India had the same information, both of these in England. 
There was a lot of discussion about the precious gem, so finding a duplicate of these two gems was not that difficult task.

Often a similar wealth was displayed every year in many royal families in India, where a group of gem experts and guests of the royal family reached from far and wide to see these precious gems.

On that day too, there was a huge crowd of gem experts in the gathering for the anniversary of the emperor. 
I had given a fake diamond that looked exactly like the Kohinoor to Amelia and just had to replace it. 
Some soldiers had been put in the emperor's gathering for her help to the detachment so that no one could stop her while taking her to Kohinoor.

Days did not take much time to pass and the moment had come for which we, Aurangzeb and the anonymous robber were eagerly waiting. 
A test hour had arrived at which the fate of the British East India Company was at stake and we were ready to play the bet. 
Although there was an unknown fear in one corner of the heart, but today it had to be cros, it seemed that something similar must have happened to the robber, against whom I had a slight dilemma that if Kohinoor would not be involved in the treasure, otherwise our plan would be in vain and Amelia would not crush the Kohinoor.

What is it, when two thieves have their eyes on the same loot item, sometimes it becomes impossible to steal it.

The gathering was very well arranged, the erotic dancers from Turkey, Iran and many Arab countries danced all over, each one was beautiful, the Mughal sultanate reveled in beauty and the royal family's treasury. 
A substantial portion was spent on the harem.

In no time, the emperor came to his magnificent palace, everyone stood in his respect, this time the celebration was special because it was also in the joy of building a white Taj Mahal and placing the black Taj Mahal with black marble in its foundation. 
As soon as this was announced, we saw Aurangzeb's face, there was anger on his face as well as a dangerous smile, it seemed as if he had hatched some dangerous conspiracy which I probably did not even know about.

The gathering begins after the royal decree is pronounced. 
First of all, the famous singer of her time, Hira Bai started the festival in her melodious voice. 
Sometimes we were looking at Heera Bai and sometimes Aurangzeb. 
It looked like Hira Bai was singing alone for Aurangzeb in a gathering, her attention was not going to anyone else, similar was the situation of Aurangzeb. 
Apart from us, only the special person of Aurangzeb knew that Aurangzeb's love was going on with Heera Bai, only the emperor did not know about it. 
If it had been known, then as before, there would have been a revolt in the royal family for love once again.

After a song of Hira Bai, one of the most talented singer of that time, many more artists spread their charm and made it appear like a festival. 
We had never seen such a wonderful gathering before. 
After some time it was Amelia's turn, the emperor and all the men of his court were as lost as seeing Amelia's beauty and seductive dance, she attracted the people standing and sitting in every corner of the gathering by displaying her beautiful body. 
Seeing the seductive dance, the emperor himself stood up and praised her , as soon as the emperor stood up, all the guests of the gathering stood up to congratulate her being happy, the emperor gifted her some asharfi and some diamonds. That's how the festival progressed. 

After sometime it was time to weigh the emperor, after weighing all the precious gifts like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, pearls with precious gems, they were kept for the royal treasury, after which they were weighed with silver coins and the king was weighed. 
Equal coins were distributed among the subjects, now it was Asharfi's turn of gold, from which many times the weight of the emperor was separated for keeping in the treasury, after that it was weighed twice with silk cloth, a part of which was distributed among the subjects, reshmi 
After the clothes came the turn of jewellery, which included diamond pearls, gold, silver and other jewels of necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, etc., equal to the weight of the emperor, almost twice the emperor was weighed with these ornaments. 
After this, the king was weighed with every precious thing on the earth.

Shortly after this, there was some stir in the gathering, Aurangzeb's special military team was a bit upset, repeatedly coming on stage, one of his soldiers used to speak something in the ear, then Aurangzeb would send him saying something, when the matter must have got out of hand. 
So Aurangzeb himself went with him.

At first I was a bit scared that Amelia might be caught, but it had been a long time since she had left the palace and the palace, she had to spend the night in my bungalow. 
Then I thought in my mind that whatever happens, we have to go and see, then we also followed Aurangzeb. 
He was going towards his treasury, as soon as he went some distance, about two dozen soldiers were lying dead in front of the gate of the treasury. 
A soldier who saw the treasure from inside said "Some part of Huzoor's treasure has been looted and taken out of the fort".

Looking at me, Aurangzeb said, "Commander immediately speak to your soldiers and make a blockade, the robber may not have gone too far, we can catch him".

We ran away and went on a tour of the city ourselves with the British soldiers present in the fort. 
They spread around to catch that robber. 
A military contingent was placed on the roads of the city and the forest.

The night was very bad and everything was done but this robber had ruined what he thought and what happened, I thought tonight would be spent in delicate arms of Amelia, but this robber had got night duty.

Together we were also wondering whether Amelia might have stolen the Kohinoor, if so, she needed to be smart. 

Diary - Last Chapter... 

The commander continues the story "Even after patrolling all night, the robber did not catch up. I asked my junior officer to take over the post so that I could take a round of my bungalow to find out if Amelia stole the Kohinoor?

As soon as I reached my bungalow, Amelia came running and rested her head on my chest, then said "What took you so long, I waited for you whole night, my love", I told everything to Amelia about what happened after she left the grand celebration. 

Then I asked her about Kohinoor. Amelia replied "What do you think Brad, we could have stolen that diamond, I risked my life so far away from England and stole the diamond just for your sake, but you are on duty since then ".

I took Amelia in my arms and kissed, then took Kohinoor from her and looked at her well because this one precious stone must have shed the blood of many people, I don't know how many kingdoms must have fought, it is a bloody stone. 
It was a stone which used to be the pride of the one who did not hesitate to shed blood. 
One of our plan had worked and now there was no doubt that luck was with the British East India Company. 
Now the robber was to be accused of stealing it too.

After a while a soldier of the emperor came from the fort and told that the emperor had remembered immediately. 
I reached the emperor's court with my senior. 
After going there, it came to know that a large part of the treasure had been looted, which was not well known last night, along with the treasure the priceless Kohinoor was also looted. 
The king reprimanded our senior and said, "British company was making big claims that it will catch the robber, there will be peace in the state, what happened now, how our unfulfilled dream of black Taj Mahal will be built, tell is there any answer, now those posts will be ruled by the soldiers of the Mughal Sultanate, until the British East India gets clues related to that robber and treasure or no action is taken to catch the robber", the emperor was furious with anger. 

After the end of the court, Aurangzeb called in private then told us "Why the commander will now rule the posts of the soldiers of the Mughal Sultanate, I have a suggestion for you, tell your officers to guard the city and protect the emperor from them,it is not only in the minds of the soldiers of the Mughal Sultanate that Foreigner will not be able to do anything in this, well now that the emperor has given the order, then it will have to be implemented, go and find out that robber, see if there is any clue or not. 

It is not possible for British , the soldiers of the Mughal Sultanate know the work of the people, Firangi will not be able to do anything in this, well now that the emperor has given the order, then it will have to be implemented, go and find out that robber, see if there is any clue or not ".

I fell into a deep thought for a while because Aurangzeb had a taunting attitude, it seemed as if he knew all, where the treasure was or who plundered it, then said, "Soon you will get it, it is still the same, it will be around the city because check posts have been put on every way out of the city, all the routes of the forest have been sealed, order has been given to search all the houses of the city, after all the damage from that robber is only royal, not only to the Mughal families but to the British company as well, we are now going to get this robber's surveillance work done more vigorously", I said and went straight to my head quarters. 
Gathered all the soldiers and junior staff and asked them to bring information about that robber, asked them to increase surveillance of the city, made them realize that it was a question of the honor of the British East India Company, otherwise there were posts in every city, or the Mughal and other soldiers would have the right.

The matter had become quite serious, although today was the first day but it was quite disturbing. 
I waited till evening at the head quarters for some good news to be conveyed by the soldiers, but nothing came to fruition, I understood that he is not one of those who come so easily, to catch him a different trick will have to be applied . 
Surveillance and search work in the city will have to be continued till he or one of the members of his team is found. 
After thinking through everything and consulting my seniors on this and finishing the duty from the head quarter, I headed straight to my bungalow where the beautiful beauty Amelia was waiting for me , she would only stay in India for a week. 
 I thought would spend a moment of laughter, but this robber ruined everything.

After so many years, the two lovers had reunited, used to meet almost daily in London. 
I knew Amelia even before joining the British company. 
We used to be neighbors, used to come and visit each other's house, but life progressed, I joined the company, traveled abroad and came to India and Amelia became a stage artist there in London itself.

While going towards my bungalow, I was going thinking about this whole thing on the way that suddenly saw some shadows from the fort riding on horses and going towards the forest. 
These people were going through the forest using the secret passage of the fort, I also made my horse run after them, they could not know from the sound of the horse racing that I am following them.

Galloping the horses, they went deep into the forest and stopped near a deserted cave where some people had already gathered and torches were burning all around. 
I hid in the forest at a reasonable distance from the unknown cavalrymen from where they could be easily tracked. 
Those horsemen hid their faces with masks. 
His chief gets off the horse and takes care of all his men standing in front of the cave. 
Then he slowly removes the mask from his face.

Then what I saw was enough to move the land under the feet of the Mughal Sultanate, the head of the masked cavalry was Aurangzeb and in that cave the looted treasure of the emperor was kept, which was guarded by some soldiers of Aurangzeb's special troops. 

Those people stayed there for a long time, then the same horsemen rode on their horses and left for the fort.

I stayed there for a while to get a better understanding of the area and those soldiers. 
When I was completely convinced that there was no one other than those numbered 30 soldiers, then we left silently from there.

I was very happy in my mind that the looted treasure was found, now British East India will have the right over all those posts. 
But there was a dilemma in the mind that if Aurangzeb had looted the treasure, then he would have known about Kohinoor also, the emperor was also taking the name of Kohinoor in that looted treasure. 
This means that Aurangzeb is also suspected of disappearing Kohinoor on that robber.

But now is the time to tread very carefully because I knew that Aurangzeb was against the construction of the Black Taj Mahal, so did it, but I did not know what was going on in his mind, now that I know it was known that the treasure had not gone very far, it was still within the limits, so now was the time to do everything very thoughtfully, not in a hurry.

First the treasury had to be taken out of this forest, then after getting some chance, it had to be presented to the emperor, to win his trust and to get the British East India Company right of all those posts.

The next morning I went straight to the Head Quarter and made a list of some of our special soldiers, who were more than one brave soldiers , so far the treasure had not been given to anyone, whatever had to be done was to be done in secret. 
Around the cave, the troops used to keep a good light lit at night to avoid wild animals and everything was well visible at night, so there were enough archers to eliminate them, still I did not want to take any risk 
So some gunmen were also included together. 
Archery would have been done peacefully, the gun makes unnecessary noise, so my plan was to make Aurangzeb's soldiers the target of a group of archers during the night and take the treasure from there to nine two eleven, if things got worse with the hands, then the gunmen would be allowed. 
The team was about to take over. 
Now it was just waiting to be night.

As soon as night fell, according to the plan, the archers and gunslingers entered the forest from the other direction, this path was long but suitable for horses. 
In the night, the cries of animals were coming all around, we were moving slowly so that the enemy would not be alerted by the sound of the horses running fast, after some time we reached near the cave. 
There was silence all around, it did not seem that the night before there was such a contingent of soldiers. 
Still, we got down from the horse, proceeded towards the cave in the dark, after some time an English soldier found a torch and lit it with a match lying in my pocket, then saw the corpse of the Mughal soldiers lying all around. 
There was not a single soldier left alive, everyone was killed, the treasure was also missing from there, we just found a gold Asharfi lying in that cave.

We all did not consider it appropriate to stay there for a long time, so after checking from there, we immediately went towards the city because Aurangzeb might have been dizzy once in the night. 
I immediately understood that now this work belonged to that anonymous robber, Aurangzeb himself had looted the royal treasury and put the key of the lock of the royal treasury in his hand. 
All my hard work also went in vain.

The commander further narrates the story "Next morning I called my special 9 friends from the same troop, all of them were skilled hunters whether they were human or animal. I told them that I had made a plan in which the British regiment in the surrounding areas of the city would be engaged in the work of treasury, in the surrounding town every messenger has to keep an eye on the one who makes gold idols and precious showpieces and as soon as we get any news, we have to contact our head quarter directly, we will go to the next city in search of treasure this afternoon, taking the path of the forest, this will be an intelligence mission in which we will have to take the form of hunters, British Government 
The report will have to be given at every head quarter from where we will also get information about that robber.

He had tons of gold Asharfi which would take at least five horse carts to carry, he would only reduce these items, so he wanted to reduce the number of these Asharfis to convert them into idols, jewelery or showpieces. 
He will meet the shaper, if our guess was not wrong then those robbers will go through the forest to the nearest beach town and from there we will all be chasing him together and he will be caught.

Apart from the British High Authorities, no one was aware of this mission of ours, so it was to be shown in every city that we have come to India for hunting, even those robbers would have been convinced that we were hunters from abroad. 
The news spread like wind in India, so the robbers would have come to know that we are officers of British East India, so it was necessary to convince everyone that we all trade the trophies of animal heads and skins .
If needed, military contingents from the nearest head quarters were also given to help.

Our brave comrades agreed to lay down their lives on this mission and we all took permission from our senior officers to go on this mission. 
The officers of the British East India Company High Authorities only knew that the treasure was with that robber. 
Aurangzeb himself had stole the treasure, only I knew this, but Aurangzeb himself did not know that we know everything.

On the other hand, as soon as Aurangzeb came to know about the treasure, he angrily severed the neck of the informer from the torso with his sword. 
He had crushed the good in the sword fight. 
His sword used to move like lightning. 
His anger grew so much that he now decided to wipe out all the special supporters of his father. 
By doing this, the emperor would have become weak and Aurangzeb would have captured the throne with his force and military might. 
But before working on this plan, he called a special friend of his so that he could find out the person who robbed the treasure and wiped him out and brought the treasure to him. 
He was well versed in the jungles and streets of the cities of India.

We left for the forest in the afternoon according to our plan. 
One last time before I left, I held Amelia to my chest for a long time. 
She was also holding me tightly, it seemed that we might not meet again, so the two lovers should not be separated from each other, so they were tightly hugging each other and kissing each other by saying goodbye. 

The Kohinoor was with me because if its stay with Amelia could have become a disaster for her life. 
Amelia stayed at my own bungalow till she left India.
After spending one night in the forest, we felt success the next day. 
A member of our crew found the dung of the horses. 
He got off the horse and picked up a small wooden stick from the ground, then inserted it into the horse's dung to see how wet it was. 
Then he took the wooden stick to his nose and sniffed, "It's about nine hours ago", a common method used by soldiers of the British East India Company to hunt and track down robbers. 

Whether it be animal poop or human feces, they change over time, they dry up and their smell also changes.
I said that "we are all going in the right direction, now just keep going straight, resting the horses in between and then making them run fast. Those robbers have a lot of weight, their horses will not be able to catch that much speed and we people will get very close to him".

We got very close to his party even before we went according to plan and reached Calcutta on the sea coast, now dividing ourselves into teams of five, keeping a good distance from them from both directions, we were traveling with them. 
Their numbers were large, so it would have been foolish to attack them at once, so we waited till we reached the city.

As soon as we reached the city, I and a fellow went to the head quarter of that city and gave all our reports to the high command there and demanded the soldiers for help. 
The high command there took immediate action, since we knew that they were staying near the city limits, so they could be apprehended only with the help of a military contingent of a few soldiers.

Taking the soldiers himself, in the disguise of a masked hunter, attacked to arrest those robbers. 
The fight went on for a long time, then the shelling from their side reduced a little, so we felt that we were all on the way to victory. 
The attack continued from our side, after some time there was silence. 
Thinking that all his men were probably dead, we went ahead and saw that only fifteen people were blocking our way and the rest of the team had left. 
When I got a chance, I put the Kohinoor in one's pocket and then pretended to meet him, which convinced everyone that they were the same robbers of the royal treasury.

The news spread like fire everywhere, when Aurangzeb came to know about this, he was very ashamed because the British defeated his ego by getting the Kohinoor back to the royal family, the British East India Company got the rights over those posts from the emperor.

We ten brave hunters again started chasing the robbers from where they had confronted them. 
We continued our journey in the same way, giving rest to the horses in between and then making them run at full speed.

This time the robbers had understood that someone had followed and now it would not be right to take the sea route, so they started traveling again through the forest, but the way forward would have to be decided through the mountains. 

It so happened that once again he reached the nearby city through the forest, but this time we all did not show our best. 
He stayed there for a while and we gave him a chance to melt a few tons of gold asharfis and transform them into whatever shape he wanted. 
This time they were convinced that no one was following them. 
Being careless, they started roaming around the city. 
All of them used to stay separately, but the work of melting the gold asharfis and shaping them was of the chief man of the chieftain. 
One day the news of that gold craftsman was given by a messenger at the outpost of that city, the news reached us and after gathering the soldiers from the head quarters, once again attacked in the form of masked hunters.

This time there was a lot of chaos in the city.

We all thought that all the treasures would be in one place but the treasure got out of hand again. 
In this way, those robbers were convinced that it would not be right to proceed again, once again they took the path of the forest, we started chasing them again, but before that in the city we got a small part of the treasure in which a few tons of asharfis were captured. 

Everyone there were ordered that whatever has been received should be given directly into the hands of the royal family, so that the Mughal emperor and the rest of the royal family should know that we have no position in front of the brave soldiers of the British East India Company. 
It would also increase the confidence of the royal family in us and they would all be a little embarrassed too.

As soon as they followed my orders and the emperor got a few tons of Asharfis of the treasury share, he understood that the British soldiers were no less than anyone, Aurangzeb also now realized that without joining the British East India Company with him, he would not become an emperor. 
So he joined hands with the British High Command and those officers supported Aurangzeb. 
In this way, the hands of the workers who had built the Taj Mahal together were cut off, who had made preparations to build the black Taj Mahal. 
All of them together in the report, losing their balance of mind because of the loot of the treasure against the emperor, gave the order to cut off the hands of the workers, because the black Taj Mahal could not be built, it was shown that.

On the other hand, chasing those robbers again came a time that we came very close to them but kept a proper distance. 
This time he took only the path of the forest, in which it was impossible to come to the city in any case.

We also got a little worried now because it was impossible to catch them without some kind of help, it seemed as if the chief of those robbers was taking the treasure to hide somewhere he already knew and we could get help only from the cities. 
While traveling like this for a few days, a plan came in my mind that why not reduce them in number one by one, we are ten and if we kill one every day, then ten men will die every day because even now there are forty in their team.  
Now this was the only way left to deal with them. 
We all pondered over this idea and spent three days to bring it into action, now that the high mountains and cold of the Himalayas had become a part of the journey.

It was good that we had already taken warm clothes and blankets from the head quarter of the city before chasing them because the feeling of mild cold had started from there, then we also had the skins of those animals which we hunted on the way. 
Taxes made their own food, most of them included deer. 
But the real concern was not the cold, the dangerous gorge and natural calamities that could change the course of our story at any time on those mountains.

Nevertheless, we all worked on our plan and on the first day, before the morning sun appeared, ten of his men were hunted, they were sitting in the bushes of the forest doing defecation in the morning. 
From our side, we tried our best to make everything look like a wild animal and on the first day we all succeeded. Now only thirty people were left in the team of those robbers.

The robbers buried the dead together and started preparing to move forward.

All of us were also chasing him by keeping a proper distance, till now we had not come in his sight. 
Another day came to an end with a dark night, we were hiding and waiting for some more time to pass. 
As soon as we got the opportunity, we again attacked the ten victims who had separated from their team to do the morning defecation, but while hunting them, unfortunately one of our companions got a dagger in the stomach, but together we all took him away from there. 

Those robbers came to know about it when the light came on. 
They were now aware that someone was following them, so some of them searched all of us in every direction for a long distance but we could not reach all of us.
Then, keeping an eye on his team for three days, we kept walking with him, because one of our companions was still injured, so cleverly kept walking with him, not falling in his sight. 
We all had now reached the same area from which you found the treasure and we, but the cave was still far away.

As soon as the condition of our companion improved, we all reached near that cave, we got suspicious that these people are hiding the treasure somewhere around here because their team was staying at the same place for a long time, so we all joined together in the same place. 
Day planned to attack. 
We had a lot of bullets and some bullets were stolen from those dead robbers.

Everyone wore the uniform of the British East India Company that day, which we had kept with our belongings for so many days, then choose our place and spread around to attack. 
It was difficult to see all of us because of the mountains. 
We decided to attack their camp directly where there were ten people.

As soon as I fired the first shot and killed one man, the rest also killed their share of victims, now there were only ten men left in the band of robbers who were probably working to keep the treasure in the cave, we all 
Proceeding from their stop, till then they all became alert as soon as they heard the sound of bullets, they already attacked in hiding, two of our comrades were killed as soon as two shots were fired.

We all took cover of the rocks and fought in hiding. 
Everyone started firing on bullets, we all did not even think that we were surrounded by snow-capped mountains, due to the sound of bullets, the snow of some mountains started falling, due to which many of his companions were buried in the snow flood, we all thought that now we have victory. 
So everyone got out from behind the rocks and started moving towards the cave. 
In this, some of his survivors attacked with swords, the fight went on for a long time, all my comrades were put to death one by one because there was no chance to fire any bullets. 

I was competing with the leader of robbers , where we saw him face to face for the first time, he belonged to a Sikh community. 
Till now, whenever I looked from afar, I had only seen him wrapped in a shawl, the face was always covered. 
There was a fierce fight between the two of us. 
But he was more expert in sword fighting,

He told me before cutting my neck, "Our fight was not with you, we had looted this treasure of Shah Jahan for the purpose of avenging our sixth guru, how long did we have to wait, this rebellion was started since our sixth guru 
We had died, how hard we defeated an emperor, we will not allow this treasure to be in the hands of any person belonging to the Mughal Sultanate. Sorry but you will also have to die and we will destroy every person who will hurt the honor of our guru ". 
After saying this, he separated my head from the torso and closed the cave with a big stone placed next to it.
Afterwards, he made me sit on a stone in front of the same cave and kept the head in my hands in such a way as to keep the head in my lap, then left with the remaining four companions.

But as soon as he descended the mountains, he was taken prisoner by Aurangzeb's friend, even after a lot of interrogation, he did not say anything, did not even told his name, after being tortured for a few days, he died in action. 
His last words were "Wahe Guru Ji Da Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Di Fateh".

For three hundred years while waiting on the same snowy hills with unfulfilled desires and guarding the treasure, my soul got so much strength that as soon as head connects with my body, it gets supernatural power. 
How many desires were there that remained buried in the heart, such as marrying Amelia to give her a life of honor, to fulfill my duty by giving treasures to the British East India Company, etc.

After hearing the story of the commander, I got an idea that wealth has no meaning in this life if it is not with you. 
That morning he told me before putting his head in a cloth bag and locking it in the chest, "You will not be able to sell the diamonds that Doctor Zakir has given you until I get my body, there is a secret, which I will tell only to the person who helps me to assemble my torso and head", so I bought this big mansion from Dr. Zakir because the commander's body was with him and I kept the head in the farm house in Nainital, where there were two elephants. 
The statue of elephants made of its teeth will be found, which has a slight bulge on its back, as soon as it is pressed, the lid of their back will open, which contains diamonds, both elephants have fifty - fifty diamonds, which are worth crores. 
I could not complete this work because the responsibility of my wife was also on me and these old bones were no longer strong enough to meet the challenge ahead. 
Don't know which secret is buried in the commander's chest. 
It will be known only to the one who will help him to join his rest of the body with his head, but there can also be danger in it.

       To be continued... 





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