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The black hole is the place in space where no law of physics works. Its gravitational field is very powerful.Nothing can escape from its stretch. Light cannot go out even after entering here, it absorbs all the light that falls on it inside itself. 
On August 15, 2083, two rockets were released from the Indian Space Center to get a closer look at such complex secrets of the universe. The space program was named as "Event Horizon", the outer part of Black Hole is called the event horizon, with quantum effects that cause hot particles to break down and spread across the universe. Einstein explained that the gravity of anything wraps space around it and shapes it like a curve. Maybe you got out in search of life on another planet or got out of your spaceship and only then got hit by a black hole. If you are hit by a black hole, two things can happen to you, either you will be burned to ashes or you will remain trapped inside the black hole forever. 
Few similar situations had been faced by the astronauts team of the Event Horizon project , a journey that hardly anyone would want to go on. The young genius scientist Himanshu Chattopadhyay of India had found a way to immediately cover a distance of several light years. Under which a very large portal gate was constructed around the space room in India itself, It was capable of moving along the earth, that is, it could be activated from the space station in India and cover a distance of hundreds of millions of light years in a matter of minutes, through a fast-moving vehicle at the speed of light, capable of moving at any end of the universe faster than light when it entered the portal. The Indian government had shed money on this event horizon space research program like mundane, This space research project was also invested by many friendly foreign countries . The project was named event horizon because the black hole has been seen as the biggest threat of all time, the team had to collect information from the nearest black hole to deal with it. It's like a nightmare for any Spaceman, which sometimes makes it almost impossible to get out, if you wander without a burn. 

The project involved special pilots of the IAF as astronauts who had mastered Astronautical Science in space colonization and space defence, as well as a team of scientists, including some of the Allied alien mools. Before being sent on a journey to the universe, this special group was also trained, teaching them everything they needed to cope with space problems and the art of living in every possible situation.

"Everything is under control guys, now the direct portal is to enter inside the gate... How is it all there, " said Young spacecraft Expert Group Captain Aryan Sinha, addressing all the companions on his ship and the other ships travelling together.
"Yes, the captain is in control of everything here too, now just have to keep moving towards the right direction while traveling in due time, once you enter the portal door, just have to eat a few jerks and we will gain speed even faster than the speed of Light," said Group Captain Viktor Antonovich from the second vehicle that is traveling along 
"It will still take about four days to reach the portal," said Captain Richa Sharma, India's young spacecraft expert at the same time with Victor. 
Then they applied auto pilot mode and took off their seat belts and move towards other end of the space craft to their rest of the partners or astronauts in a large cabin and went on joking around and announces about the atmosphere, some sat down and started playing the game where they left , - so the chase. All were oblivious to the fact that they could face any trouble on this journey, though they were sitting all the way prepared for it. 
"As soon as we enter the portal gate, we will embark on a journey that no one in human history has ever done," said Mikhail Sergeyevich, a Russian Galaxy scientist from Aryan Sinha's space craft , expressing his joy and sharing his country's famous vodka with everyone.
"Brother... I'm so tired I'll go to sleep as soon as I eat, " Indian Young Khagaul physics scientist Anita George told Catherine Brown, a stellar science expert from England, sitting with her. 
"Right, if the shift is not changed, it's a lot of fatigue, so what is our chef's menu today... Thinking "What do you think," Katherine responded to Anita's talk and started referring to the food menu. 

A similar atmosphere was created on the second ship of the team on which Viktor Antonovich was the Group Captain. Everything seemed to be in control, all the astronauts were enjoying this journey. The space gives a completely different feeling where you feel like there is no one else but you to share your suffering and happiness, so your team members are your everything. There is a deeper relationship with a family because you know that your partner will fight to save you in any case because that is what is taught in training. All members of event horizon's astronauts team had the same faith in each other. 
There were still four days left to enter the portal gate, after which the vehicle was going to speed faster than light and reach millions of light years away in seconds, what would happen after that... Whether Yan's radio works or not... Whether on Earth or in space, there was a hope that everything would be fine. Everyone was praying for these twelve of our brave astronauts who had to travel through a completely unique space to do the good of humanity regardless of their lives. 
While most people on earth were praying for the protection of the twelve brave astronauts, some were not happy with this space research program and could go to any extent to make it a failure. Many foreign values had made a great effort to ruin it. 
"These missions should not be successful in any case, you do not know how much money has been spent to stop this event horizon's Space Research Program," says Suresh Kumar, a scientist at the Indian Space Center. 
"But how do these perchance...The Space Research Program was then called Himanshu F... F... F...Chattopadhyay himself handles his live life... Infographic...How is it possible, " asks scientist Suresh, his fellow doctor Solanki, stammering. 
"Look, I have a special friend in the team who is controlling the portal on the computer, Himanshu knows nothing about it, the program will be put a virus on the same day that portal will show the malfunktion and as soon as the ship enters the portal in space it will collapse, the program that is being carried forward by over trillions of rupees will be turned over," Suresh elaborates his plan ahead to Solanki. Suresh had taken money from some foreign lands to carry out this work. 
"This is not the first time... Sol... After moving to the portal will be dismantled, WH...Sol...The portal looks like an empty gate, it can be seen across it, " Solanki asked Suresh, anticipating. 
"Look, as soon as the vessel enters the portal, it passes through a magnetic tunnel of light, so that the vessel can move faster than the light and reach the direction in the universe in just a few seconds, minutes or hours. rakh Ho Hai", Suresh explained everything to Solanki in great detail while dispelling Solanki's doubts. 
"Good A... A... Now everything is understood", said stammer Solanki, understanding Suresh's point of view. 
"Now listen, you have to do a huge job that day, in the same way that the program is being handled, you need a co-computer driver, because two computers will operate that portal... One will accompany us, the other will be kidnapped exactly one day in advance, your name will be given for suggestion to keep the program running smoothly... I will tell you how to do computer hacking, you just have to go accordingly, a billion dollars will be credited to your account for this, there should be no mess, otherwise Jan se jaayega, " Suresh told Solanki explaining the plan ahead. 
"L... Th... Well, let the money be deposited, the work will be done", Solanki said, convincing Suresh. 

Time will tell what will happen to this space research program at event horizon, but at the moment everyone was eyeing the twelve brave astronauts on space. The space research team was ready to put an end to all the chaos that would be a roadblock because these were the last hopes of saving the twelve human race. 

"Hello... How are you mommy... Miss you... Coming home early", seven-year-old Sara video chats with her mother scientist Anita George, from the Indian Space Center, today all the family members of the astronauts have gathered to have a conversation with their loved ones for the last time before heading to the portal. 
"I'm okay, son... How are you... You go to school every day, don't you?.. Don't bother dad too much... I'll be back home soon", Anita George said to her daughter Sarah, passionate. 
"Okay Mom, I'll take care of dad... Don't be upset you... I will also do my own school home work... I'll take care of grandma too... You take care of yourself, " Sara said, comforting her mother, Anita becomes more emotional when she hears her words, starts crying foot and foot, so that everyone on the ship comforts her and hugs her, then later promises Sarah to take care of her mother and on the video chat Sara gives another the opportunity to talk to her by speaking I love you. 
"Nice victor of talking to you... A lot of time has passed since you went into space and we got engaged, our marriage has stopped because of your visit", the fiancé of Russian spacecraft expert Viktor Antonovich told her. 
"I know you have suffered a lot for me and heard the taunts of your family, but don't worry I will marry you as soon as I return from this trip... Everyone's mouths will be closed", Victor replied to his fiancé's words with a smile. 
"Your mother's health was pretty bad but now it's not a worry, the doctor has treated her well and now she's come home after discharge from the hospital... She was missing you a lot ", Victor's girl friend told her further. 
"O... Happy to hear that his health has improved, you have taken a good care of him, tell him I will return soon, then all will be together... Giving them and the rest of the house my love, love you sweet heart ", Victor said to his girlfriends, being passionate. Everyone was blowing in a wave of emotion at the Space Center today because it was this opportunity. No one knew who would return from this trip. 
" Hello... Can I talk to Suresh Kumar ", an unknown person called at Suresh's house
"Yes, I call now," his wife replied to the unknown person. After a while Suresh appears and the receiver of the phone is raised and hit the ear
"how's the work going?...There should be no lapse in work...You have been given a good price for it ", The unknown person told Suresh, sweeping his phone on the phone. Not knowing how to thwart this mission, he must have bought the kittens and killed the kittens, Suresh was just pawn in the chess board he composed, This is the real player who has asked Suresh to give all the information on the phone
 "Everything is under control boss... You should not worry at all, my men have worked hard to a failure... Now the bus is late to enter the portal gate ... After that it will be demolished, it has also been arranged...We will hack the computer exactly the same day and leave the virus in it and the whole mission will fail, " Suresh explained to the boss in detail on the phone.
"Listen scientist you don't need to tell what will happen to you and your family if you haven't done this job properly... Now tell us if there is any special work or information, " the unknown under world's Don asked Suresh about this mission.
"Boss...Just before entering the portal door will have to pick up a scientist, only then will the project be hacked and put into corruption... Just let you get so much work done, " Suresh told her about her needs to work on the plan ahead.
"All right... I'll get a special man of mine Rahman to do this, you have to give him all the information, he will meet you two days later, " the under World sergana told Suresh and cut off the call.

"Think what if the black hole suffered from our astronauts team", scientist Himanshu Chattopadhyay asked one of his junior female scientists.
"As far as I know, Stephen Hawking says that if a partner sees one of his partners going into a black hole, he will feel like he is looking at him from the magnifying glass...He sees her in slow motion... You can't call her by voice because there's no wind there, " the young woman scientist Anushka answered Himanshu's question.
"Exactly, this is what will happen when members of our astronauts team face the closest black hole... Their job is only to save mankind... They have to find the sources to resume life so that the earth can be saved again...When you get to the center of the black hole, it's infinitely curved to the center...Both time and space lose their meaning and none of the laws of physics work... No one knows what will happen when you get into the black hole, whether you get into another universe or whether you forget everything and get stuck in another world, it remains a mystery until now, " Himanshu elaborately explained to his junior female scientist Anushka.
"This means that he will not be able to send any signal to us or to his companions if he gets stuck in a black hole," Anushka asked Himanshu with curiosity.
"This was not possible before, but a Swedish software company has built a new application that allows you to send signals from complex places like black holes, now you can send signals from your iPhone easily, and before launching it to the public, everyone has decided to use it in this project... These will be considered the best of smartphone inventions so far if our astronauts succeed in sending signals from it... Because your words may be getting too late, which is because the frequency of the black hole will continue to decrease, " Himanshu said, answering Anushka's question.
"It's a great deal of happiness, it will help them a lot," Anushka said, agreeing with Himanshu.

The same software application was being discussed in our astronauts team members as well, there was a wave of excitement all over it, some were not completely trusting it, but some were confident that it would work. While Group Captain Viktor Antonovovich did not agree that it would work, Group Captain Aryan Sinha of another vehicle believed it because it was the greatest invention ever made in the history of iPhone applications. Its signal sending capability would really be a clan compliment if the signal could be sent out from the black hole. This application was based on the lives of the brave astronauts who were going to collect information inside the black hole. Everyone was eagerly awaiting this moment. What will happen to this event horizon space research program next, but everyone was looking forward to the success of this mission. Even if you are in a very difficult situation, you have everything plundered, you are ruined, you have no other way, but if you have hope in mind, you can overcome even the most difficult. To understand hope or hope even better, a lot of knowledgeable people told the world about it in the form of quotes.
Let them break if dreams break. Choose a piece from them and weave dreams again. Never give up hope. Not until the last breath. Those who go out on a boat of hope will meet Sahil. Difficulties not in whose paths? Troubles not part of whose life? Grief is on the part of everyone, but it can be overcome by one who is not afraid, who constantly tries, who does not allow disappointment to prevail over himself. One who never loses even after losing, speaks of success by climbing his head. 

It is said that the world is built on hope. It is the charisma of hope that the works that seemed impossible yesterday have been realized today. This is what India has done and Event Horizon's Space Research Programme is just one example of this that will be remembered in the future.
"When you fall into a black hole, you will fall into a black hole without any shock, discovering the secrets of nature, it will be like free fall, which Einstein called 'happiest thought'., 
Of course, if the size of a black hole is smaller, you may have trouble, the force of gravity will then be felt more on your foot than on your head, but let's assume that this black hole is bigger than our sun... There is also the fact that you can normally spend your whole life in a big black hole, how normal it can be, it's a matter of thinking...Because there will be no point in space and time, no desire will work, you can't turn around, on the other hand, when you think about it, you find that it is a time-related experience,time only moves forward, does not move backwards, it also moves against our desires and prevents us from turning back," young scientist Himanshu Chattopadhyay video chats with astronauts team members from the Indian Space Center. All the scientists were sharing information about the black hole in order to cope with even the most difficult situations, but no one knew exactly what was going to happen by going inside. 
"Well, if we talk about 'the happiest thought', it will be the ultimate choice when we all have the opportunity to test a completely new technology... Maybe it works, " Russian scientist Mikhail Sergeyevich told his team members and Himanshu Chattopadhyay. 
"I think Michael is absolutely right, when we have two ships, one to enter the black hole and the other to receive signals from the satellite that will be sent by iPad and iPhone, there is no need to go so deep... Whether or not this happens depends on what's in the black hole there, " Himanshu Chattopadhyay said during a video call from his astronauts team.  
"The concern has just traveled to the portal... When we enter the gate of the portal, it will be a historic moment, every single ray of the universe will create a magnetic tunnel of light that will allow us to catch faster than light, the portal will be completely computer-controlled... What are the chances that this portal will do exactly the right thing, " said young Swedish satellite expert Razia Khan, who was responsible for sending and delivering signals from black holes, after all, Sweden had created this particular application and did not want to take any risks before launching it to the public. 
"You are absolutely right... The portal should be of particular concern at this time, but let me tell you for your information that the best antivirus program in the world has been inserted inside this portal so that it has the ability to eliminate every virus before it can crack its own system...It would require the most advanced virus program, which would require a lot of hard work for any hacker, it is almost impossible, " Himanshu Chattopadhyay said, dispelling Razia's apprehension. 

"Ting - tong... Ting Tong", the door bell of Indian Space Research Scientist Suresh Kumar's House, is knocked down by an unknown guest at his house. Suresh Kumar's wife rises towards the main door and opens the door. 
"Gee... who you are... and whom to meet ", Mrs. Suresh Kumar asked to the unknown man. 
"I have to meet Suresh Kumar... "By not introducing himself, he introduces the sender, Suresh Kumar's wife understands that her husband's acquaintance with that man is old enough. 
"You wait here... I will send him right now, " Suresh Kumar's wife goes to call her husband inside and closes the door. After some time, the scientist Suresh Kumar himself appears there by reopening the door. 
"I was sent by big brother for that particular job, you probably had to get someone to lead... For that particular purpose I have come here," the unknown man told Suresh. 
"You... Your Name Is Rahman... But why did you come here?.. If someone sees it, we can all get into trouble... We could have met somewhere out there, " Suresh Kumar said about meeting him out due to panic. 
"Big Brother himself gave your address... They don't believe you anymore, one you took all the money and haven't done the job yet, a lot of money has been spent to fail this program... You don't have to be reminded," Rahman said, reminding Suresh once again. 
"I know this mission is delayed but every job is carried out only at the right time... Without planning, the biggest tasks fail, I had told the boss i.e. your big brother all the things...Well, two days from now, you have to pick up a space scientist who has the most important job in this mission... After that we will be able to succeed in our plan and upload the virus to the portal's software...That programmer's name is Arvind Subramaniam, he has to pick up a day before the house right at my behest before the portal opens, I'll text you his home address and details, give me your number ", Suresh Kumar explained to Rahman the whole plan and asked for his number to send a text message. Rahman gave him his number and departed from there. Now it depends on time whether Suresh will be able to succeed in his plan... Will he fail the program of this event horizon on which the hope of mankind rests, what will happen next is the time will tell, but right now all eyes are on the biggest invention in the history of India, that is, the portal gate.
" L... L... Listen, Suresh, what happened to the mission, you did not tell anything ", Stammer Solanki stopped Suresh Kumar from behind, he was just exiting the Indian Space Center building
"Well done you got it, I was thinking about meeting you but I thought it would be right to meet tomorrow", Suresh Kumar replied to Solanki's talk
"I... I ... I had to know what the plan ahead is, are you still the same plan or did you change your intention because tomorrow morning the event will enter the portal of Horizon ", Solanki asked Suresh about the entire plan
" I know... To make this plan a success, I have put a special man on this task, I have sent the address of the programmer Arvind Subramaniam by text message... As soon as Subramanian leaves for home from here this evening, He will be picked up on the way, This will make the hacking plan successful with the password of the supercomputer, I have an easy way to send the virus, Just when you are asked to replace Subramaniam, then blutooth will be put in your ear... I will keep sending you all the details from my computer so that no one will doubt your computer because I will connect my computer with the computer of the space research team... Even the world's most powerful antivirus program will not be able to save that portal, just keep doing what I say ", Suresh explained all the plan detail to Solanki
"Do you think Arvind will tell his computer password so easily", Solanki once again asked Suresh Kumar, raising doubts
"It will not tell easily, but when someone is so scared that he cannot cross the tidle, everything comes out on its own... My men will do the same with Solanki, he will be threatened by his wife children, which will break and tell the password himself ”, Suresh Kumar said, removing Solanki's doubts
" B... B... But if he later informed everyone,... T... Then what will happen, we will all be caught too ", Solanki asked scientist Suresh Kumar about the subsequent execution of the stuttering
"Don't worry about it, I have planned from its kidnapping to the subsequent execution... It takes half an hour for Subramaniam to reach home from the space center, In the same meantime, my men will pick him up as soon as he gets the chance and as soon as he gets all the information, his work will throw him away at any place in the city of doing all the work, If he pleads with the password, he will get threatened to kill his family, For this, two people will keep an eye on his house from today...They must have done their work almost on, Now it's too late to leave Subramaniam's space center ", Suresh Kumar explained his fatal plan to Solanki well so that Solanki would have no doubt about it, After all, Solanki had to play an important role after a few hours, so the fear inside him was to eliminate Suresh Kumar. 

There was a debate in the space between the Astronauts team of Event Horizons over the black hole, with everyone discussing the black hole as per their guess.
 "Let me tell you that there is no need that as soon as you enter the black hole, you only get empty planets or pieces of stone."... Life is also possible inside a black hole or it may be that we reach another galaxy, We cannot ignore that no one has seen a black hole so closely before or that no research team has entered it so far and brought information... Scientists sitting on Earth can only guess what it would be like to enter a black hole or what it would be like, But no one knows what is in reality inside a black hole, As far as I am concerned, I will say that life is also possible in a black hole, Maybe we are faced with a new species about which we do not know anything till now... What do you think Mikhail ", said Li Jing, a young Chinese parasitic scientist and asked Russian scientist Mikhail Sergiewicz about his opinion
 "I think Miss Li Jing is absolutely right, Anything can happen in a black hole and no one knows what will happen by going in there ", Russia's young Galaxy scientist Mikhail Sergiewicz agreed with China's Li Jing. There was a discussion among the Astronauts about what the black hole would be like, What circumstances can there face?, All could only guess why anyone was unable to bring information by traveling to the black hole, Through these estimates our Astronauts were preparing to face the black hole, Now what will happen next, only the time will tell. 
Subramaniam left his car from the space center as soon as he finished his work there, He was driving a car that so much someone called on his mobile, He received that call from the Blutooth device in his ear and started talking, The call was made by a young scientist working with him who was associated with the research team at the event Horizon. Subramaniam was driving the car while talking to him that suddenly his car was taken over by a van and the way to Subramaniam stopped. Subramaniam pressed the brakes of the car and stopped it from hitting, Then three people got out of the van, Beretta 92FS 9mm in their hands, There were modern pistols like Glock-17 and Glock-19, He had pointed the pistols over Subramanian and pointed him out of the car. As soon as he came out, one of them put a black cloth on his face and asked him to sit in the van for the sake of being, On the other side, the female scientist was listening to everything on the call. He overhears all the clashes of those Kidnappers with Subramaniam. Everyone left as soon as Subramaniam sat in the van, Rahman sent a text message to Suresh Kumar which read "Mission Accomplished", But he did not know that anyone else was aware of this mission, Now he did not have any idea of what would happen next. 
"Listen... Just listen to me, Where is Himanshu Chattopadhyay," a young woman scientist rushing into the Space Center Hall, with her face painted, clearly showing that she was nervous, asked one of her fellow scientists about Himanshu.
"He has just gone to the canteen... But why are you so upset," his companion told him the address of Himanshu and asked him about the reason for the upset.
"Nothing special... It's just a news for Himanshu Chattopadhyay and I'll tell him," she said and started running to the canteen again. Arriving in the canteen, he saw Himanshu sitting there and having tea breakfast. She approached him and sat in the front chair. 
"Hey, why are Anita so nervous... Everything is fine", Himanshu asked that young scientist Anita. 
"The thing itself is something like that... If you hear too, your senses will fly away", Anita told Himanshu. 
"Hey but what's happened, tell something...Take first you drink water", Himanshu asked Anita and gave her to drink a glass of water, she emptied the glass of water with such speed as if she was thirsty for birth. 
"Someone has kidnapped Arvind Subramaniam, the programmer of our Event Horizon team... I was talking to him on mobile that suddenly he was kidnapped by some people in his car, I did not tell anyone about this, first of all I have come to tell you ", frightened Anita drank water and breathed relief and told Himanshu all the things, Himanshu understood Sarah Majra. 
"Well, you didn't mention it to anyone else, but there was a lot of confusion... Maybe someone from our own department has done this job, so it is very important to remain calm on such occasions, Subramaniam will not harm those people until he gives them the password of his computer... We have to reach Subramaniam before they arrive or it will be too late... I try to save Subramaniam, " Himanshu Chattopadhyay explained to Anita, a young scientist who worked with her. 
"Well, as you say... I will not mention this to anyone", said Anita, convincing Himanshu. 
"I know a man who can help us in this matter... I will ask him to assist in private", Himanshu told Anita and took the mobile out of his pocket and added the number. 

"Tie it here on the chair, do not remove the cloth from the face until I say", Rahman told his companions, they obeyed his order and tied Arvind Subramaniam sitting on a chair. 
"Can you listen to me scientist, if yes then push your neck and answer yes", Rahman asked Arvind, he shook his neck and answered yes. 
"Now give the right answer to what you are asked," Rahman once again told Subramaniam. 
"Now tell me the password of your computer", Rahman asked Arvind, as soon as he asked this question, Arvind understood the whole situation , he understood his goodness in keeping quiet. 
"Maybe you didn't hear... I have asked you the password of your computer, even now if you do not answer, then remember it will have a very bad result", Rahman again asked Subramaniam the password in his own style, but Arvind has vowed to remain silent as if. 
"My patience is breaking... I am asking you one last time, tell me the password of your computer and I will set you free, otherwise there are ways to get things done with goongo too, " Rahman once again asked Subramanian in a threatening fashion to password but he did not answer, it seemed as if Arvind Subramanian had no confidence in Rahman's words so he thought it's appropriate to remain silent. 
"Boss...I think he doesn't understand Hindi and you don't know English, so a man from this area is in our gang... If you speak, call him here and inquire," said a man from Rahman giving him an opinion. 
"Son, make a joke...Let's call the one whom you have to call and get the password out of it, just work should be done ", Rahman stared at his man and agreed with his same man, understanding the urgency of the occasion. After receiving the green signal from Rahman, the man took out the mobile and added a number and waited for the call to be received. 
"Hello... Hello... I am speaking Munna, " Rahman's man started talking as soon as the call was received. 
"Hello... Yes Munna Bhai, it's Kutti speaking ", said the man who spoke on the mobile from there. 
"Listen Kutty, there's a very important job that can't happen to anyone other than you, so I'll text an address after I cut the call, you get to that address right away... This work is very important so don't take it lightly", Munna explained to Kutty on mobile. 
"Don't you worry at all, brother... Kutty will work, you just cut the call and text the address ji, then look how Kutty reaches faster than the wind," Kutty said to Munna, as soon as he said, Munna cut the call and started texting the address of Rahman's base. 

"First of all track this mobile number from the satellite, I want every detail of this number, how many hours it was last talked about and from where," a young programmer ordered his juniors.
"Done, sir... I have taken out the details, this number was last called from this space center by a scientist named Anita called from his mobile... This number belongs to Arvind Subramaniam, a computer programmer from our Space Center's event horizon space research team, " a young programmer told his senior.
"Very good...Now all the attention I am going to convey is reported to Himanshu Chattopadhyay, apart from the people sitting in this room, so this news should not reach anyone's ear outside this room... Arvind Subramaniam has been kidnapped by someone today, we all have to find out that kidnapper," the senior officer explained to his juniors.
"It's a very easy task... I can easily track the same time images or videos from the satellite... Here's the car of Arvind Subramaniam... Arvind Subramaniam is now ready to leave the Space Center with his car, let me zoom it a little more, now we can easily see the video on the computer screen through our satellite... Take it, I have transferred it to the main screen so that everyone in this room can see it, " said a young female programmer, addressing her senior officer and everyone in that room.

"Now we are very close to the portal door and before entering this portal door, you are requested by the group captains of the two ships to keep your vehicle at the same speed and open the hatchet of the vehicle's door keeping an equal distance so that the two ships connect to each other... It is a modern vehicle in which the two can connect with each other by opening the hatch above the door so that the two can become one before entering the portal door," Himanshu Chattopadhyay said, giving directions to all passengers of the astronauts team at Event Horizon. All accumulate in Yan's cockpeat to see this gorgeous sight. Group Captain Viktor antonovavich and Aryan Sinha sit on their own chairs to fly the yan. Now Yan was completely under the control of both. Gradually, Victor antonovavich's vehicle came very close to Aryan Sinha's vehicle and was at equal distance from each other, both of them opening the hatchet above the door of their own vehicle. The rest of the astronauts team and the rest of the scientists at the Indian Space Center were eagerly awaiting to see this historic modern vehicle, today that moment had come, everyone's eyes were fixed on these two vehicles, the slightest lapse was enough to put an end to the dream of all these twelve scientists and the event horizon team. The team was confident of skilled spacecraft specialists like Victor antonovavich and Aryan Sinha, who masterfully connected the hatchet to the right position, creating a vacuum tunnel as soon as the hatchet connects so that oxygen does not get out of the tunnel. Now both Yan An were finished, both Yan passenger shuttle doors open that tunnel with the assistance of both Yan hang out in then were. The vacuum tunnel had already been activated so there was no problem in moving from one vehicle to another.
"Very wonderful job done...We will enter the portal together tomorrow morning at 11:00 am as per India time...Today, together with you, once again decide which team will enter the black hole, I will leave this last decision to you, tomorrow the Prime Minister of the country will be with us on this historic occasion, to address you for the last time... So be prepared, Aram now, " Himanshu Chattopadhyay told The Astronauts Team at his event horizon. He did not let them know at the slightest what difficult conditions the Space Center is facing below. A computer programmer has been kidnapped. He looked exactly as if nothing had happened, then his mobile vibrates in his pocket, he pulls it out of his pocket and leaves the control room as soon as he puts it on the ear. 
"Hello...Himanshu is aware of your computer programmer Arvind Subramaniam, he has been kidnaped right behind the Jannat apartment, I have seen everything with the help of a satellite, there were three people who picked him up, they had weapons and carried him in a black van, I have also made a video of that time, I have sent you on mobile and at the same time I have sent the location of those kidnappers, this has not been reported to anyone so far... You take over", a scientist on a call from there told Himanshu Chattopadhyay. 
"Thank you, DeSilva... You have done me this great favor, you are really a genius", Himanshu Chattopadhyay thanked him from here. 
"Well, take Muska later... If the work is done, the treat will have to be given, remember ", DeSilva told Himanshu. 
"Of course, you don't worry about that, I'll handle it all... Good bite now, " Himanshu said, giving DeSilva an ashasana. As soon as the call was cut, Himanshu again searched someone on the mobile, sent the video sent by DeSilva to that number and the location of the kidnapper and called that number. 
"Now I can't wait any more, I have to go home... Some people are even hacking so that special information is taken into the space research team's system and the system is corrupted by viruses, this is all arranged in Suresh Kumar's under ground lab... So take care of you, " said Rahman to his special men.
"Don't you worry, brother, work will be done... If not obeyed, it will be tortured and asked", one of her men said, assuring her.
"Well, I'll go... This will have to take the password in some way until tonight and keep finding out by calling scientist Suresh Kumar in the middle of the middle... Maybe he managed to hack the system, then we will not need this Madrasi", said Rahman, ordering his man. 
"We will all take care brother, you go home relaxed", Rahman's man told him. Rahman leaves for his home as soon as he gives them instructions. His men again begin to interrogate Subramaniam. For a long time without an answer, they all become very frustrated and upset. 
"Don't think you will obey so easily, Gee... So Anna has made special arrangements for you, look at this ji", Kutty told Arvind Subramaniam and removed the black cloth from his face and showed him the tools to cut the human body, looking at which Subramaniam's soul trembled for once. 
"Now we will ask you one more time... If you do not give the correct answer, we will do a small piece of your finger from it, then tell me what is the password of your computer.", Kutty asked Arvind once again, but he did not get any answer, Kutty got angry and picked up a cigar arch from those tools, then he stuck the little finger on Arvind's left hand into that arch. 
"Salutary... AAAA... Aay," Arvind's finger is cut off as soon as the sound of the arch, Arvind was excruciating with pain, it was an unbearable pain that is difficult to put into words. 
"Saw how much it hurts to live... Even now if you don't tell us the password, we will run this fanatic on the same finger again, you don't agree to say the thing ji, does your computer ask you to run without fingers, if it's not like that then tell us that password quickly like a good kid", Kutty brutally asked Arvind once again, but this time he felt disappointed because Arvind was sitting in the mind of not telling him. In such a way, as Kutty said, again put the same injured finger of Arvind between the arch and as soon as he pressed, Arvind's strong squeak came out. The squeak was so painful that the liver of good goodies was thrown. 
Under the circumstances that Arvind was facing, there is only one thought that a miracle could happen from somewhere and the victim's life could be saved, just like that, some thoughts were also raging in Arvind's mind that when suddenly a bullet breaking the window glass with a loud sound "rig" sounds to a kidnapper standing on the left side of Arvind, because of the bullet in the head it piled up there. All the people present there are confused, no one could understand what was happening, then suddenly two bullets are fired again " rigged... Rigged", two more men of those kidnappers die. 
"Step back from the windows and hide behind a barricade," one of those kidnappers says to the rest of his comrades, watching his three companions die. Everyone agrees and takes their own positions. Everyone was aware that a sniper was targeting them from the front building, which is probably far away from their target. His guess was quite correct ,the sniper was so adept that even after hiding, he looked at Kutty in the mirror in the room and hit the exact spot, " rigged... Aaaya", a bullet seems to be in the wall clock mounted on the wall, the painful squeak of Kutti comes out. Before someone there understands something that is happening, " rigged... Aye", another bullet seems to one of those kidnappers, his painful squeak as soon as the bullet is fired. 
Now only two kidnappers were alive in that room, who were lying upside down on the ground, left Arvind tied in the same position by everyone, but in the middle of so much firing, his hair did not dandy, he was sitting there watching all this spectacle. The creator had heard her and the miracle had happened, the whole bet had been reversed. 
For a long time, this silence had caused discomfort in the minds of those kidnappers, they thought they might be able to leave the living room, so both knelt down and tried to reach the door when suddenly "rigged... rig", two bullets shoot , which also pile up the remaining two kidnappers while they find their target. Now only computer programmer Arvind Subramaniam was left alive in that room and he was eager to meet his guardian angel. 
Suddenly the door opens and a 22-year-old beautiful girl dressed in Black enters the room with a gun in her hand, Arvind Subramaniam's heart desire is fulfilled, she is met by her guardian angel, she frees Arvind from bondage and ties him with a cloth to stop the blood flowing from Arvind's finger, then orders him to follow her, Arvind followed her.
As soon as he leaves the room, Arvind sees some man lying dead, he understands that he must have killed him to save him, Arvind Chupa Chupa followed him, as soon as he gets down the building he finds another man, no less than a wrestler by stature, he points them to follow him, the Unknown Girl and Arvind followed him. He leads them to a car, on the back seat as he enters inside the car, he bandages the girl Arvind's finger with a first aid kit. The carriage proceeds straight to the hospital.
"Hello, Arvind I am captain Anirudh and this is my assistant Nicole d'souza, your location was sent to me by Himanshu Chattopadhyay, I run a security agency before that I was in the Indian Army", the man said while driving, introducing himself and the girl to Arvind Subramanian. Arvind understood the whole thing, Captain Anirudh was the sniper who shot down those kidnappers from the roof of the building in front.
"Thank you very much, for saving me", Arvind expressed his gratitude to him.
"Thank you Kaisa... This is our job," Nicole, sitting nearby, told Arvind.
"Quite right...Today you have really appreciated Nicole, how many people were outside that room," Anirudh agreed with Nicole and praised her and asked about the people outside the room.
"There were about nine people with weapons", Nicole replied to Anirudh.
"So my guess was right... There were five people with her boss who had already left, Lo reached the hospital, Nicole Tum go and get Arvind's treatment until I give Himanshu all the report, " Anirudh ordered his assistant as soon as the car stopped in front of the hospital. She takes Arvind Subramaniam and goes inside the hospital. Anirudh called Himanshu from his mobile and gave all the information about the success of the mission, as well as informed of Arvind's cut finger, and also told him that in connection with this case he would call him again, but before that he should first transport Arvind home safely. 

Today is a historic day and forgetting everything to record it on the pages of history, Arvind Subramaniam leaves for the Indian Space Research Center from his home, accompanied by Anirudh and Nicole. Both of them had spent the night at Aniruddha's house keeping her safety in mind. The three also arrive at the Space Research Center, where Himanshu was waiting eagerly, preparations for the mission begin as soon as Arvind arrives there, today the astronauts were about to enter the portal, all the preparations were done now it was time to contact the astronauts. 
"Friends today is a historic moment, today we are going to use the invention of mankind that is impossible for any country so far, it is a miracle that the journey of the universe in the future will be so easy to decide, today you will be the first human in the world to overcome time and travel faster than the speed of light and at the moment reach the nearest black hole that threatens our Earth in the future." in the hope that mankind can have another chance to live, we can live together with those who are dear to us... Now I will not take much of your time , we all have our prayers with you, your journey mangalmay ho, jai hind ", prime minister enters a nearby special cabin addressing the astronauts and scientists of the event horizon team from where he could safely sit with leaders from other countries and witness this historic moment. 
"Well, we are all ready to enter the portal, all the team members sitting here are requested to once again check the vehicle thoroughly on their computers before entering the portal... After addressing the prime minister, Himanshu ordered the entire team of event horizon to check the vehicles well before entering the portal. All of this took place whether members of the Space Research Center or team astronauts. The slightest damage present in the vehicle could lead to a major accident as soon as it entered the portal, so none of the members present there wanted to take any kind of risk. Himanshu Chattopadhyay was taking the names of every part of the Yan and the scientists there were checking the part saying "checked, clear is" if true. In the same way, the two vehicles are checked once again, when everything turns out right, it was time to enter the portal door. 
"5...4...3...2...1...Go," as soon as the count down, Arvind Subramanian presses the Enter button of his computer and the portal comes into action, the vessel enters the portal door and accelerates faster than lightning, the entire vessel vibrates badly, it seemed that every ray of light in the universe wanted to penetrate the vessel and reach inside, the hearts of all the astronauts had risen to the beat, they closed their eyes and prayed to God for everything to be right. In just a few minutes, the two ships get close to the black hole, where they stop their ships in the same position at the appropriate distance and start preparing to work on the plan ahead. As everything returns to normal, the team's astronauts take off their space suits and helmets that they wore as protection before traveling into the portal. Now every member of the astronauts team had only one motive to somehow talk to the Space Center on the radio and inform them that it was absolutely safe to travel through the portal gate and that they had reached their distance covered.
In the Space Center, too, everyone was eager to contact them, they had to know whether they were all safe or not, if the blast did not happen once they entered the portal.
"Now from here the two ships will travel a distance together and get closer to the black hole, just remember to keep a considerable distance from its gravitational field, after that the two ships will separate and a team will enter the black hole with the vehicle, but it is very important to approach the Space Center before moving forward, so everyone should be engaged in this work," said Group Captain Aryan Sinha, ordering the rest of his team members. After trying for a long time, the signal gets in touch with the Space Center team of event horizon, the atmosphere of happiness is all around the Indian Space Center as soon as the signal is received. Before everyone congratulated each other, Himanshu found it more important to talk to the members of his astronauts team. 
"We have reached the black hole safely and are now preparing to move towards IT", Group Captain Viktor antonovievich reports at the Space Center.
"Very good...If you look in the same direction, but the frequency of the portal door is there and will remain there until you return, we will close it as soon as you enter the portal of your ships, so you will safely move from the same portal door to the Earth, so note its direction well ", Himanshu Chattopadhyay wrote to the astronauts team. every member of the group. As soon as the astronauts speak to the team members, the Indian Space Center creates a joyful atmosphere, everyone starts congratulating each other, and the Prime Minister of India also congratulates all the scientists present in that room after their incredible success. The direction of Himanshu Chattopadhyay's suggested Return Path is saved to the vehicle's computer and some scientists also record that direction in their diary as their personal information. Group Captain Aryan Sinha and Group Captain Victor antonovavich move the vehicle slowly towards the black hole.
"One thing to remember is that we don't have to be in the middle of the black hole's gravitational field, otherwise we will lose control of both the vessels and we will all be pulled into the black hole," Victor told Group Captain Aryan Sinha. 
"Yes... I know that this is why the vehicle is kept at a distance from the center of its gravitational field and not from it, " Aryan Sinha assured Victor. 
"This black hole is triangular, that is, it is made of a combination of three stars," Russian scientist Mikhel told the rest of the team members. 
"It's quite amazing and quite unique... It will be much more massive than it looks, and it will contain countless stars and planets in the universe, " Indian scientist Anita George told all the team members. 
"It's like a miracle in the universe...The kink of which can only be solved by getting inside him, " said Mikhel. All were very surprised to see this miracle of the universe close today, hardly anyone would have reached so close to the black hole to this day. As the astronauts approached the black hole, their curiosity was growing. 

"Wow... Himanshu... Wow, you really turned out to be a genius, you have done today what a scientist from any country could have imagined but never achieved," said a senior Space Center official congratulating Himanshu Chattopadhyay. 
"Yes, that's right, the prime minister has been very happy today, to inform everyone at the press conference about the success of this mission so far... Today it is a matter of pride for our country," said the second senior official, agreeing with the first. 
"Brother's this party is in the joy of today's success... Today is a really big day when India has hit the ground and has found an unsurpassed way of traffic in the universe, " another senior leader said, agreeing with both. 
"Why not... Today you all party on my behalf, our astronauts will enter the black hole two days later and our work is going to grow as soon as they do so, then there will be no time for the party, so this evening the party will be in my out house," Himanshu Chattopadhyay senior official said while inviting everyone. 
"All the cameras located in both the ships are on, the black hole can be seen by all the scientists and the public of our space research team... Now we all have to decide for the last time how many people of the team is ready to go into the Black Hole, " Group Captain Aryan Sinha told the rest of the astronauts.
"So much is certain that the way that goes in, the way that goes out cannot happen because its center of gravity is very powerful, we will lose control of the vehicle," Mikhel said, responding to Aryan's statement.
"This will be a suicide mission... Gentleman where we will have no control over time, if everything goes well, we will be able to simply send the signal, but we do not know exactly how long it will take to reach the vessel that stands out from the Black Hole ", Group Captain Victor added.
"I can give you some information about it," Razia Khan told the rest of the team members.
"That's how," Anita George asked anxiously.
"We all know that when we enter the black hole, we are expected to have a higher freezing time, which may be why we walk a lot back in time when we land on any planet or satellite in the black hole, so that our age does not change too much, a few minutes spent there are equal to months or years for us, and the air pressure is also reduced, which may take several days, months or years for the signal to reach us," explained Razia Khan. 
"So you think it's possible that it will take us days or months to send a signal from where we land, but it will be done in seconds or minutes for us because we're running back in time," Mikhail asked Razia. 
"Yes... This new application that you will use to send signals and recordings via iPad or Hitech Mobile, will turn the day into hours and years into months to reach us , this is why it has been created so that information can be delivered a little early in time," Razia explained. 
"Let's say something will work out a little early in time," said Catherine Brown, a stellar science expert from England, breathing a sigh of relief. 
"Well guys, now that we've got all the information and we're all experienced by our own experience, we have to decide the team that's going to go inside the black hole," Victor antonovevich told all the team members. 
"I'm ready to go into the black hole," said Group Captain Aryan Sinha with boldness. 
"Well, it was decided that I, the team of Aryan Sinha, Mikhail Sergeyevich, Thomas Riley (Eng) and Lee Jung Fang (China) will enter the black hole... After our departure, captain Richa Sharma will be responsible for the rest of the women's team to receive and send signals through the satellite on the same ship, you can also do your research by receiving our sent information, " Victor Antonovovich said, ordering all the team members. All agreed with this decision of theirs.

Sir, I have a question to you", Anushka asked Himanshu Chattopadhyay. 
"Feel free to ask... Whatever you want to ask, after all, you are my junior, it is my duty to remove your doubts," Himanshu Chattopadhyay jokingly asked him to ask questions. 
"This portal runs through the light and through the computer, so on the other hand, why can't our astronauts team members see why only frequencies will receive,"Anushka questioned Himanshu. 
"In fact, the portal Gates in the universe are operated by a computer, so the computer has full control over the light rays in the portal... Now, because of the high gravitational force of the black hole, we have reduced the level of light rays so as not to accidentally fall victim to the gravitational force of the black hole, it has the ability to draw every source of light inside us, so our astronauts are unable to see it, only the frequency can receive and go in its direction, " Himanshu Chattopadhyay explained to Anushka. They both continue their conversation in the same way that when suddenly a call comes to Himanshu Chattopadhyay's mobile, he puts it by ear to receive the call, 
"Hello Himanshu this is Anirudh here... You had to talk about that kidnappings connection, your computer programmer has got the information of the kidnappers, his name is Jaffar but most people know him by the name of Rahman, his connections are from under world and is quite a vicious criminal, I am working on this case and I am following him, he has been under ground since the night accident of the rescue operation, but I got a lead and I'm going there, thought let me tell you about the progress of this case. " Anirudh said. 
"So kind of you... Thanks, glad to know that the leader of that gang has been found out, now Arvind has also become quite normal since that accident, he will tell him if he will get a little relief, " Himanshu said thanking Anirudh on mobile from here. 
"Come on, now I'll go talk later, as further as I'll progress I'll inform you, OK... "Bye", Anirudh cut off the call as soon as he spoke, and Himanshu was relieved to hear the news, but he was more concerned about the event horizon astronauts team than the gang leader, was watching the video of the black hole they were sending to the Space Center and was making their own conclusions in the media as well. 
"Hi... I am Mishanka, a smart communication system and a computer program and I am your assistant in this space project and I will also guide you when needed," says a threesome animated girl on her computer screen as soon as she connects Razia Khan's computer to the satellite.
"Oh! So it speaks too ", says Anita George of India looking at that pretty girl on the main screen.
"Yes, it can speak and gives us all the necessary information about the most difficult situations, this smart computer program will not show The Animated robo girl when it is done to the public... Mishanka was specially created for this space project and later our Swedish company will launch it as an application to the public, " said Razia Khan, giving all the information to all the team members.
"So will it make us all go to the computer," Victor antonovevich asked Razia Khan.
"Yes, from now on it has been connected with all of us, it will continue to provide every detail of your journey and give you the appropriate information when needed, it will also be connected to the hi-tech communication system attached to the rest of your space suit, it will continue to give us all the information recorded from the camera attached to your helmet, it will be 
"So tell me what challenges we are going to face in the black hole, Mishanka and what is the secret of the black hole", captain Richa Sharma asked the computer program mishanka. 
"Black holes collect all the Earth's data that reaches there as light... In fact, the amount of water on earth is high, which is volatile due to the heat of the sun and is released from different parts of the Earth every day...It is only 70% of the water in the human body and the heat of the sun makes the water from the human body as sweat, that is why the data of humans also gets into the atmosphere in the form of vapor, because of the heat of the sun, the same data from the Earth which comes out in the form of..This happens not only during the day but also at night because the Moon also shines through sunlight and when one part of the Earth has night, the other part has day, this will always surround the Earth, so that the data of the earth turns into clouds of Wine Day and night into the universe, then later the same information is absorbed by the black hole in the form of light, " mishanka said looking at Captain Richa Sharma and answering his question. 
"So this means that every data on the Earth will get us there... We can find out every detail of our past yesterday, " Group Captain Aryan Sinha asked, looking at mishanka.
"It won't be that easy because the information comes out in the form of vapor, it exists in the form of metrics in the black hole, there it creates an electro magnetic field, it doesn't remain constant because there is a high gravitational force in the black hole, so there is also instability, but this is the way that can connect the humans in the black hole with the humans on Earth," mishanka said on a main screen, answering Aryan Sinha's question. A ray of Hope began to appear on the faces of all the astronauts present in that room after hearing this information from mishanka.
"These information matters most to us, so friends now that mishanka has given us all such important information that we can connect with the Earth once again... We will not be damaged by the fire and we will enter the black hole, we will do the right thing from our time but for our partner, we have to take care that we do not spend much time on any planet or satellite if we come down to get information, " said Group Captain Viktor antonovevich. said, addressing the astronauts.
"Not only do we all have to take special care of our smart communication system so that we can connect with each other when needed... As soon as we enter the black hole, we will be splitted into two teams with a shuttle, so that we can collect as much information as possible in a short time, a team member on the main ship will give the information sent by us to our partner ship standing outside the black hole from where all the scientists of our women team can send the information to Earth in due time," Now everything was in the hands of the smart communication system mishanka, which was specially designed by the famous Swedish software company for this mission. Once the system was successfully tested in a black hole, it was to be brought to the public as a software application and would then be present in every mobile, iPad and other communication system. Now everything was possible only after successfully entering the black hole, but before that the biggest challenge faced our astronauts was to enter the black hole successfully.
"OK... Captain, now you will take responsibility for this vehicle, keep your vehicle away from the gravity of the Black Hole," Group Captain Aryan Sinha told Captain Richa Sharma before going into the black hole.
"Take care of yourself captain... I will be very cautious on the second ship and keep a considerable distance from the center of gravity of the black hole, " Richa Sharma assured Aryan Sinha. Today, the eyes of all the astronauts were once again damp because some of our jambaz astronauts were about to enter the black hole. All take their positions after meeting each other for the last time. Victor antonovavich and Aryan Sinha carefully separate Yan's hatch from each other and proceed to enter the center of the black hole. 

"What's the matter?.. What happened to the space research project, you know not how much money is spent behind it... If this project is successful, we will be ruined", asked an unknown man on Earth, reminding the king of the under World. 
"Thinking about the same... Today, scientists Suresh Kumar's plan to enter the black hole, The Astronauts Team of event horizon, turned out to be completely useless, the upside is that our man has to let Rahman take over, he is also running away... In this case, I have advised her to go under ground...Now there is only one way left ", said the Under world King to the unknown man. 
"That's what... Which way, what is it that you are hiding from all of us, every mafia in the world has put money on it...We all have to answer too, " the unknown man asked, looking at the Under world King. 
"Not now this is a very top secret and this is my only plan B... I always think one step ahead, I didn't have much confidence in Suresh Kumar from the beginning that he would be able to succeed, so I had finalized a deal of this work from an international mafia of mine, now just wait for the right time, just understand that one of my partners to do our work is several billions of light years away and as long as he is our hope is alive", the Under world King explained his plan to the unknown person. 
"This means that one of our partners is in the universe at the moment", said the unknown man in surprise. 
"Yes... We will not feel anything like last time, our man will fail this project at all, " the Under world King told his special man. 

"Warning... Warning", the computers give signals as soon as they enter the center of gravity of the black hole in spaceship. 
"The control of the ship is out of hand ", said Group Captain Aryan Sinha. 
"Control is not in our hands now... So it's useless to do anything, it's better to just leave it on and let us sit and enjoy the View," Group Captain Victor Antonovavich advised Aryan Sinha. 
"That's right too... "Now I'm not driving the vehicle at all, it's a fun experience as well as a heartbreaking experience," Group Captain Aryan Sinha said, agreeing with Victor Antonovavich's suggestion. 
"Quite rightly said Captain... The front view is extremely amazing", said Chinese scientist Li Jung Fang, agreeing with Aryan Sinha. 
"See what a wonderful view... The vehicle is running very fast and time has started to show its game, a unique tunnel of time that is formed by the different rays of the universe, " England scientist Thomas Railly pointed to Victor. 
"You're right, ship is moving very fast and there is a unique view of the Rays all around," Victor antonovevich said, agreeing with Thomas. 
"If everything goes well, we will stop at the very center where we have to control the vehicle and it will be the right horizon of the tunnel of this time... It would seem as if ship hit the jerk that too absolutely suddenly", Russian scientist Mikhail Sergeyevich told all team members. 
"Say anything, it's worth seeing...We are destined to have safely reached here friends and are successfully traveling so far without hitting the outer chamber of the Black Hole, " Group Captain Aryan Sinha told all team members. 
"Credit goes to you and Victor... Whose skills have proved to be amazing today and have saved spaceship from all the dilemmas and even saved him, " said Li Jung Fang, commending the skills of both his captains. 
"Now that all the meters in the vehicle have also returned to normal, this means that the gravitational force of the black hole has begun to decrease... We are absolutely close to our destination friends", Group Captain Victor told all astronauts team members. 
"I'm ready to take control... The speed of the vehicle is also getting normal... Just after a while we will see a gorgeous view, so be prepared guys, " Group Captain Aryan Sinha told the rest of his team members. 
"Quite rightly said Captain... We have all come here to see the same nature, such amazing views are always few to see, " Thomas Riley agreed with Group Captain Aryan Sinha.  
"The view inside is fantastic... How big is it from our Sun," said Group Captain Viktor Antonovich.
"This is really fantastic, there are no two opinions captain," said Russian scientist Mikhail, agreeing with Victor.
"Now that we've entered it, our work starts from here, friends ... We will move forward by dividing into two teams, Thomas Reilly will stop on the main vehicle and send the information we send to our partner vehicle, they also have good experience in satellite Science," Group Captain Aryan Sinha said while ordering everyone.
"The black hole is infinitely curved inside, NOW will start playing time from here... The time you land on the planet or satellite inside will vary, one thing to keep in mind is not to stay too long on any planet... Just gather information and leave immediately, don't be busy solving the kink there, otherwise I may have to wait until old age here... So please take pity on this partner and try to return soon ", Thomas Riley jokingly told all his astronauts companions, they all began to smile after listening to Thomas.
"You don't worry Thomas, we will return at the right time and move forward," said China scientist Li Jung Fang, comforting Thomas with a smile.
"Well then folks, now we'll go butt in two teams including me and Li Jung Phang... In the same way, the other team will have captains Aryan Sinha and Mikhail, gather information and return at the right time and do not leave behind any of their partners", Group Captain Viktor Antonovich reminded all team members once again.

"Don't know what will be going on inside... What would they all be doing right now, what is your opinion, " captain Richa Sharma asked Razia Khan on the ship outside the black hole.
"It's hard to say anything unless they turn on all satellites and send signals... We may just think positive, but we humans are still worried, we don't even know if they all reach inside... So let's hope for the best," said Sweden's satellite expert Razia Khan, comforting captain Richa Sharma.
"You are absolutely right... All of us are worried about him at this time, until there is a signal from him, we will continue to worry in this way, " Indian scientist Anita Georges agreed with Razia Khan.
"The black hole in infinitely curved happens to them, sending signals in enough time will take, remember that our time and their time consuming discrepancies remain, so we all should expect... We should give our teammates some time, " Razia Khan told the rest of his team members. 
"I think everyone will be safe and working on their plan ahead," said Catherine Brown, a stellar expert from England. 

"It's hard to say anything until we get a signal from our astronauts, remember they've all gone to a place that scientists only guess but no one has ever been there...So now all of us are waiting for the first signal they send, after that it will be decided that they can safely cross the outer chamber of the black hole and enter it... It's hard to say anything before that, " Himanshu Chattopadhyay, at the Indian Space Center on Earth, said, reporting to his senior official. Even on Earth all were concerned about the astronauts, no message had been received from them so far. 
"You're absolutely right... This is a matter of concern until a message is received from them, but on the one hand, it is a pleasure that the portal you created has been successful, their successful journey through the portal has caused a storm all over the world, there has never been a faster journey in human history, many countries have congratulated it and I have heard that many countries have even requested to use it... A portal into the universe is enough to send ships from all over the world to different regions, this is the subject of discussion today, " Himanshu's senior told him, he was very happy about this. 
"Why not after all the portal gate has been built for the welfare of humanity... It is a matter of pride for India if a country wants to travel through it, just once our astronauts complete their mission successfully and return, the portal will be opened to serve all countries... It will also bring economic benefits to our country and the names of all of US Indian scientists will be written in golden letters, " Himanshu Chattopadhyay said with a smile about his senior allowing the use of the portal gate. It was quite true that the construction of the portal gate was a wonder of human history, a wonder that every scientist on earth had imagined until today, but Himanshu proved it right, which would be remembered for centuries, but Himanshu was more concerned not with the success of his portal gate, but with the concern of his astronauts who risked their lives at this time and went into a maze called the black hole... And now no information was received from them. Himanshu was worried about what would happen next for this event horizon mission if there was no signal from him. This first signal in human history that had to be sent from inside a black hole was eagerly awaited by all, whether on the Earth or in the space. 
"We have boarded the shuttle and are preparing to leave the main vehicle", Group Captain Viktor Antonovich told Thomas sitting on the main vehicle
"Everything is under control here too Captain... Turned on to signal satylite, all of you keep your attention...Have a nice trip ", Driving the main vehicle, Thomas told all his Astronauts comrades who were about to board the space shuttles and travel to the black hole. According to the team's plan, two shuttles went in different directions and landed on the nearest planet and the right time But all the information was given to the main vehicle which, with the help of the Advanced Communication System, carried all the information to the vehicle standing outside the black hole, but the time which was taken for them was stalled in the black hole. Turned on satylite to send signal had gone, About two days later, spaceship standing outside the black hole, gets the first signal sent by Thomas Brown.
"I see their signal on the screen...Our brave Astronauts are safe, the first signal they have sent, I report to the base ", Captain Richa Sharma of second spaceship standing outside the black hole told all the Astronauts companions present on his vehicle
 "This is amazing news Captain... If I connect the computer to satelite, we will be able to operate this operation by the program Mishanka, This will allow us to communicate a little faster than time ", Satelite expert Razia Khan told the captain of his vehicle. He connected his computer to Satelite and the program Mishanka started on the main screen.
 "Now shortly afterwards Mishanka will also join our partner Yan who is inside the black hole... It would be fun to see what happens next", England scientist Catherine Brown told her peers
 "I am eagerly waiting to find the information sent by him", Indian scientist Anita George told her colleagues. Our Astronauts were going to get a lot of help as soon as they connected to Mishanka's program. It was Mishanka's task to take stock of every possible danger "I am very happy to inform you Captain Richa Sharma that our comrades have received the first signal from the black hole and they are safe... Razia Khan has started the advanced communication system so that we will be able to contact them directly and see the eyes of the black hole as well as the condition ", Captain Richa Sharma reported the progress of the on-screen mission to Himanshu Chattopadhyay at the Indian Space Center on Earth
 "Capt. has given very good news...We were all eagerly awaiting the first signal they sent, confirming that they were all safe and secure and preparing for the next phase of their mission...Now we will all get every information easily by the program Mishanka of the Advance Communication System and the pressure of the black hole will not have much effect on time, if we do not send two vehicles, we would have got information about this first signal after many years on earth... By then both you and I would have retired from service,"Himanshu Chattopadhyay jokingly told Captain Richa Sharma on the main screen. Himanshu Chattopadhyay's great concern was over now and he was absolutely certain about his Astronauts. The happy wave of this news at the Indian Space Center C race She goes, Everyone was very excited.
"Computers are showing that there is a freezing time on this planet... Not only this, one day is about a year long and in the same way night... Why is this so that this planet is stable at the same place, it is not orbiting the Sun like the Earth, ”Russian scientist Mikhail told Group Captain Aryan Sinha
 "I am all set to enter its chamber... Are you ready or have any information that I need to know before landing ", Group Captain Aryan Sinha asked Mikhail to fly the shuttle
"Quickly enter the chamber. Captain, if there is a freezing time, the clouds here must have been in the jams due to which our vehicle may also be damaged... Just no more specific information ", Mikhail warned Captain Aryan Sinha. Aryan Sinha was now very close to the chamber of that planet and was about to enter the planet.
"There is a lot of movement on this planet... Appearing clear on computer screen, would it be appropriate to get down here ", asked Group Captain Viktor Antonovovich to his fellow Astronauts Lee Jung Fang
 "This appears to be due to the elactro magnetic field... I Yum Shior will be there, but it is surprising that in this way the movement of these magnetic fields is seen on the computer, these are clouds of gases and bringing tornadoes", Chinese scientist Li Jung Fang told his partner Viktor Antonovovich.
 "So I am all set to enter the chamber of this planet... What do you have to say, something like this has never been seen before, would it be right to enter it ", Group Captain Viktor Antonovovich asked his fellow scientist
 "You enter the room without any determination Captain... Whatever happens next will be seen, If we do not get land to land, we will return, But once it is made to look closely, otherwise it will be useless to come so far", Li Jung Fang tied up the courage and told his partner Astronaut, Being a scientist, he had more curiosity to know what else is on that planet.
"Now we have entered the chamber of this planet... Just about to land in a short while, how is everything going on on the main vehicle Thomas, ”said Group Captain Victor, entering his vehicle into the chamber of a planet located in a black hole
"Why are you sending this message Captain... It will take a long time to reach Thomas... As soon as we enter the chamber of this planet, there will be a slight change in the time of our shuttle and main vehicle, all the messages we send will arrive late due to the high air pressure... So what message is right to send in such a situation, We can send a message even by landing ", Group Captain Victor's fellow Astronaut China scientist Li Jung Fang asked, He did not find it appropriate to send the message at this time or perhaps he feared that an accident might happen as Victor wandered his attention.
"there's nothing like that... Lee, I was checking if the smart communication system has started... If we had started, the program would be more easy for us to contact each other by Mishanka and we would keep getting information about every possible danger here... But it seems that we have not been able to connect with this system till now ", said Group Captain Viktor Antonovich, answering the question asked by Chinese scientist Li Jung Fang
"Oh, so that's it... We could wait for this system to start even after stopping at the main vehicle, only then moving into the black hole...You don't think we should have focused on this plan ", Lee Jung Fang asked Group Captain Viktor Antonovovich about his consent, giving his opinion
"That's all you are saying, but if we did, we would have gone behind our schedule and not knowing how long it would have taken us to start the communication system... So we all decided to move forward, only I knew about it and Captain Aryan Sinha, besides Captain Richa Sharma... The project has taken trillions of dollars, so we had to execute it at the time it was decided ", said Group Captain Viktor Antonovovich, understanding all things to China's scientific partner Li Jung Fang
 "Our colleagues seem to have made a lot of surprise plans for us... There is more that we need to know about why not only you crew of vehicle drivers but also scientists like us have risked their lives, for the success of this mission... So we also have the right to know all things ", Chinese scientist Li Jung Fang responded to Victor's talk while expressing objection, He did not like that only the crew members were given the right to work in their own way in the scheme while there were many scientists in this space research program and they too had the right to know all the things.


"You are not angry... I know we should not have done this but we were all forced because we got orders from above, We had a duty to follow, but now nothing will happen on this mission, This is my promise to you, why no one is going to order us here anymore... We all have to walk with each other and apart from that we have no other way ”, said Group Captain Victor, assuring his Chinese scientific partner Li Jung Fang
 "Let's be right... I accept you but do not forget that on this mission we have also spent the life of scientists on the claim... They too have come away billions of light years here for the good of humanity, leaving everything to them... He also has the same right to know everything as the crew on this mission, Please do not hide anything from the front, It is going to be very useful to be alive ", Chinese scientist Li Jung Fang told spacecraft expert Viktor Antonovovich, explaining
 "One works to revolve around this small planet once... After that, we will land after seeing the proper place, May be we can connect with our advance communication system and contact our peers directly with the help of program Mishanka ", Russian spacecraft expert Viktor Antonovovich suggested to his partner Astronaut
 "Idea not bad by the way... Why the time is perfectly favorable for us but it is far behind for our colleagues, This will give us some benefit and we can also manage to connect with our smart communication system, because before entering this planet inside its chamber, it seemed that the electro magnetic field here had a great effect, Which was seen clearly on the computer screen but after entering its room here, we do not see anything like this, This is shocking... I think this plan will work and we will succeed, Then what is the late, work on this plan, We still have a long time left over from the time we decided ", Chinese scientist Li Jung Fang agreed with Russian spacecraft expert Viktor Antonovovich, Both of them were very confident in this new plan they had made. He was sure that both of them would join the smart communication system but they did not have any time to connect with it. They both only improve everything Could have expected this to happen and on this expectation both had taken such a big decision.
"What's this...Now this shuttle is not under my control, how could this happen, I have to land it by looking at a safe place", Russian spacecraft expert Viktor Antnovich told his partner Li Jung Fang, They were unable to control the shuttle, Suddenly, he realizes a mild shock when he moves towards the South East area of the planet and makes it difficult to control the shuttle. 
"There is no point Captain... This must have been caused by the magnetic field, which we did not have control on this shuttle as soon as we came in contact... Try to land it in some way, maybe there is a malfunction in the engine and that is why we have lost control", Chinese scientist Li Jung Fang suggested to Victor
"You are absolutely right, it must have happened... I try to land it in some way, Then check the engine after that ", Viktor Antonovich said as his partner, They both now set out to land the shuttle. After a short time, they land their shuttle safely and prepare to get out of it
 "I go and check the engine... There is no problem somewhere, you go and gather important information about this planet ", said Viktor Antonovovich as soon as he got out of the shuttle from his partner Li Jung Fang
 "The idea is not bad but I will help you first... We can do the work of collecting information later, First check the engine of this vehicle because it may take a long time and you may also need help. ", Chinese scientist Li Jung Fang explained to Viktor Antonovich
 "Okay let's check this engine first", Victor agrees with Lee Jung Fang and they went to see the engine, they opened it together. 
 "That's perfect... I do not understand why it suddenly stopped, ”Victor told Li Jung Fang, opening the engine
 "As far as my experience says that this engine has not deteriorated, it has stopped coming into contact with the magnetic field... If a magnetic field exists on this planet, then understand that no electronic thing will work... We are in a lot of trouble ”, Lee Jung Fang explained to Captain Viktor Antonovovich
 "This means that we cannot make any contact with our peers either...Our smart communication system is useless in front of the magnetic power of this planet, so how will our information reach our colleagues, They will never know whether we are both in trouble ", Viktor Antonovich looked at his fellow scientist and said, Both of them became very concerned about this because he was not on earth but on a planet of black holes and every moment was important to him
 "I understand you... Time is quite precious here but what can be done now, we have no choice but to get out of here ”, said Li Jung Fang, agreeing with his Russian partner
 "When we are stuck here, why not see a place on this planet where the magnetic field has no effect... Maybe we can manage to get in touch with our peers by Mishanka and they reach here to help us", Russian spacecraft expert Viktor Antonovovich suggested to Chinese scientist Li Jung Fang
 "The plan is very good... Let's work on it, May be we manage to contact them and they reach here to help us ", Li Jung Fang agreed with Viktor Antnovich and both shuttles left the vehicle and started moving forward, Looking for a place where the magnetic field had no effect, But will both be able to succeed in their cause, then only the time will tell, The time that cost the most in this black hole... How strong the time can be, it is known only after coming into the black hole... Time is more valuable than money; Because if the money is spent it can be recovered though, If we lose time once, So can't get it back. There is a general saying about time that, "Time and tides never wait for anyone." This is true just like the existence of life on earth, Ie, The way life is true on earth, In the same way this saying is also absolutely true. Time goes on continuously without interruption. It never rebounds anyone. Time is the most precious thing on earth, It cannot be compared to anyone. If it goes once, So never come back. It always moves in a straight direction towards the front and not backwards. Everything in this world depends on time, Nothing happens ahead of time. Some time is required to do anything

If we don't have time, So we have nothing. Destroying time is considered the worst thing on this earth because, Waste of time ruins us and our future. We can never regain wasted time. If we are wasting our time, So we are destroying everything.
I am engaging the shuttle from the main vehicle... Are you ready Thomas ", after Group Captain Aryan Sinha returned from his successful trip, asked the shuttle to Engage from the main vehicle. 
 "Yes, I'm ready... I have checked everything on the system, Everything is under control ", Thomas Brown from the main vehicle responded to Group Captain Aryan Sinha. After three months, a full two years, Aryan Sinha and Russian scientist Mikhail were returning after a successful trip to the satellite near the black hole... He did not face any obstacle in his journey... All their communication systems were working equally, Because of which he remained attached to all the members of the team, due to which all the information was becoming available comfortably. Today was a happy occasion for Thomas Brown, why he was going to be freed today by being alone on the main vehicle for so many years... It is not easy to be alone on the vehicle for so many years and to deal with all the problems on its own. 
 "I cannot tell how happy I am to see you safe... You both did not change the way you went today, "Looks the same way today", as England scientist Thomas Brown told both of his team's Astronauts as soon as he entered the upper chamber of the main vehicle. 
 "You are just a little old, Mr. Brown and pretty lean too, looking at you, how quickly time has passed... You look upset my friend, is everything okay?... By the way, what is the news of both our brave colleagues, are both safe, what is the report of Progress on their behalf ", Russian scientist Mikhail accepted the greeting of his partner Thomas Brown and asked about both of his colleagues
 "The worry of them is haunting... So many years have passed but there has been no news of salamati on their behalf, I am now beginning to doubt whether both of them will be safe or not... No signal has been received from their smart communication system so far, do not know what will happen next to this mission ", said scientist Thomas Brown explaining to Russian scientist Mikhail the real subject of his concern
 "I understand your problem... It is not so easy to ignore this, the rest of our comrades will also be aware of this, whether or not any suggestion was received from anyone's side ", Group Captain Aryan Sinha asked Thomas Brown
 "I discussed it with Himanshu Chattopadhyay on Earth... He said that nothing can be done except waiting for the moment, because our other team, ie you also went on tour... He also said that if you go out again to find him after making a comeback, it will be a favor for you on this Astronauts team... You can go after waiting for a few days if you want ", Thomas Brown explained all the things to Aryan Sinha and left the last decision on him
"A good news for all you team members... Group Captain Aryan Sinha and Mikhail accompany him back to the first planet of the black hole, There has been no malfunction in their smart communication system, We already know why those people were successfully connected by the program Mishanka but two of our remaining companions are still missing, To assist, Group Captain Aryan Sinha is scheduled to leave two days later... Just a short time ago, the message of our partner Thomas Brown was received, In which he has given all these information ", Group Captain Richa Sharma from another vehicle outside the black hole said this information to the rest of the Astronauts companions on his vehicle. 
 "Pardon that both are safe... In a black hole, it is a game of full time, how many houses will pass in the blink of an eye, no one will even know...But what he faced with something that is taking so long to communicate to him ", said satylate expert Razia Khan looking at Richa Sharma. 
 "I think his shuttle is getting so delayed due to some kind of technical malfunction", Indian scientist Anita George said, removing the apprehension of Razia Khan's mind. 
 "No it can't happen... Had their shuttle gone bad, at least their communication system should have worked so that they could inform us... I think there is another reason for this ", said Indian young spacecraft expert Captain Richa Sharma, disagreeing with Anita George. 
 "I think they have come in contact with some heavy source of energy which has broken their most contact with us...This is possible in a black hole, because it is itself a source of energy, The real reason for not contacting them will be known only when Group Captain Aryan Sinha brings them to the safe main vehicle ", Satelite expert Razia Khan told her rest of the Astronauts team. 
 "I think you are right and we don't even have another option to find out what is happening to them or what trouble they are facing... We can just expect everything to be good", spacecraft expert Captain Richa Sharma said agreeing with Razia Khan's talk
"I think I should take the rescue vehicle located in the main vehicle to bring back Captain Viktor Antonovovich and Lee Jung Fang... It also has more space for passengers and has more hydraulic power... I am willing to take him for this purpose, why maybe the shuttle of our comrades has deteriorated, so we cannot leave the vehicle there... He will have to be brought back in some way only then it can be repaired later on this main vehicle, There is no use carrying a shuttle on this mission ", Group Captain Aryan Sinha told both of his Astronauts comrades on the main vehicle located in the black hole. 
 "I agree with you at all... It would be appropriate to carry a rescue vehicle for this mission, the shuttle is not at all suitable for this mission ”, said UK scientist Thomas Brown, agreeing to the group Captain Aryan Sinha. 
 "Will you go alone for this mission Captain or shall I also go with you... I am ready to walk with you if you want ", Russian scientist Mikhail asked Group Captain Aryan Sinha. 
 "We are not ready to take any kind of risk Mikhail... Your event Horizon's Astronauts team needs a lot, you guys don't worry about me at all... I am absolutely capable of bringing both my colleagues back alone safely, You both just pray for all of us to return safely ", Group Captain Aryan Sinha answered Mikhail's question and said, His words seemed to be confident but still did not want to risk any kind of risk, because he had already lost two of his colleagues in the black hole's forgotten spear and they had got together with another risk Could not pick up... After all, he had taken the responsibility of managing this mission on his shoulders. 
"Keep your attention Captain... And if possible, keep the attention of our colleagues too, it is very important for us to be alive on this mission... We are not ready to raise any kind of zokhim, So always be cautious ", Scientist Thomas Brown instructed Group Captain Aryan Sinha to be vigilant, Today is a special day for the Event Horizon Astronauts team, because Aryan Sinha is going to bring back that satellite of the black hole and Victor Antonovovich and Lee Jung Fang from where none of his messages have been received so far and Nearly two years have passed since he visited that planet... Even though they have no idea of these past moments, the main vehicle inside the black hole and the second vehicle outside the black hole has passed a long time and everyone is worried about what happened Which is preventing them from returning... While all the Astronauts are troubled by this, they are also curious about what source of energy they have encountered that has blocked the path of so many capable Astronauts... Everyone has high expectations from Aryan Sinha, he is a skilled guide and Astronaut... Even before this, he has faced such situations many times and today once again he is getting the good fortune to become a hero in the eyes of his rest colleagues
"Don't bother you Thomas... I will accept them by bringing them back even if I do not have to put my life at all... We do not leave any of our companions behind in this way and move forward, this time it will be the same... If I have any more important information, let me know, which is necessary for this rescue operation ", Aryan Sinha asked while looking at Thomas Brown, holding his space suit
"A work has been reported by Captain...I have only discovered that planet yesterday with the help of computer program Mishanka, in which I was also assisted by Razia Khan from another vehicle ", Russian scientist Mikhail told Captain Aryan Sinha
"What information is Mikhail, about which we could not find out... Let me also tell you what you and Razia have found together, about that planet of black holes ", Thomas Brown asked Russian scientist Mikhail, showing curiosity
"I will not show you... See this in this tablet, Which has pictures of last night on the planet the Captain is about to visit, I zoomed the video of that planet with the help of computer program Mishanka, and found that the planet is suffering from electro magnetic virus, Those who revolve around that planet - time... When you get close to the chamber of that planet, it can appear as electro magnetic rays and make everything that is running through energy as soon as you enter the planet's chamber... The same thing may have happened to our comrades and that is why they have failed to contact us ”, Russian scientist Mikhail explained everything on his tablet to Thomas Brown and Aryan Sinha in detail
"This is really shocking to everyone... If so, we have discovered an alien spiches that are powered by energy... This discovery is the greatest success of mankind's discovery so far in the race to find the parasite of another planet... We have actually discovered an alien virus that can be called alive ", Thomas Brown said excitedly looking at both his rest
 "I know that knowing this may not have been the place of your happiness, but as much as we need to be careful with this living virus... It may be that Captain Aryan also hunts Sinha's vehicle, because he makes everything that is powered by energy his prey... Actually they need electricity to survive and there is no shortage of black holes... I would recommend you this, Captain will change his way before these viruses get their hands, so that you will only see them on your computer screen, they will not be seen at all with naked eyes... Do not land your vehicle on that planet, try to save your comrades in the air so that you can escape them when the time is up ", said Russian scientist Mikhail, while giving strict instructions to Group Captain Aryan Sinha
 "Thank you very much for this information... I will be cautious and try to stay away from those electro magnetic viruses... Now I am ready to enter the lower chamber of the vehicle and also to take out the rescue vehicle... Both of you will also keep your attention, then you will meet after successfully bringing back both your colleagues... Okay, now please ", Group Captain Aryan Sinha told both of his comrades and reached the lowest level by the lift in Yan from where he would proceed with a vehicle built for rescue operation, Now it is to see if they can make this mission successful or remain a victim of electro magnetic virus... There are many viruses in the universe whose information is not yet properly known to anyone, nor have they come in contact with anyone openly till date... The black hole is the most suitable place for these, why it is considered a storehouse of infinite energy to survive.
"I am ready to enter the chamber of the planet... The vehicle has been put on manual mode from auto pilot mode, ”Group Captain Aryan Sinha told his comrades on the main vehicle
"Your direction is absolutely right Captain... At this time the state of the electro magnetic virus is in the North East direction of the planet, before they know that the source of energy, ie the vehicle, has entered the planet, then immediately take our companions... You only have 25 minutes to carry out this mission... Best of Luck Captain ", Russian scientist Mikhail reminded Aryan Sinha

"Don't know if anyone will come to our help... It seems that it is difficult to get out of this planet, 90 minutes have passed by now and the engine is not taking the name of starting...The oxygen of Jung Li Phang's space suit is also decreasing, if it is not taken to the main vehicle soon, it may also die...I have checked every part of the vehicle but nowhere have I found anything that prevents the vehicle from flying, so what has stopped this shuttle from flying... Hey, some vehicle has entered the chamber of the planet, I hope that these are our own companions, there is no one but us in this black hole... Ship has come very close and is coming towards us, Nice to meet old friends,"Russian spacecraft expert Viktor Antonovich is sitting on his shuttle vehicle trying to blow it up when suddenly his gaze turns on the bright light shining from the sky and he doesn't seem to understand that his comrades have found him... Shortly afterwards Captain Aryan Sinha approaches his vehicle and resorts to magnetic cranes to lift the vehicle and successfully fly upwards by sticking his vehicle with magnets, A warning signal is placed on the computer located on Aryan Sinha's vehicle at a distance, They do not think that the virus has been detected entering their planet and is being chased. Aryan's vehicle does not stop when entering the planet from the opposite direction, Like Captain Victor's shuttle vehicle... This was the reason why he picked up his comrades with a shuttle without landing and started taking them to the main vehicle... A large swarm of viruses followed them as electro magnetic rays on Aryan's computer but they all managed to get out of the planet's chamber because of Aryan Sinha's skillful exorcism flying the rescue vehicle, Viruses return from the boundary of the planet's chamber, because a source of energy suitable for them existed on their planet itself...Everyone starts dying one by one as soon as they go into outer space, So everyone was back as soon as I felt sorry. This electro magnetic virus could not be seen without computer help and this happened to Victor's vehicle, His shuttle vehicle was hit by a virus swarm due to not being aware of the virus, This was why they were failing to fly.

"What happened to Jung Li... his condition is really delicate, the space helmet has also had a crack of screaming...Because of which their oxygen level has decreased, it seems that they have weakened due to lack of oxygen... After all, what happened on that planet ", Russian scientist Mikhail asked Viktor Antonovovich while looking at China's Jung Li Fang
 "What to tell what difficult situation was faced there... The shuttle was already hit by a magnetic field before landing, for some reason the tame shuttle engine was shut down... I had to make an emergency landing in some way, there was no fault even after checking everything... Then both of us planned to gather important information about the planet, with Jung Li walking ahead of me that when suddenly his leg slipped and it fell down the slope... Somehow after covering the cracks made by the chit of the space helmet, I brought them back to the shuttle, due to the effect of the magnetic field, we also failed to contact you all... But somehow the above one listened to our worshiper and Captain Aryan reached there to help us, we had barely spent 90 minutes there... But these ninety minutes were the equivalent of centuries, saying that it was quite difficult and tall ", Russian spacecraft expert Viktor Antonovovich told his comrades on the main vehicle
 "I know what conditions you guys have faced Captain... In such a situation, anyone would break up, but you have also taken good care of your partner by showing a lot of sense... Mikhail, if you support me, I would like to do some important investigation of Li Jung, I do not want to take any risk about his health ", Thomas Brown told Victor and then looked at Mikhail and asked him for help
 "I am all set to help, let's also take help of our specialized computer program Mishanka in this medical work... This will also keep all the people on the other vehicle and we can get appropriate suggestions if needed ”, Mikhail suggested to Thomas Brown
 "Your suggestion is not bad...Please help us to pick up Zara Li Jung and take him to Yan's medical compt, The same would be better for Li Jung ", Thomas Brown agrees with Mikhail, Aryan pleaded with Sinha and Captain Victor to help Lee Jung get into the medical compt. All opened Li Jung's space suit and took him to therapy.
 "I have turned on the main computer... Now it has been combined with the Hitech program Mishanka, Now after a while all our team members will join it ", Mikhail started his computer program before starting therapy. Mikhail connected everyone within minutes after making a few fingers on the computer, Now every member could see this medical practice, whether it was in space or on earth.
"Hello, Mr. Brown, tell me how I can help you", computer program Mishanka asked Thomas Brown as soon as he started, Himalanshu Chattopadhyay from Earth on computer screens and Astronauts companions on other vehicles besides his team Were also watching.
 "Mishanka... I want you to scan Jung Li completely and tell us his real condition... How can they be fixed, ”Thomas Brown asked the smart computer program Mishanca. Mishanka followed Thomas Brown's order and scanned Lee Jung's body
 "Mr. Brown, I am deeply sorry to say that Jung Li Phang's condition is quite delicate, inside them by the subtle magnetic virus... Who is holding their blood sales, Actually he is absorbing the amount of iron from his blood cells, Due to which the oxygen level of his body is also decreasing, This is why blood cells transport oxygen to various organs of the body and due to absorbing the amount of iron of the virus, oxygen is not able to reach those organs and due to overcoming the blood cells of the virus, on their blood pressure It has also had a rapid impact which would have caused these idols...If they are to be blamed, the lack of oxygen in the body has to be overcome first and their blood pressure will have to be brought to normal. Otherwise blood pressure may increase the chances of a mantle stroke due to rapid growth, And then his body also needs iron... Viruses are absorbing iron due to being magnetic, The way the magnet sticks to iron, they are using his blood cells for their reproduction", After scanning Lee Jung, the computer program Mishanka told his rightful condition to the entire team members, listening to which everyone was amazed and sad, Thomas Brown, obeying Mishanka, put Li Jung on oxygen, This can cause the lack of oxygen in their body.
 "Oh, my God ... What kind of virus has it suffered from our Astronauts team, something like this is heard and seen for the first time... Who knew this type of magnetic virus would be on that planet of the magnetic field, don't forget to take Lee Jung's blood samples Mr. Thomas, we may need them for further research... Maybe this magnetic virus treatment comes out, Captain Viktor Antonovich has shown a lot of sense in keeping them alive... Otherwise does not know what was going to happen on that magneto planet, That mysterious planet has been named Magneto since today, Where these deadly viruses are born and the magnetic field also has a huge impact ", A senior from Earth, Himanshu Chattopadhyay, said while watching everything on screen, Not only that, every member of this space program was shocked and hurt by seeing this. Surprisingly, he had a deadly parasitic virus on his hands and the problem was a promising scientist like Li Jung Now what color will these viruses show next?, But at the moment, everyone is praying for Jung Li Phang to be healthy soon.

                       To be continued... 




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