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I can clearly see where my life is set,
Just a few steps away from where i step,
My whole life in one room, I could express a regret,
Maybe that door is locked, something i forget,
Nobody said this much about success.

Could a man really get all he wants,
The room with the red door has all grants,
Those who opened it  did something that haunts,
Maybe it is dream we chase since young,
For me, grief and sorrow is what i chaunt.

The world that I'm in, it's every being for their own,
The keys to the red door, probably kept by a clown,
To get yours, a deal seals the crown,
Dirty cover most of this open doors,
You guess what happens!

The skeptical form is what I live by,
Why do they want more, yet they got hold of theirs,
But of course, man rearly feels content
We eat what they want and still think its our grants,
They have the keys, those are my words,


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